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Unpleasant Experience Difficulty Breathing
H.B. Woodrose & Salvia divinorum
by stoner
Citation:   stoner. "Unpleasant Experience Difficulty Breathing: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Salvia divinorum (exp111277)". May 21, 2018.

T+ 0:00
8 seeds sublingual H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Desfontainia spinosa  
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Mugwort  
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Wormwood  
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Calea zacatechichi  
  T+ 5:00   smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


I had been interested in trying HBW seeds as they were cheap and easy to procure legally.

I decided to just chew them and hold the crushed seed gunk in my mouth for 20-25 minutes as it was reported that the sublingual method of taking the seeds removed the nausea frequently experienced.

Since it was suggested to start with a low dose to first gauge the effects, for the first time I ingested 4 seeds. I took care that I did not eat the last 3-4 hours so as to avoid vomiting it up.

First effects were felt after about an hour. There was a strange sensation in my body and it was mostly intense euphoria with a body high. At this point I smoked a joint as a precaution to not get nauseated. This I felt added to the effects, it was like there were vibrations running in my body to the top of my head. Music felt good but there no visuals or distorted perception.

The peak lasted till about 2-3 hours after which they subsided till I took another 2 seeds at the 4 hour mark. This did not add much to the experience which I should have anticipated as tolerance to LSA is said to build up within hours.
I was eager to try a higher dose as it felt like I was just scratching the surface of the experience.

The next week I took 8 seeds the same way- chewing them up and spitting it out after 20 minutes. At this point, I have to mention that I was a bit thoughtless and overdid the part that I needed to have an empty stomach. I had a very small dinner and intended to ingest the seeds in the morning but wound up waking late, around 1P.M and was a bit weak as a result.I also tend to not drink water much and was probably dehydrated.

This time around, I decided to lay off the weed till a bit longer to see what LSA felt like without it.

I took the seeds at 2 P and 2.5 hours passed without any visible effects except slight discomfort in the stomach, at which point I packed a bowl with weed (which also had a small amount of chilean holly, mugwort, wormwood and calea as I mixed some left over herbs with the weed) and smoked it.

I began to feel the effects of the weed and settled down for the LSA trip. But this time I began feeling extremely lethargic with erratic thoughts and my motor functions were affected for some reason. Maybe the other herbs played some part for this unpleasant feeling.

I was also very hungry and tried eating some food but ended up throwing half of it away. I retired to my room and stayed for an hour or so in this restless state.

It had now been a solid 5 hours since taking the seeds. Now I had just gotten my shipment of salvia leaves, which I had never tried before.

This turned out to be a mistake. I packed a bowl in my new bong and took some fast pulls keeping the smoke in my lungs for ~30 seconds. I felt the salvia 'pull' I had read about and fell down back first on my bed behind me. At this point it is difficult to explain but I felt waves lapping up on my chest and like I was not myself but some random characters I had made up in my mind, but this was for a short duration.

Now the worst part of the trip began. My breathing became extremely slow and I felt like my body was not getting enough oxygen. My thoughts became even more jangled and I found it difficult to move my body. I even thought I might have to go to the hospital at one point.

This hell lasted for 2.5 hours (it was around 9:30P I think) and I tried sleeping it off.

Finally my breathing slowly returned to normal and I had a short nap for an hour. I had a lot of negative thoughts and generally felt bad on the inside for some time before finally becoming normal at 11P. I ate some food, did my laundry and sat down to write this report.

I don't know when I will try these seeds again but will take more care for the preparation (definitely not smoking salvia with HBWR!)

Though my 2nd attempt too a turn for worse, I want to atleast feel like I did the first time and will maybe try 5 seeds next without
foolishly not eating for a long time and being properly hydrated.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111277
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: May 21, 2018Views: 790
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Alone (16)

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