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Unpredictably Entertaining
by Noir
Citation:   Noir. "Unpredictably Entertaining: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT (exp111379)". Jan 8, 2018.

8.5 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (powder / crystals)


It was approximately 1:30 in the afternoon when it all began. There I was browsing a reputable substance usage website, looking through trip reports when I stumbled upon my old fiend Moxy. Otherwise known as 5-MeO-MiPT. I suddenly remembered that I had some of this research chemical still in my collection. It had been a while... a long while.. since I had tripped on anything at all. So I decided it was about damn time. I measured out 8-9mg on the my handy-dandy scale and dumped it into a shot glass with orange juice. My favorite way to ingest anything, really. Quick and easy. Down the hatch.

I attempt to play video during the come up but it proves too intense. It hits me in only 15 minutes or less. I felt an energetic feeling in my body. Just a small rush of goosebumps. Almost immediately; visuals! Wow! Colors become more enhanced. Tracers when I waved my hand. The room became brighter. Killing people in the game was making me feel a little sad. I also felt sick to my stomach and a little anxious as well. Reading negative trip reports beforehand certainly didn't help the situation. The anxiety was starting to build. I consider myself a fairly experienced 'tripper' having done a variety of Alexander Shulgins' creations, as well as DMT, LSD, etc. but it had been so long since I tripped, this was getting to me a little bit.

I think that perhaps I should go for a walk. So I put on several coats and step outside. Nope! Way too cold outside for something like that. It was a bit of a dreary day in general. I feel sick and go back to the sink, vomiting once. I hadn't eaten recently but everything I had came up. I immediately began to feel better. It didn't feel good coming up but it certainly helped the anxiety. I felt a huge boost in mood after vomiting.

Okay, now we're having fun! I message a good friend online who is also an experienced tripper and it helped immensely. My skin began to feel very smooth. It wasn't that I was numb but it felt like I was wearing a skin suit. The visuals are really kicking in. Multiplied patterns were applied to all surfaces. There appeared to be layers upon layers of the same surface which would melt and fade into each other. Drifting and fading, drifting and fading. The visuals, in general, could be characterized by circuitry in nature. As if the universe had become an electrical circuit and I was staring at the interconnectivity between everything. There was also an interesting color scheme going on between teal and pink.

At this point of the experience I feel pretty happy. I notice that I'm smiling. I put on some music and relax on the couch. Wooowwww... the music is giving me crazy goosebumps all over my body. Some of the sounds were a little alien but not bad, just different. Like someone had applied an equalizer to my setup. I was immersed! Certain songs would hit the G-spot and I'd just about orgasm on the spot from the energy that ran through my body. From the base of my spinal column up through my neck. I was entranced. I sit down in front of my sub and cranked up the bass. I'm grinning with madness at my wild feelings.

After I thoroughly enjoy myself, I decide it's time to meditate. I felt the pull, the desire to go deeper. What better opportunity, really? I put on my MindFold (which is essentially a padded blindfold) and I'm immersed into total darkness. I get comfy, take a few deep breaths, and chant Ooohm. This really puts me into a good place, mentally and physically. I feel great. Euphoric yet calm. Breathing was somewhat shallow, unfortunately, and I did notice that my chest didn't appreciate the forced inflation. Not a big deal. My closed eye visuals become more of a flow of energy. With chanting it became patterns. I saw an ancient language that appeared as multicolored with inflections, resembling Islamic. No doubt an ancient language of some kind. I didn't know what it said but I knew what it meant. My meditation continued for quite some time, about an hour. I wanted to keep going but my Rabbit needed my attention and so I called it quits.

I wasn't baseline sober(ish) until about 6 to 8 hours after dropping. I'll be honest, I was just planning to take a little bit of Moxy and chill, maybe masturbate, but it turned into a full fledged experience. I've taken this substance before from the same batch in the same amount and had nowhere near this reaction. It never made me puke before and I never felt so much euphoria and chills before. The Force was really flowing through me this time for whatever reason. Great experience, yet I'll remember to adjust for the highly unpredictable nature of this substance. Maybe it'll do nothing, maybe you'll be tripping tits. Who knows... that's half the fun of being a human experiment. ;)

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111379
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jan 8, 2018Views: 388
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : General (1), Alone (16)

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