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Like a Combination of Weed and Gabapentin
by Yakabow
Citation:   Yakabow. "Like a Combination of Weed and Gabapentin: An Experience with Phenibut (exp110961)". Sep 24, 2017.

3 g oral Smarts - Phenibut (powder / crystals)


I am quite surprised with the effects of Phenibut. Very positive overall experience that I am currently having as I type this. Taken roughly 4 hours ago at about 3000 or so MG of powder.

In the past I have taken Gabapentin in excess in a recreational fashion as well as other painkillers (both recreational and based on injury). I am also a regular user of Marijuana (had not smoked in at least a week prior to this experience so will not be attributing any of my current effects to it).

While it does have its own attributes which I will do my best to describe, the closest I could compare it to is a high dose of Gabapentin (around 1500+ MG) in the way it makes my body feel, with some visual distortions similar to what I would get from a small dose of Marijuana.

In addition I am getting a small sense of the kind of disinhibition I would have from drinking alcohol, however no where near as intense. It does make me care far less about things that would make me otherwise anxious similarly to alcohol, but I still have the rational decision making abilities that alcohol would take from me.

However unlike weed, Gab, or Alcohol, I am noticing it is a bit hard to immediately focus on things. Not in the double vision sense that alcohol would produce, more in the sense that if I am focused on something for a while (say my monitor, or cellphone) I can see it just fine without effort. However if I suddenly shift my perspective to something else suddenly, it takes my focus a second to catch up and fully home in on something.

My legs and shoulders have a tingling sensation, as if I had worked out my muscles and they are beginning to relax. In addition I am also getting a slight wave of euphoria similar to a small dose of an opiate painkiller. Music and video games are both more enjoyable and easier to get lost in, and my coordination in video games is still roughly the same as it would be if I was sober.

I would liken the way I feel to a combination of all the aforementioned substances - Alcohol, Gab, Weed and a more powerful pain killer. However not nearly as intense as any of them would be on their own in a great enough quantity. I can see both the recreational, as well as medicinal uses for this sweet tasting, powdery substance. As it would certainly take the edge off of anxiety in a smaller dose (more like half a gram,) than what I have taken. And I do feel it is more enjoyable than say alcohol or weed so long as I am not trying to get REALLY messed up as the high is mild and overall very enjoyable with no major down sides. It is also much longer lasting than weed, as I am nearly 4 hours after dosing and the effects still seem to be climbing.

I will note however- You do need a good chunk of time for the effects to kick in, so it wouldn't be effective for a panic attack like proper medication or faster acting substances would be. I did not start feeling real effects until well after an hour and a half after taking. I will also state that the stuff is dirt cheap and the little sample container I purchased only had a base price of about 5 dollars for 5 grams.

Will definitely be putting this on my list of fun, legal substances that I like to use.

My speech is not slurred, but I do have an overall feeling of wanting to talk more slowly as if I had just smoked a bowl of weed, and thoughts are a bit less exact and tend to wonder. It is harder to think about just one thing at a time like I usually would be able.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110961
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Sep 24, 2017Views: 10,776
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