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The Bong Dies at the End
Cannabis & Nitrites (Poppers)
Citation:   John Doe. "The Bong Dies at the End: An Experience with Cannabis & Nitrites (Poppers) (exp111289)". Dec 2, 2017.

  repeated smoked Cannabis  
    repeated inhaled Inhalants - Nitrites  
  16 oz oral Coffee  
  40 mg oral Pharms - Levomilnacipran (daily)
    oral Pharms - Lurasidone (daily)
My other half and I try to get together every so often so we can unwind our minds and bodies together - doing so usually involves fair amounts of cannabis or alcohol, but this time I wasn't feeling the need to drink and was more intent on breaking in the new bong I had purchased. A cheap 20$ number with a splash guard and ice catcher, with painted black segments. This time, however, a very important package had arrived.

My partner and I love to make love to each other and there are few places where I am happier than inside him. However, my 'dimensions' often make it painful for him to attempt sex without lots of prior stretching and excessive amounts of lubrication. This time, we were going to try something else. nitrites, or poppers, look quite unassuming: tiny glass vials that make a popping sound when you open them.

Before we got into christening the bong with its maiden voyage, we tried the poppers. The smell is quite sharp, and chemically sweet. One snort of the vapors gives a mild head rush, two wraps me in warmth.
One snort of the vapors gives a mild head rush, two wraps me in warmth.
Two snorts was my first choice, taking long deep inhalations through my nose while I held the vial under my nostril. The head rush is instantaneous, and soon it feels as if my head is wrapped in a steam towel like they have at old school barbershops. This warming sensation starts at the crown of the head and moves down slowly over one's entire body. This was certainly a good start to the night.

With the preliminary test of the poppers done, we moved into the main course of the cannabis. The bowl was packed, the base had been filled, and the ice was in position. I let him have the first hit, and then we alternated for a bit before he threw in the towel and I did more hits on my own. I believe it was three hits for him, and 7 hits for me.

The weed came on hard, and I felt like I had become very surreal. Stationary, but in constant motion, almost as if each moment of consciousness is a separate canvas and the brushstrokes occur in real time. This is the usual fare for me when I take heavy hits without warming up; it can be intimidating if one isn't mentally prepared for it. I had been down this road many times, I knew where I was going so I was in a pretty good state of mind.

While relishing my high, I decided to try the poppers again. Taking two snorts like the preliminary test, and again I was washed over from head to toe with a comforting warm feeling. When I'm sufficiently stoned, I often feel my heart pounding in my chest and sometimes that can be a cause of worry because that tells me my blood pressure is up - which I generally know to be a bad thing when you are in a resting state. When the nitrite is added to the equation the pounding slows and softens and eventually I just become comfortable. If I had to guess, the nitrites dealt with the problem of increased blood pressure, which just let me enjoy the sensation of being high.

I repeated a few hits of the nitrites, and soon I felt incredibly aroused. I have read in other reports that nitrites do not cause sexual arousal, but will heighten it if it is present. This is entirely true for me - after those hits, I was at full mast and my boyfriend and I retired to the bedroom (bringing the poppers with us) to have sex. It was an otherworldly experience, making love in this state. We went from one position to the other seamlessly with many points of climax. It was magical. Eventually both of us were satisfied with what we had accomplished and returned to the living room.

Then he accidentally kicked the bong off the table and broke it. I was hardly bothered though, I was in too much of a good mood. We pulled out our backup pipe and took more hits. Then we watched John Dies at the End; which is perhaps the most surreal movie I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it was because of my altered state, but I couldn't make sense of anything that was happening. I just watched, occasionally taking more hits of weed and poppers and drinking a coffee to keep myself going until the movie ended and we both decided to go lay down and attempt to sleep. I shored myself up by taking more hits of cannabis and more snorts of the nitrites.

We turned on the tv for white noise and lay down together. My mind was still reeling from the film and it stretched itself to attempt to make sense of it. I could feel a breakthrough was close, but needed fuel to make the jump from my current state to the next. I got up and took more hits of weed and poppers. This would continue through the night three more times until I closed my eyes and saw something.

Closing my eyes and focused on the center of the forehead I saw something in my minds eye. A body make entirely of light and energy, modeled after my own, which I had full control of. I didn't do much with it aside from turn my gaze inward to try and perceive it. Soon I ran out of fuel and fell asleep, ending my journey.

If there is something to be gained from this I believe it is that poppers can be used to ease the coming up sensation of marijuana to make for a more comfortable experience.

Update: I neglected something that became relevant with this experience...

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111289
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Dec 2, 2017Views: 7,602
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Inhalants - Nitrites (147), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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