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The Dancing Electronic Terracotta Army
by W
Citation:   W. "The Dancing Electronic Terracotta Army: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCE (exp110490)". Sep 29, 2017.

T+ 0:00
12.5 mg insufflated 3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 12.5 mg insufflated 3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:35 12.5 mg insufflated 3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:45 12.5 mg insufflated 3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)
The dancing electronic Terracotta Army

After a few lovely past experiences with 3-MeO-PCE by myself in quiet settings I decided to go dance to some techno music on it.

A somewhat well known DJ was playing a venue in my hometown and some friends and I decided to go. I wanted to experience the substance in a new setting and a friend of mine was too intrigued to forego this chance to try it for the first time.

From previous experiences and reading other reports I opted for 10-15mg per dose, with redosing about every 2 hours. I measured 50mg and split it in half twice to end up with around 12.5mg per dose which I carefully packed into little paper envelopes I fastidiously cut up and folded. Since I had read that this chemical may be redosed almost indefinitely, I repeated the weighing and folding process thrice to end up with 12 doses total for my friend and me, all while tracks of the DJ playing later tonight hummed quietly from my speakers in the background. I couldnít wait to go, too bad there were still around 8 hours until heíd finally take control of the turntables that were to guide my conscience.

The last Arylcyclohexylamine I ingested was 2í-Oxo-PCE, around 1 month prior with regular trips on other dissociatives with 1-2 weeks between trips for almost 3 months before that. This is to say that my tolerance should be negligible.

Fast-forward ó some waiting in excitement, reading, and eating ó I leave the house to go to another friendís, where weíre all meeting up before going to the venue. Not many people are there yet and we sit down together. I again recite what we can expect from the 3-MeO-PCE from my previous experiences, before I empty the potent chemical contents of two of the delicate paper envelopes onto my phoneís screen. This is to be first time for me to insufflate this chemical too, previously I ingested it orally and rectally, with the rectal still my preferred ó yet in public somewhat awkward ó ROA.

The 3-MeO-PCE smells weird and begins to burn some seconds after hitting the mucous membranes, slowly travelling down the throat into a slightly burning and disgustingly chemical but bearable drip. I feel it ever so slightly numbing half of my nose over the next minutes, but this is hardly noticeable. My earlier intrigued friend falls into a sneezing fit immediately after insufflating the powder, a most likely allergic reaction he hasnít experienced from any other substance yet. Thankfully I brought my saline nasal spray, which effectively alleviates his symptoms.

And now we wait.

After 15 minutes I notice the first hints of the 3-MeO-PCEís serotonergic action, a stimulation to talk and babble and the deeply comfortable feeling of a warm blanket over the world around me. My friend had one beer before this dose, which is primarily what he notices at this point, the effect profiles are quite congruent at this stage.
Over the following half hour the effects build further, the SRI component remains present and the NDMAr antagonism begins to exert its effects. The visual field is distorted in the familiar, yet hard to describe manner of vignetted soft focus. All motion feels like air is a viscous liquid. And it feels nice. More friends arrive and we mostly talk with some music in the background, some people smoking outside, others strayed about the flat, the usual clusters of people forming around wherever there are possibilities to sit.

At around 1:15 hours after dosing I kind of feel a decline in effects, I reckon the insufflation doesnít have a bioavailability quite as high as the rectal route, this dose doesnít quite go as deep as I wanted it to. Although in retrospect I believe this was mostly due to the distraction of the circumstances, while during previous experiences with this substance I was alone and could completely concentrate on what was happening to me.

After some convincing of my friend, whom around 2 hours earlier I have preached never to redose earlier than 2 hours in, we delve into the second bump from the next two paper receptacles at around 1:45 hours after the initial dose. The effects creep up further, the first dose is still in effect and only very slowly receding. Staggered doses are a factor to be aware of with this compound.

Following this dose I get quieter and the dissociation overcomes me. From time to time I find myself staring at the wall after some minutes of undefined and unrecallable thoughts. I still converse with the friends that are around, but Iím not necessarily comfortable talking to them, or being in this particular place at this particular time in general, some confusion does overcome me and it makes socializing difficult.
Why would you talk to people if you donít even know the person theyíre talking to?

Someone changes the music from electronic music to hip-hop, a genre I usually utterly dislike. But now, sitting on that couch at that moment, closing my eyes I am able understand the troubles these artists manage to almost magically convey through their lines and beats. This realisation makes me deeply euphoric, we as people arenít alone, by ourselves. We have each other.

This is the beginning of multiple levels of ego-dissolution I experience over the evening, moments of beauty and bliss.

It pours rain outside and we wait for a window in time to walk the short distance to the club. Finally it stops and we decide to go, but not before my friend and I slowly coat our intranasal mucous membranes with the contents of yet another paper tray, this third dose ingested around 1:50 hours after the previous one.

Consistent with my previous experiences with dissociatives, I realize how inebriated I am especially while walking. Iím not thoroughly incapacitated, but every so many steps is followed by a little stumble to retain balance. We hurry over the 10 minute walk to arrive at the venue before the last doseís effects envelope us and arrive still capable of handing our jackets to the wardrobe attendants and paying the entrance fee, albeit not acting with sober routine.

Finally in the club the familiar sounds of thumping techno moves both the air and the people. We buy ourselves some non-alcoholic drinks and head immediately to the dance floor.

My memories of the following hours are blurry, but I remember one thing: Dancing on this substance to this music is absolute bliss.

On the dance floor, closing me eyes, I enter another world. Never having experienced distinct closed eye visuals on this substance, I now see faint fractal patterns beautifully stimulated by the clubís lights flashing to the music.
I completely lose myself dancing. I donít feel like I am anywhere any more as soon as I close my eyes.
I donít feel like I am anywhere any more as soon as I close my eyes.
What can be seen resembles the formation of the Chinese Terracotta Army, but itís not stone soldiers but indiscriminate electric individuals. Everyone dancing in solitude, yet together. I canít make out who of those I am myself, but why should I want to know, in this incredibly interconnected state.
As soon as I close my eyes and am, even for a second, not bumped into by the other people on the dance floor I am gone. I completely leave the place and am only surrounded by the monotone but universally guiding electronic music.

It is a state of beauty, I feel ashamed right now for not being able to find the words to do it justice.

Every so often I go and leave for the toilet, somehow wiggling through the packed club, a process not made easier by my conscience not really being there with my body. In this state I remain with my group of friends, but at this point Iím almost antisocial, why bother with my few friends, when I can join, or more appropriately realise my part in, the dancing electric Terracotta Army of everyone.

The dissociating properties of the 3-MeO-PCE make it both suitable and dangerous for exhausting dance sessions, one may dance for hours without noticing the negligence and arising needs of the body.

At around 2:10 hours after the last dose I notice the peak effects slowly receding, prompting me to ingest the last of the substance for this evening. This wasnít easy, the physical inebriation and confusion about normal processes seem to stagger with doses, while the blissfully euphoric effects will dull more quickly. Or maybe I just want to go deeper.

The first of my group are leaving at this point, I quickly say goodbye, but want to desperately go back to repeatedly stumping the floor in the delirious state of oneness, its beauty still exciting me.

Every time I open my eyes after my short excursions of conscience I find myself having moved considerably on the dance floor without noticing, different people are around me and sometimes I face another direction. Iím always confused as to where exactly I am in general, after opening my eyes.

About 2 hours after the eveningís last dose I sit down in exhaustion and randomly meet an old friend I hadnít seen in almost 3 years. We talk for a bit, although this is almost impossible over the loud music. I do feel considerably weird talking to him, I canít naturally converse with him but rather awkwardly force questions out of my mouth
I canít naturally converse with him but rather awkwardly force questions out of my mouth
, especially aware of this in my dissociated state. Despite this I am very happy to have randomly met him after so long. After some recovering we both go down to the dance floor, where I meet another friend of mine and we dance for some time. At this point I am still considerably stimulated, but comparatively functionally so. The electric fractals and dancing army are no longer visible by closing my eyes.

As it often happens, after some point in time in the early morning the music in techno clubs does become dark, aggressive and unnecessarily loud. This point has been reached for some time now and I decide to go. I say goodbye to my friends and make my way to fetch my jacket and head home. Around 2:30 to 3 hours after the last dose the effects receded noticeably. There was still pronounced physical dissociation, but the confusion faded, it is seamlessly replaced by sheer physical exhaustion.

I trot home, taking almost twice the time it usually takes me. Finally at home I drink a multivitamin and electrolyte tablet in a glass of water, eat a banana and drink some milk, all while texting the friend who shared the substance with me about his experience.

At around 3:20 hours after the last dose I go to bed and fall asleep in an instant, not to wake up until 9 hours later, thoroughly rested and feeling incredibly well, my mood lifted by the subtle, yet deeply euphoric, afterglow.

It was an incredible night. The time I spent at my friendís I didnít enjoy too much on this substance, but this was more than overcompensated by the blissful dancing in the club. The physical harm of this substance is hardly documented, but if itís en par with Ketamineís this substance seems almost perfect in these situations. My heart rate and blood pressure werenít unnecessarily and uncomfortably increased as with the classical stimulants and their Norepinephrine action, and I had no hangover whatsoever, as with Alcohol or MDMA.

Despite this, I will definitely wait at least a month, if not longer, before repeating this. I wouldnít want to ruin this magic.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110490
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 29, 2017Views: 6,017
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3-MEO-PCE (536) : Club / Bar (25), General (1)

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