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Headspace but Not Outerspace
Syrian Rue (extract)
by Huxley
Citation:   Huxley. "Headspace but Not Outerspace: An Experience with Syrian Rue (extract) (exp111174)". Jan 30, 2021.

  sublingual Syrian Rue (extract)
    insufflated Syrian Rue (extract)
    oral Syrian Rue (extract)


I became interested in Syrian Rue through internet research on legal psychoactive substances, and though there is much to be learned of Harmine in combination with DMT and other psychedelics, and even cannabis, there are very little published information on this drug taken by itself. The only sources I could find were in Shulginís TIHKAL, and a few experience reports. However, Harmine seemed promising, supposedly offering a mild psychedelic experience at a reasonable cost and a desirable legal status. So I purchased 1 gram of Harmine/Harmaline Full Spectrum Syrian Rue extract in the form of a HCl salt, for about $15 (a price that I considered very reasonable). When the product arrived I opened it and the powder had a bright yellow color and an incredible sparkle to it. The substance looked similar to Gabapentin HCl except yellow.

Before jumping into a high dose I decided to test out the extract on a lower dosage
Before jumping into a high dose I decided to test out the extract on a lower dosage
, I decided 50 mg would be a good place to start, so I took a little bit of the substance and placed it under my tongue in the hopes that sublingual administration would speed up the onset of the effects. The taste was terrible, extremely bitter as an alkaloid ought to taste, however it wasnít pleasant. After about 20 minutes I was beginning to feel different, and after 25 I was sure that it wasnít simply a placebo. The effects peaked at about an hour after administration with the most noticeable effects being a floating feeling in my extremities, mild enhancement of colors, a spacey feeling (similar to the come up on LSD), and a sense of calm and relaxation. A friend and I decided to try to insufflate some of the powder, maybe about 25 mg each, and did so. This route of administration is not pleasant, inducing an intense burning in the nasal passage, eye watering, and a drip worse than any Iíve had before. This also assured me that the effects were not placebo as they became more noticeable after taking more of the extract. Overall the effects were very mild and pleasant.

The next day, being assured that I could handle a higher dose, I mixed approximately 200 mg of the Harmine/Harmaline into a cup of water. The powder dissolved readily in water. The mixture made the taste infinitely more bearable, though still unpleasantly bitter. I quaffed the beverage at around 2 in the afternoon. I had very little in my stomach so the come up was fairly rapid, having the same effects as the day before within 15 to 20 minutes, though a little more pronounced. I went outside and smoked a cigarette with very pleasant effect, the nicotine buzz being heavier than usual. I then proceeded to go to work. I worked for around an hour standing in nearly the same spot, and I honestly forgot that Iíd even taken a drug. That is until I had to move about. As soon as I moved from where I had been standing it hit me how high I actually was. Locomotion was strange and uncoordinated, as if Iíd had about 4 beers, manageable but requiring some effort to keep my balance. The world had a shimmering look to it, and there were some mild visuals. Objects would swirl and shift slightly, but this would go away if I concentrated on them. The periphery of my vision seemed distant and unimportant. Life was surreal, and very dreamlike. It was almost as if I had receded into the cavern of my own mind. Again the head space was LSD like, very introspective and I had the ability to detach myself and work through problems objectively and unemotionally.

I went home as the effects were beginning to reduce, and had an uneventful rest of my night with no more effects that are worth noting. I slept phenomenally and was well rested the next day.

The whole experience lasted about 7 hours, here is a chart of effects with respect to time, T 0:00 being time of ingestion.

T 0:00 -1:00 (onset)
T 1:00-2:00 (peak)
T 2:00-4:00 (plateau)
T 4:00-7:00 (come down)

After effects were minimal to nonexistent, just a slight grogginess the next day, though it is unclear whether this was due to the Harmine or from having overslept.

It should be noted that with any MAII one should be careful of interactions. I used stimulants and alcohol the day after with no noticeable negative effects, no headache or hypotension. This may be due to Syrian Rue being a reversible MAOI, but individuals should still be extremely cautious to avoid interactions as individual physiology and sensitivity can vary greatly.

Harmine/Harmaline was a worthwhile experience, very interesting and unique albeit mild. It was reminiscent of a low dose of DXM or deliriants but with more euphoria/calmness and without the negative effects those drugs can bring. In the future I am interested to try Harmine/Harmaline to potentiate other experiences, or to simply try a higher dose of the substance.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111174
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jan 30, 2021Views: 1,801
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