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Information and Discussion but No Consensus
Tianeptine & 4-Fluoromethylphenidate
by Me and Vitamin K
Citation:   Me and Vitamin K. "Information and Discussion but No Consensus: An Experience with Tianeptine & 4-Fluoromethylphenidate (exp110754)". Jun 7, 2018.

    Pharms - Tianeptine


In his search for relief from the void that 3 years of psychostimulant pharmacotherapy with stimulants, like high dose Adderall and vyvanse, had his mind locked away in, and amidst a treatment-free battle with ADHD and intermittent stress-related depression, a buddy of mine, 'Vitamin K' as I'll call him, decided to explore the possibilities of improving his life with pharmacological-based treatments that were supervised to some extent by a professional but which deviated from the norms in that they included substances that they ordered over the internet or something. That's what they told me, and anyways, this is basically my friend's experiences with these drugs that I'm typing about in their company for the benefits his experience (and to a lesser extent my own) might confer to the readers.

Tianeptine (30-45mg), for starters, is something we both have tried and so far I have done the most extensive research on it of the two of us. It's basically capable of changing the way I experience stress on a neurological level, but it's one that can be felt subjectively as well.

It is very interesting in the short term, and especially at first for me. Under crazy stressful situations where my head might spin and I might be jumping from one task to the other, under constant duress to move faster, tianeptine at therapeutic doses, or in a range up to 45mg, has been repeatedly demonstrated to provide a sense of relief that is hard to describe. It's like social cues, raised voices, an environment of stressful and fast-paced work flow that might be hard to deal with or adapt to, and that whole atmosphere in general are absent in a way that's hard to explain while on tianeptine. It's like one remains calm, cool, and collected, as my friend would describe it, and stay rational. Feelings of negativity or distress are generally harder to notice. My friend said that coming home from his work, it has improved his ability to adapt from a fast paced server job to a relaxed and positive state of mind, and he said it trumps cannabis in that regard sometimes. I have good things to say about it with respect to its ability to potentially improve exercise capacity, but have not taken it long term or on a scheduled basis, as I'm skeptical about its safety / long-term efficacy for anything I'd use it like that for, if I used it at all.

Part 2: 4-fluoromethylphenidate (written by Vitamin K) - 5-25mg

Yeah, so this isn't legal to possess or use but I know someone who uses it for its performance enhancing properties when he's up in his dorm studying or whatever. He says it is really unpredictable
it is really unpredictable
and might be toxic so he doesn't like to mess with it without exercise to offset any toxic potential. In general though, he said it's the closest thing to a study aid that there is for him but that it makes him anxious and might cause serious problems for people who still haven't given up on dirty activities associated with drug use like watching porn and such.

As far as etizolam goes, Vitamin K speaking, it is good for insomnia.

In general, it's best to avoid drugs, but if I do my best and fall short, well, tianeptine is a potential after-work stress reliever, 1 mg etizolam a cure for insomnia, 4-f-mph is mostly illegal.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110754
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jun 7, 2018Views: 2,785
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Pharms - Tianeptine (466) : Performance Enhancement (50), Second Hand Report (42), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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