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Clarity in the Forest - Microdosing
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Clarity in the Forest - Microdosing: An Experience with LSD (exp110564)". Jun 20, 2017.

15 ug oral LSD (liquid)


Clarity in the Forest - Microdosing LSD

Setting: regional burning man event in a forested but dry area

I was having kind of an emotionally difficult time (sober) at the regional burn in my area. I was introduced to someone I sort of knew, but instinctively trusted, and they asked me if I wanted a microdose of LSD, explaining that it was 15 ug, or 1/12 strength of a regular dose diluted in some grain alcohol. It was in a glass vial, and a small drop was placed on my hand and I licked it off.

I have been interested in microdosing for a while, along with much of the psychedelic community over the past few years, but have not been too interested in LSD because I have never really had a good relationship with this molecule (I usually prefer mushrooms if I want to trip). However given the opportunity I was excited to try it. I was told that in about 90 minutes to 2 hours I will feel increased heart rate, a change in mood, and maybe some stimulation but that I should not feel like I am tripping.

After about 15 min I felt increased social confidence, more interest in chatting with some people I didn't know that well, and an increased feeling of well-being. At about the one-hour mark I decided to make my way back to my camp and chill for a bit by myself. I started to feel happy and thankful to be where I was in the moment, noticing details of my surroundings, the beauty of nature and appreciating the creativity and energy of the other humans around me. I felt more confidence to say hello to strangers and interact with people. Back at camp, I felt my energy increase significantly, my heart rate increased and I was noticing patterns in the trees, the sounds of cicadas and birds, and the laughter and singing of people camped around me. It was beautiful! I felt thankful and appreciative. I did a short yoga practice, really feeling and noticing the small details of how my body felt at the time, which muscles needed to be stretched or flexed, and which positions would be beneficial.

I had a strong urge to make some art and my concentration was on point- I focused in on small details and created a detailed ink drawing partially from my imagination and also based on the patterns I was seeing in the trees and landscape around me. I felt very content with where I was, and also comfortable with the idea of going and doing something else if the opportunity arose.

At the 3 hour mark my partner came back to camp and I enjoyed our talk and the process of getting ready to go out for the evening's burn event. I felt no desire to drink alcohol, smoke cannabis, drink caffeine, or change my mental state in any way. I had energy to talk with people who came up to say hello (note- I'm usually pretty shy), and was also comfortable enforcing my boundaries when drunk or annoying people wanted to talk for longer than I was comfortable. I generally enjoyed the evening although nothing really spectacular happened, and nothing horrible either. It was a nice night in a surreal setting. The main difference was that I felt very little shyness and I was more comfortable chatting with strangers and gracefully exiting situations that I did not want to be in.

At the 8 hour mark I started yawning (noticed that I had not yawned at all since taking the microdose) and by 10 hours I was in bed and drifting off to sleep. I slept well that night even without smoking any cannabis and in the presence of a lot of loud partygoers. I had some minor stomach upset that day and the day after, but nothing too serious. Overall it was a nicely enjoyable, yet subtle experience and I would definitely repeat it!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110564
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Jun 20, 2017Views: 2,380
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LSD (2) : General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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