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High-Tech Feeling
Deschloroketamine & 4-HO-MET
by Indigo
Citation:   Indigo. "High-Tech Feeling: An Experience with Deschloroketamine & 4-HO-MET (exp110457)". Jun 10, 2017.

T+ 0:00
12 mg sublingual Deschloroketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 8:25 40 mg sublingual Deschloroketamine (capsule)
  T+ 9:35 10 mg oral 4-HO-MET (capsule)


Trials with Deschloroketamine

I am a young, yet seasoned drug user who happened to acquire 2000mg of large, slightly opaque, white DCK crystals from a reputable online vendor today. This is my first trial-- 12mg-- sublingual.

I dosed the chemical at 1:35pm. It has a mild, salty taste-- not at all unpleasant compared to other chems I've tasted. It is a single crystal. I bite down halfway through, and hold saliva under my tongue for ~20 minutes.

By 2:10 I have noticed a significant mood lift, clear-headed and upbeat. This effect builds to become a slightly wobbly warm, upside-down type feeling that integrates very well into typical experience. A very natural feeling, for such an off-the-wall chemical, or perhaps this only feels natural due to long years of dissociative use on my part. Either way, this low dose feels fantastic at +40 minutes, and continues to build.

Interestingly, I appear to have more precise and direct access to memory. I loop into deja vu for a moment or two, and begin to explore memories of video games (as I no longer play video games, these memories are near and dear to me) with heightened awareness. I am very visually aware of various incredibly nostalgic scenes from my past-- scenes from a virtual world which I happen to reminisce about sometimes. This chemical appears to slow down these nostalgic circuits with a sense of mathematical detachment-- it is quite pleasant, as I mentally (not 'as if I am there' type effects, a la higher dose arylcyclohexylamines or morphinans) wander through lanes of previously activated pleasure pathways. Mild, yet undoubtedly enjoyable.

Movement is fluid and unrestricted, akin to a first plateau Dextromethorphan dose. Visual acuity appears increased, as does linguistic ability. I look onto a bright green forest in the throes of springtime and hear the various songbirds calling out with utmost clarity and hear notes I have not fully appreciated until now. The visual “static” that I always have present is intensified-- not unlike the visual distortions from nitrous oxide, but more concrete.

Effects peak here and subside smoothly over a number of hours to an uptempo, satisfied baseline. No significant physical side effects are noted.

Trial 1.5 – Same Day

Later in the day, after returning from a friends house after a few beers I decide to push it further. I weigh 40mg and scoop it into an empty capsule. I eat the capsule at 10:00 pm.

I laze about for half an hour reading, when the erotic rears its sensuous head. I am alone and find the irresistible pull of dissociatives leading me down a well-trodden, wonderful, albeit detached, avenue of self-fulfillment. I know I'm in for a ride.

By 11:00 pm I am dissociated. As I lay with my eyes closed listening to one of Petrini's symphonies, one of the first effects I notice is a huge black dot descending upon me. This is familiar territory.
one of the first effects I notice is a huge black dot descending upon me. This is familiar territory.
I allow it to come to me and attempt to go deeper into it, but the time is not yet ripe. Around this time I'm aware of an incredibly odd sensation that suggests I'm in a bowling alley that I used to visit when I was younger, and I have the impression of being a pinball in one of the machines I played years ago.

Minutes go by and I am aware of deep red holographic sigils in my minds eye that seem incredibly complex. They look like alchemical formulae, or hieroglyphs of some kind. They are shrouded and fragmentary-- the dose is too low. I watch them morph for a while as my sense of inner space expands and I begin to feel very heavy. Vague fractal suggestions arrange themselves, building-like, as the architecture for this pseudo-hole.

I lie still, noting that my body is very numb, but very much still a part of me. It feels alien, yet intimate. I watch the fractal architecture build and visit a very serene state of mind. It feels like I have been here before-- an infinite number of times over. I begin looping, briefly, through prior dissociative trips and come to the conclusion that time is cyclical-- that I am everyone, experiencing itself simultaneously-- an idea that I know to be true but only occasionally do I find it so plainly and experientially revealed.

I am growing tired of the very subtly colored architecture of this mental space, so I rise, with some difficulty, and successfully weigh out 10mg of 4-ho-met and scoop into a capsule. I take the capsule with a sip of porter and lie back down.

I am still very much anesthetized, but coherent enough to fiddle with my cell phone and search for music. The initial pseudo-hole is gone and cannot be recreated. I lie very still, focusing on my breath and enjoying the vast mental space I now occupy while I wait for this wonderful tryptamine to reach my neocortex.

Some minutes later, it does. Everything is smoothed. The fractal architecture now becomes scales of iridescent red and green, slimy and slithering on a beautiful cybernetic border around my three-dimensional headspace. Human figures appear and meld into each other, laughing, copying themselves an infinite number of times, honey-comb like, infinite eyes watching each-other. I know a huge grin is spreading across my face-- this is wonderful.

Time passes quickly in this fashion. I am aware of an incredibly high-tech feeling permeating the entire experience-- like I'm changing a few numbers in the Matrix. I slide back into somewhat normal consciousness by 1:00 or 1:30.
I slide back into somewhat normal consciousness by 1:00 or 1:30.
I am still definitely dissociated, with significant visual distortion, but cognitively somewhat normal. Insomnia persists, with a slight headache probably due to alcohol earlier in the day.


This chemical seems like a winner. It is a very rounded, bottom-heavy, slow but not too sedating type of dissociative with what seems like a relatively benign side effect profile. The uptake is rapid and easy, so is the drop off. I was able to enter into a highly desirable state of mind with what (according to many sources) seems like a low dose. I would exercise serious caution here, however. I have a strong feeling that this chemical will lose its novelty, magic, whatever you call it, when used frequently (like everything else) but will also lend itself to dysphoric trips and dependence; “I can't hole on this anymore!”

Use caution. This one will go in my bag of delights for rainy days. Use of any dissociative regularly is foolhardy at best, in my opinion. Definitely good to know I have this up my sleeve, though, when the time comes. . .

Post Scriptum / After Thoughts

This chemical is not quite like Ketamine. Ketamine is sharper, quicker, feels less physically taxing, produces less insomnia, and also, I would imagine, Ketamine is easier to hole on.

Some select thoughts/speculation during/after this experience:

A nitrous balloon would have shattered my reality
It has a serious tinge to it, not as playful feeling as MXE
Need to stay hydrated with this one, especially
Very strong body high, less so than DXM, like a feeling of electrical current buzzing throughout brain and body
Tryptamines mix with this like peanut butter and jelly
I would definitely not want to be in public on almost any dose-- not a 'functional' dissociative for me
Cannabis could lead to paranoia, easily
Not as delusional as DXM, but the potential is there, probably dose dependent

Overall, this is one of the better ones to come out of the wonder factories that are the dedicated labs of hard-working research chemists all around the globe, toiling away day and night to make sure the working man gets high properly.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110457
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 10, 2017Views: 2,082
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