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More than What Meets the Eye
by theseeker
Citation:   theseeker. "More than What Meets the Eye: An Experience with Cannabis (exp110445)". Jun 7, 2017.

  smoked Cannabis


Something I always noticed whenever I smoke the herb is how powerful the high really is for me. I get really really REALLY fucking high when I even take at least 13 pulls from a joint/blunt with some strong ass bud! And, I'm not just talking about the time/space distortion feeling. For this reason, I feel like I'm dreaming and everything I hear, feel, and see is like I'm in a very lucid yet trippy dream.

Shouldn't cannabis be considered a dissociative, then? Because, whenever I smoke it, I definitely get that dream-like state, and even at times out of body experiences. The best way to describe it, disregarding the actual dissociation disorder, is a sedating energy that puts me, literally, in the Twilight Zone. Nothing feels real, which is ironically a wonderful feeling that I get from it. The world around me seems strange, yet, intriguing, like taking a simple walk around the neighborhood when stoned is so blissful, just like a dream. Doing anything in general when high is fantastic, which adds on to how everything feels so good that it can't be real. All the other symptoms of the high are, without a doubt, felt throughout my intoxication.

Strobe vision or movie vision, especially, meaning, my sight seems like it's moving less than 20 fps, adds on to it dramatically. The effect is insane, my dudes!!! I really do feel like I have crossed over into another dimension, when my surroundings look like I'm in a movie of my own life. My heartbeat is in sync with the strobe vision, so, every single time I can feel my heart beating each second, it's like everything flashes each time it beats! My heart is somewhat racing when I'm high, but it's nothing to worry about. Everything also feels like it's in slow motion, like waving my hand across my face makes me notice that it's moving in a very sluggish frame rate. I can't even believe that weed can do this to me! It's definitely a crazy trip.

Apart from the vision aspect, I also notice that I can see my actual thoughts more clearly before my eyes. Since, my mind is swiftly exploding with absurd and unique daydreams, it seems that my mind is virtually projecting them right in front me. And, they could even change if I can metaphorically give them permission to do so. My God! Spacing out is one hell of a ride!

On the other hand, looking at other people's behaviors, specifically what each person is doing becomes very odd to me, therefore, making me philosophically analyze their actions. This is what makes the cannabis trip even more trippy, on top of the detached consciousness from reality! It's very weird when I (for example) discreetly watch someone taking a selfie; asking bizarre questions like 'is taking that picture of yourself and posting it online suppose to make you happy. Are you just trying to appear superior to everyone else?' or 'Are you in need of attention from a larger audience.' Everyday basic things that people or individuals do, say, or express become absolutely outlandish within my perspective. It makes them seem weird to even me. I always forget that introspection is going to be present throughout the intense high. Lol.

If anyone can relate to this, that would be great. I just don't want to make it seem I'm the only person who gets these awesome highs.

Please note that my tolerance is lousy with marijuana, so, no tolerance=excellent trips.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110445
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 7, 2017Views: 1,072
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Cannabis (1) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Glowing Experiences (4), Unknown Context (20)

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