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Interested, Energetic, Social, Anxious
Citation:   NOOT-RC. "Interested, Energetic, Social, Anxious: An Experience with Ethcathinone (exp110907)". Sep 20, 2017.

T+ 0:00
0.5 tablets oral Ethylcathinone
  T+ 1:00 1 tablet oral Ethylcathinone

I'm male, 28, in good shape physically and mentally. Completely sober and clean for 3 years, used to drink a lot (borderline alcoholic), and tried MDMA and amphetamine a few times ~10 years ago. Got interested in nootropics to enhance daily experience, which led me to research chemicals (like ethylphenidate, whereas methylphenidate is Ritalin, an ADD medication). Writing this experience report the day after.


Ordered some research chemicals online - ethcathinone party pills. Tried a tiny bit to ensure no allergic reaction. Everything fine.

One evening wanted to try them out - took half a pill orally. Awful bitter taste and some kind of numbing agent to make the mouth numb. No effect. Wanted to try if more worked, and was confident enough that 3 times the dose wouldn't create an adverse effect.


Took a few days vacation to be in solitude in my country house, took the remaining 1.5 ethcat pills with me to experience.

T+0 - took half a pill on an empty stomach, browsed internet in the country solitude. Sun and nature are nice.

T+1h - felt nothing, like the first experience with half the pill. Took the remaining 1 whole with some water.

T+2h - a definite buzz, browsed multiple tabs at the same time, wanted to learn more, be more. Everything seems interesting and awesome, memory seemed boosted because every new wikipedia article had a connection to a previous memory. Added some items to my want-to-do list for the vacation that popped into mind - rock balancing and magnet fishing. Felt pretty good, a combination of peaceful, energetic and content with life in general. In retrospect this would have been the perfect place for the trip to stop escalating.

T+3h - amped up the music volume, put on some psytrance since it sounded so nice and complex, mind is racing a little too fast now, hard to concentrate on reading. Physical sensations: elevated heart rate and blood pressure, sweating hands. Some semi-involuntary movements of fingers rubbing against each other (similar to MDMA in my experience). Definitely rolling on something, overall pleasant, maybe a bit too much. Cleanching jaw while chewing gum, and feeling out of this world.

T+3.5h - felt overly social
T+3.5h - felt overly social
, since I was alone I took to social media sites and chat roulette type of sites to talk to random people. Still physically pretty out of it, and tripping on the music - found a couple of strangers to talk to, felt very interested in their lives and appreciated the human contact. Was a little overtly open and caring for them compared to my normal state, but don't regret or feel embarrassed now that I'm writing the report. Did nothing I wouldn't do when sober and just feeling funny. They didn't seem to notice my altered state.

T+5h - since its 3 hours past my normal sleep schedule, and felt physically tired, tried to sleep.

T+5h to 9h - sleep is impossible, body is tired but brain is active, wants to explore more, communicate more. Thoughts seem like in a weird loop, keep going to things I have done wrong in the past. Listening to audiobooks helps with keeping the mind focused, but still no sleep. Imagination seems very off compared to baseline - want to fantasize about my insignificance in the universe which I normally do when trying to sleep, but can't focus on my own ideas. Ideas keep looping to negative things, or the events starting from the initial drug administration. Just replaying the same past 9 hours plus extra past issues. Felt similar to alcoholic withdrawal syndrome from when I drank lots.
Keep getting up to piss every 30 minutes, since I drank 4 liters of water during the experience out of thirst.

Worst part

T+8h while laying down, a wave of hot/cold sweats comes over me, feel anxious and a little paranoid. Definitely similar to heavy alcoholic AWS. Think it would be embarrassing for someone to find me dead here from a stupid drug reaction. Being alone in the forest can play tricks on its own, but the anxiety enhances it, trying to convince myself I'm not seeing shadow people. Hope I don't get some mental disorder. The sweats stop in 30 minutes or so, feel so annoyed by the lack of sleep.

Summary / Retrospect

Eventually fall asleep, waking up every hour and not falling asleep again, until sun shines through the window, eliminating all hope of sleep. Wake up and eat a protein pudding, with some coffee and answer some work emails. Total sleep ~3 hours.

T+12h - feel relatively ok now the drug has left the system, just the after effects of lack of sleep. Thought process, emotions and mental levels are close to baseline again.

T+14h - finish writing experience report (my first, want people to know what they are getting into with research chemicals and I'm afraid nootropics users will eventually get into them like me). Rain has stopped, sun is out - going to do some rock balancing for fun.

Though the negatives passed (like they always do), the length and intensity of them outweighed the positive ones (which seemed almost like too much at the time).

The experience could have been different with real people, and gave some emotional connection between friends and lovers more, since it was very socially activating.

Will not do again and continue being sober.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110907
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Sep 20, 2017Views: 3,981
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Ethylcathinone (463) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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