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Gut Wrenching Color Display
Cacti - T. pachanoi
by Ergotoxine
Citation:   Ergotoxine. "Gut Wrenching Color Display: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp11142)". Erowid.org. Feb 11, 2002. erowid.org/exp/11142

  oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (tea)


I don't know where to start. Upon first reading about mescaline I become extremely curious, being a keen user of LSD and mushrooms. A friend and I searched, and searched, and searched some more but to no avail. In the end I gave up, then one day I got a phone call, a friend had stumbled upon a stall in the markets selling a wide variety of cactus, including peyote and san pedro, at once I was excited. They were selling it for quite an expensive price, we bought about a foot and a half each of san pedro, boiled it for eight hours, strained out the plant matter, then boiled the liquid down. We had about half a cup each of green gunk, similar consistency to that of tomato sauce. One discovery was noticed rather quickly, IT TASTED LIKE SHIT. I think a cup of your own urine would taste remarkably better. With effort we got it down, I found coke to be a good chaser, it eats everything away from the side of your throat.

Immediately we felt queasy, we sat in the garage in case we vomited, after having a few pipes we noticed some slight effects, colors became brighter. We then went inside, after about an hour the effects became a little stronger, but I wasn't off my head, shadows looked interesting, but nothing intense. We both decided that being indoors was rather uncomfortable, so we set forth on a mission through a long stretch of parkland. It wasn't until about two hours after ingestion that effects began to really take hold, the first thing I noticed was an extreme color tone change in the trees ahead. It just kept getting stronger and stronger.

We got back to the house and climbed onto the roof of the garage, about 3 and a half hours into the trip. I saw an intricate display of patterns in front of everything, very colorful, almost cubical in nature. I looked at my friend and his face was made up of various colors, sort of resembling a stained glass window. From then on, everything I looked at displayed cubical colorful patterns, these effects lasted until we to sleep. One thing we noticed is that we were extremely clear headed, If we were hallucinating that much of acid or shrooms, we would be goo-goo-ga-ga, we held quite normal conversations.

About a month later, I was told about a big cactus in some-ones front yard, so naturally I checked it out. This thing was huge, about twenty branches coming out of the main base. It looked very similar but slightly different to the one we got from the markets. This one had long nasty spikes, the other one had tiny harmless things. This one had six ridges, the other one had seven, and this one was a slightly darker green. It looked close enough so I hacked of about fifteen foot worth of cactus and took it home. Once it started boiling up I felt reassured, it smelt identical. It almost smells like stewed apples, almost smells nice, but it is definitely the most horrible thing I have ever tasted.

The brew was boiled down to a thick syrup, and I was the guinea pig. It smelt disgusting and tasted even worse. I coated my tongue with citric acid (meant to help the body absorb the mescaline) and downed about four table spoons of gunk, washing it down with black sambuco (bad mistake). It was fucking hideous, an effort not to puke it up straight away. With curious eyes watching me I sat down on the couch, feeling very ill, I started getting paranoid, hoping it was the right cactus. I took a shower to make myself feel better. Then, one hour exactly after ingestion, I knew I had to step outside, my body was rejecting this crap. I spewed, and spewed, followed with thick yellow bile, I think my stomach literally wringed itself inside out.

After the vomit I felt a lot better, then went for a walk, I was starting to trip. I began seeing colorful patterns in the sky, 2D things like graffiti looked 3D. These effects just kept getting stronger and stronger. After about four hours I was seeing occasional blotches of color, intricate cubical patterns, and delay, for example a car would pass, the car would be long gone but the light from the headlights would stay. I saw stars appear then disappear. The closed-eye visuals were the best, full-on psychedelic animations, colorful, 3D and very vivid, unexplainable. I felt a bit scattered the next day, more body scattered though.

The next time we got the stuff down to thick gum, rolled it into little balls and coated them in icing sugar. You couldn't taste it, easy to ingest, just as strong but still very gut wrenching. About twenty of these balls was a strong trip. I found mescaline to be a hell of a lot of fun and I truly understand why it isn't a popular recreational drug, the extremes you have to go through. The trip is worth it but this stuff is purely vile beyond vile.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11142
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 11, 2002Views: 31,789
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