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Lifted Me Through a Tough Work Night
Betel Nut
Citation:   Brujero. "Lifted Me Through a Tough Work Night: An Experience with Betel Nut (exp110405)". May 3, 2017.

  buccal Betel Nut (dried)
I'm a practitioner of the magical arts considered a black magician in some circles. As a teen I had read in an old spell book that Betel nut was chewed to increase mental and spiritual powers. But was pleasantly surprised to find reports that it has physical benefits similar to my cherished coffee.

I revisited this mysterious betel nut two months ago, I purchased the limestone paste and betel leaves and some sliced dried areca nuts. I soon bought some powdered cloves, and whole cloves and some anise seeds. I did not include tobacco in my quid as I wanted this to be a pure experience.

I broke up a couple slices of areca nut, I put some of the wet limestone paste on the betel leaf as if it were a dressing, then I placed the broken areca nut in center of leaf then added a pinch of clove powder and anise seeds. I carefully folded the leaf with contents inside and pin it closed with a whole clove.

I made a few quid's for later use, I work heavy labor at night and was tired from the little sleep I had during the day with my errands and felt that this one night was an opportunity to see if the Areca nuts reputation is true for those that work long hours.

I decided to pop one quid in the side of my mouth similar to a tobacco plug and chewed this after my lunch break which found me with overwhelming work load. I chewed this quid for 5 mins and spit that reddish tint and noticed the chew had a pleasant digestive aid to it, so I kept chewing.

About 20 mins into the chew I lost track as I proceeded to work I started to notice I had zero stress and my mind was sharper. By 30 minutes in my body fatigue had disappeared. Then by 45 mins I felt a pep in my stride, nothing over the top but a strong enough boost to notice. From the little sleep I had that day I could see the physical and mental benefits of this treasured Areca nut so coveted from the Philippines to India to Burma. I can see why this treasure from Asia can become habit forming and this is coming from a coffee drinker of 35 years.

A good overall experience.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110405
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42
Published: May 3, 2017Views: 3,569
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