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H.B. Woodrose
by Surafel
Citation:   Surafel. "God: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp111832)". Apr 28, 2018.

14 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
    smoked Cannabis


After my previous experience with the seeds I was left confused and wanting more. It was finally the day that me and my friends were gonna do the seeds together and I was really excited. It was a beautiful day outside and my friend A came to pick up, we start driving to our friend C’s place but A said he was also gonna pick up his friend M who was a stranger to me. We drive to M’s house and pick him up I was kinda salty that M was coming along because I just wanted it to be me and my friends.

We arrive at C’s place and he was already kinda high so we talk a little bit and get straight to action. I brought 50 seeds and I was planning on me taking 20 while they take 15 each (I am so glad M came along now because that would have been a HUGE dose). I wanted to take more because I was convinced that the seeds didn’t work after reading other peoples experiences I was expecting visuals but I didn’t get any, I was also close to an ego death last time so I thought if I take 20 I’m for sure gonna trip balls. I remember M reading about the seeds online and saying it says 3 to 5 seeds is a good dose for your first time and I was like bruh I took 8 last time and I didn’t even trip (I did and I just dismissed it because it wasn’t what I expected). My friend A agreed because he was there when I took the last time but he also added that I was kinda tripping a little lol. I was the only one in the room who had previous experience with the seeds so they all just went along with what I said.

Me, A and C take 14 while M takes 8. They tasted horrible so we ate them with some nuts and we smoke a blunt right after to help with the nausea and damn did it work, I threw up twice before because the of the nausea from the seeds while taking a lower dose but after smoking my stomach just felt numb (Thank God). Pretty soon we were all just chilling on the couch and waiting for them to kick in while talking about some random shit.

Around the hour mark we were starting to feel something but we thought we were just high so we ignored it. At the hour and half mark I was feeling some euphoria and I was like finally I guess these seeds do work, I was just there excited to trip balls because I really believed these seeds didn’t work before I took them. I started to feel something familiar but I didn’t know what it was then I realized that I had been in this “state” before when I took the seeds last time
I realized that I had been in this “state” before when I took the seeds last time
, when I took the shrooms and even when I took some xanax and that shit was FUCKING CRAZY, My “normal” self has deleted my memories from when I took these substances especially when I took xanax because I literally can’t remember anything I did that night expect drinking a milkshake. But now that I was at a higher state of being I could tap in to those forgotten memories and I realized that I was fucking tripping when I took the seeds last time, and what the fuck I did the night I took xanax lol this shit blew my mind right there like I thought these memories were lost forever but I had to be in a higher state of being to unlock them. My “Normal” self can’t handle these things.

Next my friends said I took a nap but I was in another “dimension” again no visuals just a realization and knowledge that I was God. It was deeper this time tho because I just had so many great realizations like I always believed in destiny, like there was a great force leading my path to somewhere and I saw how God aka me created my destiny like how I set up everything starting from my childhood so that I would end up exactly here it was as if there was a God me which was my higher self and the normal me who was a lower vibration, so I saw how my higher self (subconscious) set up things like making sure I took certain information and ignored others (like how there is so much information that your brain just chooses to process some of it because it doesn’t have the capacity to take in every information right at this moment) so that I could be here right now doing exactly what I was doing. Shit was like a really WTF moment and I was awake even tho I can’t remember when.

We started listening to music and shit but I was in 2 dimensions, the “real” one and the one where I was God and I was constantly coming in and out of these 2 dimensions. I started thinking wait if I'm God then when does that make everybody else? Then I realized that “I” and “everyone” didn’t actually exist, we were just thoughts in the mind of the “all”, “universe”, “God”. So “I” wasn’t God but God was me and God was everything. I remember being sad that I couldn’t take none of this knowledge with me to my normal state because my normal state can’t physically handle this knowledge
I remember being sad that I couldn’t take none of this knowledge with me to my normal state because my normal state can’t physically handle this knowledge
, but I knew that this is how it is and how it has always been so I just accepted it. Then it hit me, God was calling me to be it, there was no language I just knew. Anyways God who is me but “I” wasn’t it, was calling me saying it was time for me to become it by letting go of “me” and not only the world but everything I think is “reality” so that “I” become God forever. For those of you wondering what it was like “being” God in my experience it is basically impossible to describe but here is just a small gist in a way my physical mind can interpret. God was just NOTHING, Literally Nothing just awareness no “you” no ‘I” no emotions, no heaven, no hell, no light, Just NOTHING but that Nothing was also EVERYTHING.

This is all I can remember about being “God” and although I can't remember 99% of what happened in that “dimension” I remember feeling and knowing that what I was experiencing was 100% real like that shit felt so real that it would make “reality” look like the fakest shit you can imagine. Then I was back to this dimension, “reality” and I realized that if I become God then I can no longer exist, I would not only die but be erased like I never existed in the first place. The only thing that would exist is Nothing being aware of itself forever and that was the greatest fucking feeling ever, you might think damn that sucks lol I do too but I remember it was just so peaceful. “I” is not real, “I” is a character that only exists in my head, I exist in this physical realm but “I” doesn’t, “I” is not “me”. “I” is the ego.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111832
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 28, 2018Views: 762
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