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It Feels Like Normal Will Never Happen Again
Citation:   Dissociated. "It Feels Like Normal Will Never Happen Again: An Experience with Memantine (exp110424)". Jul 4, 2017.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Pharms - Memantine
  T+ 1:00 100 mg oral Pharms - Memantine
  T+ 2:00 120 mg oral Pharms - Memantine
  T+ 6:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
Do Not Try and Hole With Memantine

21 years of drug expierience.

It all started with Dextromethorphan and then Methoxetamine, I fell in love with dissociatives. Since MXE is no longer around and I no longer get any good results from DXM, when I heard of high doses of memantine being similar to MXE or mushroomesque even I got pretty intrigued. Since the source for my diclazepam started carrying memantine I decided I'd give it a shot.

Now I was fully aware that high doses of memantine take 2-3 days to really wear off so I planned accordingly and cleared 3 days off my schedule to dive into memantine. When my 5 grams arrived I started by taking 5 mg to make sure there wasn't an allergy. The next day I took 20 mg, gauging by reports I've read light effects start around 10-15 mg and dissociative effects starting around 80-100mg. After getting no real pronounced results off 20mg I decided that the next day I'd go all in.
Setting, house to myself with nothing to do for 3 days.

Aware that it takes a couple hours to fully come up so I plan to take my dose in 3 stages to not get caught off guard.

About noon I took 100mg. After 45 minutes I can feel something, a bit of a second plateau DXM feeling.

At 1pm I took another 100mg. By 2pm there's definitly something good going on. So at 2 pm I took one more dose of 120 mg bringing my total to 320mg.

From 2pm to around 8 I felt pretty good, actually similar to what a mix of MXE and DXM felt like. Good mood, slight euphoria, slightly drunken feeling, obviously intoxocated.

About 8pm on Monday, that was the last time I saw the clock, it started getting weird. It actually kept getting stronger even after 6 hours had passed from last dose. I smoked a small bowl of cannabis and began to feel that pull that I feel when I begin to hole. As I laid back and felt that warmth and comfort that holing provides I noticed it was nowhere near as euphoric as MXE or DXM but still very strong in effect. I felt like I was being pulled through every crack in the wall of a world library and was absorbing all the information that had ever passed through the walls, then felt like I was flying in an underwater world of ancient structures, really overall started at good hole. But it wouldn't stop.

At 2pm Tuesday my parents came by to see why I wasn't answering the phone
At 2pm Tuesday my parents came by to see why I wasn't answering the phone
and I was found pissing on the floor in my room and completely incoherent. My parents didn't know what was wrong but due to my history with drugs they knew I was messed up on something and took me to the hospital.

At the ER it was determined that I be checked in to a 5150 hold so that doctors could observe me and my mental state, at that time I couldn't form a sentence or say more than two words and couldn't answer basic questions like what year it was or what city I was in.

After 3 days in the hospital I still could not form a sentence or verbally communicate with anyone, I was literally in a state of retardation. They let me out of the hospital and go home with my parents, but it didn't get better. I was like this for another 6 days, just sleeping mostly and when I was awake I couldn't answer simple questions without getting totally confused. I was taken in to a doctor for an evaluation, spent hours answering questions to assess my mental state, and I couldn't finish in one day, I just couldn't mentally handle all the questions and two days later went in and finished the questioning.

Results are inconclusive, they don't think I've permanently fried my brain but they do feel that the memantine is causing hell with my though processing right now. They think I should get back most of my function but at this point, I think almost two weeks from my last dose, it's hard to believe I haven't recovered more. I feel completely stupid, I can't drive my car, I still feel intoxicated, forming a coherent thought takes minutes instead of being done in a couple seconds.

Look, I'm all for experimenting with drugs and have had my share of fun, but this was about the worst expierience I've ever had with a substance. The amount of time that it's affecting me is driving me to my limits, my anxiety is through the roof, I'm wanting to feel normal again but it feels like normal will never happen again. I hope over time I fully get my cognitive skills back but at this minute I still feel so out of it that it's crazy. Please do not take this for recreation, it helps with lowering tolerances to many substances but on a recreational level it has no value. The lingering effects aren't worth any hole.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110424
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Jul 4, 2017Views: 10,964
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