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I Might as Well
Citation:   sunshine. "I Might as Well: An Experience with 3F-Phenmetrazine (exp111419)". Feb 2, 2018.

T+ 0:00
20 mg insufflated 3F-Phenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:15 20 mg insufflated 3F-Phenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
Fairly inexperienced with classic/rc stimulants, some experience with psychs, empathogens.
First time using insufflation as the main ROA.
Tested upon receiving
Previously done an 'allergy test' and a threshold oral dose (no noticeable effects)

Home alone with no set plans for the day. Apartment could be cleaned a bit but didn't plan to force it if I was led in a different direction. No stimulants (including caffeine) in the month beforehand (not intentional, just happened that way). A light meal eaten around 11:00am along with 400mg magnesium and a multivitamin.

12:30pm: 20mg insufflated

T+ 0:05 burn was unpleasant but subsided quickly enough.

T+ 0:10 Being unfamiliar with insufflation, I thought there was going to be no drip that people complain about. I was wrong, it was awful. I brushed my teeth hoping that might help, not so much. Although I noticed I was a bit more uppity than when typically brushing my teeth, which I make a very lazy task of. Noticed some jitteriness (bouncing legs when standing or sitting), perhaps a mix of excitement/anticipation and the actual affects of the drug.

T+ 0:20 Came up with a brilliant plan using a few really strong mints to get rid of this awful taste that was almost making me nauseous. That worked well. Noticing a bit more 'wakefulness', maybe comparable to a less jittery energy drink (I'm fairly sensitive to caffeine).

T+ 0:30 The idea of redosing already crossing my mind, although the reason is unclear (no euphoria/high stimulation to chase, probably not even at peak effects). Decide to fold some laundry hoping to catch any increase in focus. Effects seem to be the opposite: I'm very scattered.
Decide to fold some laundry hoping to catch any increase in focus. Effects seem to be the opposite: I'm very scattered.
I finish a few pieces then 'oh, maybe I should...' and I go off to do something else. A bit encouraged to dance while listening to music.

T+ 0:45 Laundry finished, time to put dishes away. No real increase in motivation -I'm a pretty clean person as it is, so I would have wanted them put away regardless. Decide to clean the rest of the kitchen while I'm in there. It's not a pushy substance, more just a 'I might as well do x'.

T+ 1:15 Redose another 20mg. I've heard this substance is a bit fiendish and in that first hour, I can confirm that. My plan was to allow max 1 redose and the whole time, in the back of my mind, I was trying to justify that. I couldn't find any suggestions on redose dosage vs. original so at first I figured I'd use mdma logic and redose half. As soon as I got it out, my mind was set on doing the full 20mg again. Fine, but after that we're packing it away. I was a bit concerned at how easy it was to talk myself into that second dose. My nose however wasn't too interested in more, I had to break the lines into a few smaller doses.

T+ 1:20 More mints! This time I was ready with the plan and the mints really did help against the drip. Plan to just sweep the bathroom quickly, but then decide I might as well do the whole thing. What's the point of having a half clean room or a clean kitchen but not a clean bathroom. I have the time and energy, what else would I do with it?

T+ 1:45 House is clean. Notice a bit of extra sweatiness so decide I should take a break. That's a bit unnatural feeling. My fingers will tap together or my feet/legs will bounce around. Slight tension in jaw but very manageable.

T+ 2:15 Feel a bit dehydrated, grab some water and turn on computer. Notice some scattered thinking here as well. Opening and moving on from various tabs quicker than normal. Typing is pretty efficient but I almost doubt my mental abilities- was trying to do a quick calculation and felt frustrated that the answer wasn't immediately clear. Decided googling was going to be quicker/more worth my time.

T+ 2:30 Chatting with a friend, a bit more chatty and excited than normal but not in a way that would be noticeable to an outsider. Enough to come off as 'she's having a good day'.

T+ 2:45 Could almost be hungry but no real urgency to get food, it might actually just be the mint flavour fading, grabbed another one. Slight stomach discomfort-pretty common for me in most situations- but it's very manageable. A bit clammy, slight vasoconstriction (cold feet and a moment of muscle tension noticed in my arm). Surprisingly I feel less need to redose. Perhaps because I had set that limit but I was easily able to stay within it and accept that the experience would fade away.

T+ 3:30 Energy mostly leveled out, still feeling chilly. Have monitored heart rate throughout: resting before dose is usually just under 70bpm, peak HR (during exp) 115bpm at T+1:30 (or 20 minutes after redose while still cleaning). When sitting down during exp HR fluctuated in the 70-low 80bpm range.

Overall pretty mild, short-lasting effects. At this level, redosing desire was noticeable but manageable. It was smooth enough to be used in a functional setting. I'm not sure, at least at this dose, it has that work/study aid quality compared to the more reputable substances (ie. adderall). It could be useful in a social event as I could sense some extra excitability when socializing.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111419
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Feb 2, 2018Views: 5,406
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