Purely Empathogenic
Citation:   ThePoobaman. "Purely Empathogenic: An Experience with 5-EAPB (exp111371)". Erowid.org. May 25, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111371

95 mg oral 5-EAPB
Iím writing this on the Tuesday after the Saturday I took it.

Iím a 20 year old 165 pound male attending college. Iíve used empathogens of various kinds (n-ethylhexedrone, kanna, MDMA, 5-MAPB) before, but I hadnít used any empathogens or serotonin-releasing substances in over a month (I think at least six weeks) before this experience. My neurochemistry was quite balanced. This is important to note because many other online reports are written a week after taking a massive dose of MDMA or something, so obviously they arenít getting the full experience from the drug and take unnecessarily high doses.

That night, I had been hanging out with some friends, but they knew I was planning to roll privately with my girlfriend later that night.

T + 0:00 I cooked them some food and sent them on their way, and my girlfriend and I took 95 mg of 5-EAPB right before they left at 8:15 (all times are approximated).

T + 0:20 About 15-20 minutes later I had a small meal of stir-fried veggies, pork, and rice, with a lot of water. My girlfriend and I settled down to watch some show, but it began to kick in about 10 minutes in so we stopped watching as she wanted to do her makeup and I was feeling restless.

T + 0:35 My girlfriend is doing her makeup. I am sitting in our closet with her and feeling quite strange. I try to shit, but canít, so I just sit on the toilet and talk to her. I keep repeating how strange this feels.
I keep repeating how strange this feels.

T + 0:45 By this point, I feel totally bizarre. It doesnít feel like MDMA, but it definitely feels similar. I have a lot of energy, but itís not an amphetamine-like energy at all. I begin pacing back and forth across the closet while my girlfriend layers on foundation. She is having a good time. I feel nauseous. I begin compulsively talking with her to calm myself down. It feels good to talk. Am I worrying her? Am I talking too much? Is my pacing freaking her out? She giggles. I feel incredibly insecure, sheís laughing at me, this is terrible. No, she says, you arenít freaking me out, youíre fine. She gives me a hug. I feel amazing.

T + 0:60 We are sitting on the closet floor talking. Thereís a lot of energy, so we go on a walk. It had snowed earlier in the day so there was a pretty blanket of snow over everything. We talk more. Insecurities are out in the open. We talk about how we can be better people. It feels good to talk.

T + 2:00 I feel a bit less energetic, but I am getting a lot of bruxism. After we head indoors, we start having sex. Whereas on MDMA I love having sex, this drug seems too ďinnocent.Ē Sex feels strange. It doesnít feel bad or dirty, just not pleasurable. We both agree to just keep talking.

T + 2:30 We text our friends, asking if theyíre mad we kicked them out. We feel irrationally guilty about this. They are amused and say they arenít mad.
T + 3:00 Beginning to come down. We go on another short walk.

T + 4:00 My girlfriend wants to go out and smoke a cigarette. I tell her that cigarettes are bad and I really donít want to. She insists so we go out and smoke, but says it will be her ďlast cigaretteĒ (it wasnít).

T + 5:30 Pretty much all the way down. Eyelids felt heavy.

We went to bed after that and had some strange and restless sleep. The stimulant effect of this is long-lasting. I felt very strange the next day until about 24 hours after I took the substance (8:00 PM the next day). That may have been partially because of the lack of sleep. I didnít however, experience any negative or unpleasant comedown effects. My girlfriend had a very bad headache upon waking, but it went away with Tylenol and water.

Overall, Iíd say this drug is comparable to MDMA but unique. My girlfriend said she preferred it in some ways, and I agreed. Itís not as sexual (or as Shulgin would put it, ďeroticĒ), but it is just as easy to talk on it. It is definitely less euphoric, and less ďpushyĒ with the love, but these are traits I value. It seems like a more purely empathogenic substance, one that is geared almost entirely toward quiet nights of talking.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111371
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: May 25, 2018Views: 1,874
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5-EAPB (847) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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