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The Most Relaxed I Have Ever Felt
Citation:   Vladim. "The Most Relaxed I Have Ever Felt: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp111555)". May 6, 2018.

4 tsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
I heard about nutmeg in an article, and read about how it allegedly can get you high, so naturally I decided to head to my local supermarket and grab a small container of about 6 whole nuts.

I did plenty of reading beforehand and decided on a first time dose of 2 nuts, as they werenít very large and according to the packet they were around 4 grams each. I didnít have anything to grind them up so I resorted to cutting them into smaller pieces with a sharp knife. I noticed that these nutmegs appeared quite dry on the inside, but I nonetheless continued.

After around 5 minutes of finely cutting the nuts into rough shavings, I poured the material into a glass of tropical juice and chugged it down. For about 6 hours I felt nothing except a slightly dry mouth, and then a heavy fatigue set in. After 4 more hours of waiting I gave up and slept, disappointed.
After 4 more hours of waiting I gave up and slept, disappointed.

However, I wasnít finished with nutmeg, and the next weekend I bought a pre-ground container of nutmeg. I decided to try again but with four teaspoons, since I assumed I must be resistant to it, and did so on a very empty stomach. I spooned the nutmeg into my mouth and washed it down with water, until I had taken all four teaspoons. Then I waited.

T + 30 min: Felt a slight pressure build up in my head, as if a headache were coming on. I disregarded it as a placebo.

T + 2 hrs: Dry mouth begins to set in. I begin stockpiling several glasses of water on my desk in preparation of full cottonmouth.

T + 3 hrs: Eyes begin to feel slightly sore. I look in the mirror and see I have extremely red eyes.

T + 6 hrs: Effects are definitely appearing. I feel slightly tired, and visual distortions such as my bed breathing can be seen. I watch a comedy show and realise that I am laughing at jokes I normally wouldnít find funny.

T + 8 hrs: I surf the internet and end up learning about ancient religions in a Wikipedia wormhole. Time seems to slow and speed up in intervals, and I begin to snack extensively.

T + 11 hrs: My tiredness grows, but at this point it is about 3 am so I am unsure if it is the nutmeg or just me. Regardless, I get into bed. While in bed I begin meditating, and my mind wanders from topic to topic. I find myself thinking philosophically about mundane things, but each time I switch topic I completely forget the last. I find difficulty in remembering certain memories while in this state, including memories of events before I even took the nutmeg.
I find difficulty in remembering certain memories while in this state, including memories of events before I even took the nutmeg.

T + 12 hrs: I feel the peak beginning to wane, but instead of going to sleep I decide to check out the Ganzfeld effect. If you havenít heard of it, itís basically a way to deprive yourself of visual and auditory stimuli, making your brain hallucinate to Ďfill the gapí. In this state I heard someone shouting every minute or so. Eventually this stopped and I began hearing a piano playing a relaxing melody. Through the notes I could hear a woman singing like she was in an opera. Eventually this too ended and was replaced by the sound of someone murmuring quietly, and the feeling of my bed shaking slightly. Strangely, I did not care about this, and stayed listening. I also found that if I concentrated enough, I could make the singing and the piano return, so I did. Interestingly, there were no visual experiences during this spontaneous experiment.

T + ??? hrs: At this point I am too tired to continue, and fall asleep.

The following day I felt extremely relaxed and had no hangover at all. I did find myself drinking more water than usual however, and also noticed I couldnít eat as much as normal. The next couple days were very similar, although my appetite returned and my thirst receded.

I decided to go to a club with my friend a couple nights after I took the nutmeg, and I was definitely still feeling the effects of nutmeg on this day as I was very relaxed, albeit slightly lethargic. Despite having read that drinking can be bad if youíre on a nutmeg trip, I decided to drink regardless as I felt as though the actual Ďtripí part was over. While drunk I felt as though the relaxing feeling of the nutmeg after-effect mixed well with the alcohol, and I actually felt giddy with happiness because of how relaxed I felt (which I later found pretty strange).

Overall I found nutmeg to be an extremely relaxing experience that I would try again. Like others have said, I would clear my schedule for the next few days as I slept way more than normal and didnít really do anything productive during those days. For me there were very few bad effects, and even the cottonmouth didnít bother me as much as I stayed well hydrated, and the nutmeg itself was very cheap (only about £2 for the container of 6).

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111555
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 6, 2018Views: 8,395
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