Calm, Sociable, Relaxed Feeling
by Mark
Citation:   Mark. "Calm, Sociable, Relaxed Feeling: An Experience with Varenicline (exp110380)". Oct 26, 2017.

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1.0 mg oral Varenicline (pill / tablet)
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An Undiscovered Recreational Pleasure

In order to keep this as short, direct, and informative as possible I will get right to it and save you from the common 'I have used so many drugs and want to boast about it because I think I'm so cool and enlightened, let me describe those experiences and waste your time before I even get to the current substance I'm talking about.' Lets get to it...

Varenicline is a relatively new substance approved in 2006 for assisting smokers to quit over a 2-3 month period of time. I am surprised that its recreational use has not been discovered sooner.

I have been an occasional smoker of cigarettes and lately was doing so more often, knowing its terrible for me I was open to a way to quit. I came across some Varenicline tablets and after doing a little research was curious as to how it could help.

It turns out Varenicline provided me with a multitude of different effects, most noticeably like I had a 'nicotine high,' the feeling of smoking multiple packs of cigarettes one after the other all day without the nasty and gross side affects of tobacco, like the taste and odor and short lived rush. Varenicline lasted all day and was stronger than any amount of cigarettes I ever smoked and actually help me quit smoking. Other effects include: anti-anxiety relief similar to benzos, warm euphoria comparable to that of opiates, and a socially stimulating feeling like adderall, but overall gives me a relatively calm, sedated feeling. Sex is also surprisingly enhanced. However, doing too much of the drug leads to very unpleasant effects like nausea, headaches, and inability to sleep.

Note: The medical starting dose for this substance is .5 mg over a week period, increased to 1 mg a day over time and then 2 mg once tolerance builds.

This substance acted almost psychoactively in that it was not noticeable for 6-8 hours and was not short acting like a cigarette.

On the first day of trying Varenicline I decided to take a whole 1mg tab near the end of work on an empty stomach. Within 30 minutes I started getting this warm feeling like I had taken some percocet, but also started to feel more social. About an hour later it built up and I felt slight nausea, like I might vomit, although it was not incredibly overwhelming, just a little noticeable.

I thought it would be a short lived substance but I ended up feeling it all day for over 8 hours. The effects were pulsing and flowing through my body in waves, again like opiates. Calm, relaxed, yet I felt very social and confident like I could talk to anyone while feeling this moderately high euphoria running through my body, it was great.

However, after about 7-8 hours I took the first 1mg I ingested .5mg, half a pill because I thought the effects of the first pill couldn't possibly last that long. I felt the second half of the pill in the same time, 30 minutes, and started to peak at an hour. This time, it was much more sedated. With a total of 1.5mg flowing through my veins, at about 11pm (4-5 hours after I took the additional half), I felt sedated but a pounding headache start that lasted all night. I took 3-4 hits of marijuana to try and ease it but the headache wouldn't go away, it was very unpleasant and I slept terribly. I attribute this to probably taking the extra .5mg dose. I woke up feeling groggy and very dizzy, but drank some water and started to feel better, and also still high.

The same day I decided to wait an hour or two and take another .5mg and see if it would help, fearing there might be withdrawal effects. I took that pill at 8am and felt it noticeably, easily until about 8pm. I woke up the next day feeling calm, with no withdrawal and use it occasionally. Combined with marijuana it makes me feel incredibly high and good. Again, I felt the same calm, sociable, relaxed feeling of a cigarette without the nasty side effects; this is like tobacco on steroids.

The interesting thing is I found this drug to not be very addictive, whether or not its physically addictive I am not qualified to answer, but I felt like it could give me relief for anxiety as I needed, like a klonopin or xanax without the addiction. I actually quit smoking and believe there is high recreational, as well as medicinal potential with this drug for other uses than just smoking, as most smokers smoke because they are stressed, like why anyone uses any substance, including myself.

I hoped this helped and can possibly open the door for others to experiment and research into the great potential I see with this substance!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110380
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Oct 26, 2017Views: 3,801
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