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Cure for Depression
Citation:   zombi11. "Cure for Depression: An Experience with 5-HTP (exp111701)". Erowid.org. Jan 26, 2022. erowid.org/exp/111701

100 mg oral Tryptophan - 5-HTP (daily)
Iím 18, suffering from GAD and depression since I was young. I still am battling my GAD, however it is much easier without depression invading my everyday life.

Iím not going to give a full background of me, Iím just going to get straight to the point. I was severely anxious and depressed 24/7, started smoking cannabis at 14, Benzos at 16 blah blah etc. Basically I tried to get away from reality as much as I could. It was too much for me.

I have been to many doctors and all they would do is prescribe me some next bullshit medication which made my conditions worse, maybe it made one better, but the other worse. It was like a seesaw of emotions. I have been trying to cure my depression using everything possible
I have been trying to cure my depression using everything possible
, from therapy which is shit because Iím the UK the NHS has a waiting list, and once you get in they donít help you just ask questions and thatís about it. So I wanted to take matters into my own hands. My parents didnít trust me, however I proved to them with the extent amount of research I did (as I am a chemistry student) that I can really help myself, but with the aid of drugs. They were hesitant as any parents would be, however 5-HTP isnít just a drug. For me itís medicine. I bought 100mg pills off a reliable source on the internet, tested everything and was 100% sure it was pure 5-HTP. Even my parents were amused by my dedication and knowledge in this area. The first few days I felt like I was taking weak doses of MDMA. I was happy, energetic, and finally motivated to do anything. Every morning after waking up I was looking forward to taking my daily 100mg dose of 5-HTP, because I could finally get away from reality, without altering my state of mind.

After about a month of taking it every day, I realised I didnít get any fun from it, to be honest I didnít really need it either, depression is a horrible disease and it can come back, especially when you have other underlying mental health conditions. So after some time of taking it I decided to cut down on the dose, I went from taking 1 everyday, to taking 1 every 2-3 days, to 1 every week, and now I am only taking them when I really had a bad day, and am really stressed out. I donít usually take 5-HTP for stress because thatís not what itís for, but it makes me look up to things that are ahead of me, and it really helps me focus on more important things in life, rather than a chain of constant worries.

It is a very powerful thing when used correctly, and if it wasnít for 5-HTP, as deep as it may sound I donít think I wouldíve made it through to write this. I would either be underground cold, or somewhere drugged up with opium flowing in my blood. I am so thankful for this substance. Although it may not work the same for everyone, it certainly did wonders for me after weeks of controlled dose and detox off everything else.

Exp Year: 2017-2018ExpID: 111701
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jan 26, 2022Views: 793
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Tryptophan - 5-HTP (196) : Various (28), Depression (15), Medical Use (47), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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