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The Color of God Stabbed My Soul
by CorvallisJoe
Citation:   CorvallisJoe. "The Color of God Stabbed My Soul: An Experience with 4-AcO-MET (exp111714)". Mar 8, 2018.

10 mg oral 4-AcO-MET (capsule)


I have jammed a bunch of alphabet soup into every available orifice for a while now, and taking a “threshold to light” dose of 10 mg of 4 AcO MET had me pretty well beyond anything ever, really. It must be a genetic match, my brain and that shit, let me tell you boy howdy. And I texted the whole damned thing to a knowing friend. Here’s how it unfolds...

I live in Corvallis Oregon, the furthest out suburb of Portland before you hit Eugene, and it is just jam packed full of transient degenerates right now...which will become obvious here in a bit. I have been productive all day, it hasn’t been raining like always, and the day calls for a new exploration. MAL was disturbingly heavy and then amazingly rewarding last week, so I may as well move on to the next substance awaiting my purview. I had previously dosed out 10 mg each of 4 AcO MET and 4 HO MiPT in gel caps and I decided to go for what most people seemed to be reporting was the lighter of the two.

I text W at 5:29 PM “About to sample acomet. Any thoughts?"
He replies “Enjoy! It’s a bit more sedating if I recall. Ymmv.”
Yeah, no shit he sarcastically retorts in hindsight! Short of it is, he recommends not hiking so much, I tell him I’m reading reports about it being “stoning”.

At 5:48 PM He replies “Yeah, its nice! Probably 4 hours roun trip for me.” (I will be transcribing directly)

T+0 @ 5:55 PM to compensate for the gel cap. I proceed to walk towards the river. I yawn a bunch, like a ridiculous amount for a few minutes and feel sort of sleepy, and then this happens.

At 6:28 PM I text “Man am I glad I start low. Shit is getting on me hard and fast, but all yawny like some fry beer speed. Color aint so different, but the way color feels is intense. My brain is groovin.”

6:31 PM W replies “Fry beer speed is a good description haha. I was really getting into the textures with that one, sand was facinating, as was wood grain.”

At 6:43 PM I text back “It dont care for the cold, or the walking, but goddamn is it visual as fuck. People were like its for beginners. I Can barely type”

W replies around the same time “Oh nice! I mostly got some wavy action, wasn’t super visual for me. That’s awesome It definitely had me in some pretty deep places of contemplation, not fully force mushroom introspection but in the ballpark
At 6:51 I type “I can barely look at my phone. Light is almost painfully garish.”
6:52 “Its mostly light stuff. Cars in the night is way off.the chart. Its fun, almost dangerously so.”
6:53 “My reflexes are way off.”

At 6:53 W responds “Hahaha, oh wow! I remember that walking felt weird.”

At 6:56 I reply “A lot of people find this one super visual at threshold doses.”

I am wrong here. I couldn’t even find this one in Tihkal. I was thinking about “Colours” 4-HO-MET, and even here I might be wrong, so don’t quote a high ass motherfucker. Around the time I was typing that, God was beaming directly into my soul through every available headlight in the darkness. It felt amazing and perverse. But anyway…

“I'm pretty sure this is the one with that rep."

6:57 PM “I have no.point of comparison on how.light feels. Painfully amaxing.”

By 7:06 I had arrived back home from my hair raising journey. I text “That was incredible. Walking across town was like fucking epic. So many homeless mofos up in this piece. Trumps army can start here, for real.”

W responds at 7:08 “Oh shit, has that always been the case? Glad the walk was entertaining”

7:11 “What the visuals or the homeless? Its coming up on that season early this year, and it looks to be a good one. Fires on the river!”
7:12 “But for real, this shit made my back relax and a bunch of really good things, but goddamn is it intense
this shit made my back relax and a bunch of really good things, but goddamn is it intense
. The way light feels is not on the shulgin scale.”
7:13 “I'm on a threshold to light dose. It might be homipt, But indoubt I mixed them.up.

7:16 W replies “Oh I was just wondering about the transient folk… That’s super interesting, maybe it’s one you read more than sensitive to. Even it it was ho mipt 15 mg didn’t send me tooooo deep”

7:20 I type back “Oh, maybe its not the one and I am just sensitive. I'm not sure its in tihkal 4homet is”
7:22 “By far and away the fastest acting most incredibly intense thing I have ever done! It was scary and fun and I would have been laughing my ass off if it I didnt end up looking like a total.looney”

7:23 W “Wow, that’s wild. Getting the live updates has been fun”

7:24 I text “Feels like I'm coming down just as fast as coming up. The crazyiest part was 20 min to 1 hr. Colors and light were all in my soul. Hard”
7:25 “Like getting stabbed by a freight train or shot with a rubber mallet. Super unexpected.”
7:29 “Transformative spiritual humbling profound. Funny as fuck. Dont enjoy the cold weather and the public scrutiny. Check.”
7:33 “That pretty well blew every other substance I have ever come inncontact with straight out of the water. By a magnitude of 100”

W 7:36 “Boy howdy! You’ve been got me in the mood to trip That whopper 2cc dose is tempting, really, what am I waiting for?”

Me 7:38 “Do it. It is nothing compared to what just happened to me And it lasts a lot longer”

W 7:39 “The only thing keeping me from tripping has been getting up early to ski haha. Rough life”

Me 7:40 “It might be a bit late now, but its fairly short. You know what c is like, you just dont know what it is capable of Darkness is best, but springtime might be bettrr”
7:41 “Dude, every point of light was like god. I could barely look at it. The c is what dmt should be like.”
7:42 “This was like salvia or some shit. The feeling was so deep”
7:43 “Like salvia mescaline. Not super visual, just too hard to look into lights, supersaturation of god”

W 7:44 “Wow, badass!”

Me 7:44 “I'm almost baseline again for real Its only been 1:45 hr”

W 7:44 “I'm thinking the C might be on the agenda for tomorrow. Wow! So fast I had a slower and longer burn for sure

Me 7:48 “Yeah, it blazed through me like a champ. You found some real winners here.
7:50 “I'm basically like a ++ shroom state right now. Nondescript waiting room stuff. 20 min to 1hr was like everything ever. So real.”

W 7:50 “Yeah only a couple duds out of all these so far. Those DALT compounds are pretty whack, but they were dirt cheap so whatever”

Me 7:53 “Oh yeah? Do say.”
7:54 “I hope you are doing serious alergy testing first. The primary cause is vendor error.”
7:55 “I know you have your 5 panel, but christ.”

W 7:56 “Oh yeah, tiny mg level doses with everything forgot starters after passing the reagent test. If I recall I barely felt the 5 meo DALT, I think people were smoking it with better results?? I don’t remember exactly, but I haven’t gotten back around to it. Ill get you some if that next time around”

Me 7:58 “Good deal brother. Only take the c if it an exceptionally beautiful night. Boise’s plum trees were perfect.”
7:59 “You will go in, and then it will probably make you want to go out. Our trees are already going.”

Plum and cherry trees start blooming in late February here in Corvallis.

W 7:59 “Ooh, it’s a little past the full moon, but if and when it’s clear I’ll go for it then. Night over afternoon or evening? It’s very wintry around here (W is in Donnelly Idaho where the cherry trees are most certainly not blooming in late February), but snowshoeing isn’t too terrible when trippin”

Me 8:01 “Dark, full dark in a closet.”
8:02 “It will be like looking into a fucking flashlight. Then just close your eyes. I would honestly wait for spring.”

I am describing 2C-C still

8:04 “It has that deep stoning cev world thing, but the lesson in there for me was to go outside.”
8:05 “But by that time I was in an afterglow. It was perfect. Kind of like tonight.”
8:06 “Honestly, tonight was like being judged by god and then I was in hell but it was hilarious.”

W 8:06 “Hahaha, oh man. Maybe I’ll put the C on the back burner. Eh, I’ll figure something out”

Me 8:06 “It would have been a lot more fun if it wernt so cold and there wernt so many bums and fires and broken glass”

W 8:07 “Jesus Lol”

Me 8:07 “Downtown is thrashed, for real. That was not a hallucination. It was the worst I've ever seen it. It was like, where yhe fuck are the cops.”

W 8:08 “Holy shit”

Me 8:08 “That was on the river by the skate and dog park”

W 8:08 “Oh yeah, I could see that”

Me 8:08 “People nodding out and yelling and shit. Total chaos. So much trash”
8:09 “It was like being on the I again for the first time and seeing how much better my drugs are than the streets But like having god stroke me off through the hellscape.”
8:10 “It was weird.”
8:12 “Now I'm +1 toking oil like nothing happened. Total lifechanger. Thx bruv!”

W 8:14 “I’m laughing hard at that description Glad you had a noteworthy experience!”

I then went into an extremely long and descriptive text stream about Trinidad CO being just about the freest and cheapest place in America with the most weed. By this point I was completely lucid. Our conversation included lot sizes and prices, the features of the city and surroundings, amenities, outdoor access, etc. We went on to compare crime rates and type in Boise, Portland, Trinidad. It was a detailed and fluid conversation. We stopped texting at 9:03 PM and I am finishing writing this report at 11:06 PM 3/4/2018. I have been dedicatedly transcribing to the best of my ability and I find myself more than capable. I have been ravenously hungry and have devoured half a medium pizza while typing.

Me and W have reagents and have been at it for a little while now, certainly not as long as the OG crew, but we tend not to fuck around much these days. I am well versed in jamming all sorts of things in my keisterhole (I refuse to shoot up and rectal is spectacular ROI for most 2Cx, stims, coke, whatever you can shove up it). I have had a single hit of acid that made me think I was dead and having DMT hallucinations. I’ve manufactured DMT from root bark and naptha, most of which was yellow, and a small portion of which was brilliantly clear. I have never, in my fucking life, tripped so fucking hard, had God go so far into my soul, experienced such a nightmarish setting, and damn near laughed my ass of the entire time.

There were not new colors. The colors were God and they were inside of my soul, somewhere deep around the 2nd to 3rd chakra. The feeling was intense. More intense than anything I have ever experienced. Aside from being cold and having trouble walking, it was surprisingly easy to manage. And that was easily 15 to 20 minutes after ingesting a gel cap.

By the peak every single source of light was the way and the truth, and I was being stabbed by beauty. I was almost impossible to look at light. It became physically painful, but not like a headache. I get light sensitivity headaches especially if it’s been cloudy a bunch and then it clears up. No, this was the soul searing agony of God coming into my eyes through every last headlight on the street, judging me, looking out through me, judging the hell of a world Corvallis is becoming with its heroin and meth problems, and having a big fucking chuckle about how doomed we all are. I was completely humbled by this most personal, interpenetrating invasion of the other. It was not particularly visual, it was that every lightsource was judging my soul and everything in my purview. It was everywhere and everything. It was light and jovial. It was really just hard to walk and look at my phone, if that makes sense. On one level it was “Fry beer speed” and on this whole other level it was God in a +4 or a +infinity or a +who gives a fuck anymore.” There was no frame of reference in my entire being for the amount of beauty and pain and judgement and humor that was emanating from every beam of light.

These words just won’t work anymore. Peace.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111714
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Mar 8, 2018Views: 1,645
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4-AcO-MET (711) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), General (1)

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