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Summary of 4 Trials - A Most Curious Stimulant
3C-E & Various
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Summary of 4 Trials - A Most Curious Stimulant: An Experience with 3C-E & Various (exp110363)". May 13, 2017.

T+ 0:00
2 mg oral 3C-E
  T+ 1:00 18 mg oral 3C-E
  T+ 0:00   oral 3C-E
  T+ 0:00   oral 3C-E
  T+ 0:00 3 mg oral Etizolam
  T+ 0:00     Various
Trial #1 - 10-31-16 (Full-dose trial)

12:00 noon - Ingest ~2mg of 3C-E orally, as an allergy test (already tried ~.5mg another time for wildly idiosyncratic reaction). Not a very strong taste at such a small amount, unlike the 2C-Xs which taste very strong. Appearance is similar to 2C-E, a slightly iridescent flaky powder. I ate breakfast about 45 minutes before this.

12:30pm - A very light something has developed. Pretty indistinct but I have a warm glow throughout my body, pleasurable but light. Also a slight mood lift. My plan is to take 20mg in about an hour when my breakfast is digested, and go work out. Then I am going to do some work, to test the focusing power of this as an amphetamine. Then after work I will take more and also give some to my friend, and we will hang out and play music.

12:51pm - I am unquestionably feeling something, even from just 2mg. Surprisingly potent, I am looking forward to trying a full dose. I will do so in about 10 minutes. It doesn't feel psychedelic although I can see that it might be slightly so at high doses. It feels like a warmer amphetamine-style push with a sparkle to it. So far anyway...

1:00pm - Took 18mg more, bringing my total to 20mg. In tasting the powder this time, I noticed it tastes sweet, which is highly unusual for these things. Sweet with a faintly bitter aftertaste, it actually tastes a lot like aspartame. And it made me realize something. At a festival recently, the lead guy in my friend's band was passing out fingerdips of some 2C-looking powder that his friend sold him as mescaline (for a ton of money). I tried it before realizing what he was trying to give me, and it tasted sweet so I thought he got ripped off with some artificial sweetener or something. But now that I have tasted 18mg of 3C-E, it has the exact same taste (and appearance). So I think I actually have had 3C-E before, but I was too whacked on empathogens and psychedelics to tell the difference it made so I assumed it was bunk. Haha, mystery (probably) solved! What an unusual thing for someone to be passing off as mescaline.

1:20pm - Heading to work out now. Feeling pretty great. Just texted with my friend about playing music and trying 3C-E tonight and I have him and myself really stoked, I wish the work day would just be done already, but at least I get to explore the capabilities of an unusual substance.

2:22pm - Workout went well. I did not notice any increased strength or stamina, but it was definitely easier to get absorbed in focus, I had less of a sense of 'damn this is intense, can't wait til this set is over'. It definitely feels substantially stronger though honestly that original 2mg had a lot of what I'm feeling now. I started to feel a bit of a sour stomach maybe a half hour ago, nothing major, no nausea (though I have a very strong stomach), just some strange-tasting burps and a bit of an off feeling. No visuals or anything, just a feeling of lightness and light euphoria, and a sense of energy without actually feeling specifically stimulated. I feel like it will be easy to focus on work. There's a slightly psychedelic edge to this both in body feel and in the faint shimmering around the edges of my vision.

3:30pm - More of the same, that is to say, quite nice, but relatively mild too. Work is totally fine, it's easier to focus on mundane tasks than usual, I tend to take a lot of small breaks because I get so bored with repetition but I am perfectly content to just chug along right now. I am going to play my practice piano for a little bit to help warm up for later. Time seems to be going more quickly than I had feared. I'm really excited to get done with work and go hang out with my friends. And take more of this. I will probably take 30mg more. I'm going to eat something shortly, no loss in appetite noticed although I still have that slightly sour stomach feeling.

4:03pm - Sour stomach feels fine now after eating some curry and a sausage. Playing music was fun, it's going to be a blast in 2 hours when that's what I'm doing! For now, continuing to work. No reduction in effects noted thus far.

Ended up taking 30mg or so more later on in 2 doses
Ended up taking 30mg or so more later on in 2 doses
, and gave some to a friend. The stimulation ended up becoming more than I wanted, I was up extremely late and only fell asleep with the introduction of 3mg of etizolam. I felt a bit overstimulated which was distracting from the positive effects, after adding this additional dosage. Music playing went well, I was really into it and energetic but again, the stimulation was a bit distracting, it was hard to really focus. The total dosage was too high I would say. The total dosage was 50mg for the day, although not all at once.

I did not experience any real visuals or really anything particularly psychedelic except for that faint sparkle I can get just as well from microdosing LSD or something, which was also present in the original 2mg I took. My sense is that this one isn't going to shine at high dosages, or as a real psychedelic.

Trial #2 - 1-31-17 (Lower dose trial with a bit of 3-MeO-PCP)

1pm - Ingest 16mg of 3C-E orally.

2pm - Feeling alerts and soft stimulation. Added ~2mg of 3-MeO-PCP nasally.

3pm - Just finished playing music, practicing a song with the transition into jam and new song. I feel immensely inspired musically, and my muscle control is noticeably enhanced. Playing brings a great deal of excitement. I am feeling fluttery and euphoric. When I finished my run-through I stomped on the ground and yelled 'YES!'. Satisfying like sex. I absolutely cannot wait for band practice tonight. Feeling excitement, focused on music, but my mind wanders and I feel excited still, about whatever is it I am thinking about. About to do some work. My boss called and talking to him was extremely easy. No bodyload at all, no stomach effects, extraordinarily comfortable, light, luxurious. Transparent yet undeniably present. Moderate pupil dilation.

4pm - Insufflated 3mg, bringing the total dose to 19mg. Went to play piano, once again it felt glorious, I am on fire. My heart rate has increased a bit now, there is more outright stimulation apparent with this route. Completing work tasks with ease and a feeling of finesse. Excitement for band practice is building. This is very nice indeed, a stimulant with euphoric qualities and entirely comfortable in the body and mind, a psychedelic edge without any sort of disinhibition or difficulty.

Band practice went very well, I felt stimulated long into the night, went to sleep with the help of alcohol. Nothing uncomfortable but it would have been nice to be a little less stimulated, especially later on. It never grew to that sort of weird jacked/lossy/comedown sort of place that straight stimulants go to, I just kept not getting tired and having energy. I think nasally this drug isn't as good, there is a bit of an initial rush but the resulting stimulation is much greater, and it lasts for a very long time. The body feeling is more comfortable orally. When I added the 3mg nasal booster, the stimulation grew quite rapidly so I think it can be attributed to nasal administration.

Trial #3 - 2-24-17 (Lower dose trial on its own)

12:54pm - Ingest 7mg sublingually for 8 minutes, then swallowed on a relatively full stomach. Reached the decision to take some 3C-E today a few minutes ago while I was playing piano. I was extremely happy with my playing and creativity and had the feeling a little extra boost would be a good thing at band practice later. Time to test that theory. In the past I have found 3C-E to be quite good for playing music. I wanted to try a lower dose today. If I redose, it will be only up to 5mg, hours later. Hoping 7mg provides a similar headspace change as the 16mg dosage with less stimulation. I

2:47pm - Just sublingually ingested 4mg more, bringing the total to 11mg. This is much more subtle than my previous 18mg trial, but undoubtedly effective. Actually it's just what I was hoping for. The 7mg so far has put me into a very focused mindstate. A very strange problem came up at work last night, my boss and I were trying to figure it out. I revisited it a bit ago and got to the root of the problem pretty quickly this time, and then communicated very succinctly and comfortably about it on the phone. All while also checking on some other things for other projects simultaneously. Physically I feel a bit sped up, my BP/HR monitor is out of battery but I feel that my heart rate is a bit increased, but not much. I feel nice, but there is no overt body high or anything. I am tapping my leg more than usual. I feel quite motivated. Spent 8 minutes again with the 3C-E in my mouth before swallowing.

3:46pm - About to eat a salad. Appetite unaffected as in previous trials. I notice a slight amount of teeth grinding but it's easy to stop if I think about it. The redose definitely added some effect, more of the same but stronger. No visuals of any kind, nor did I expect any. I feel like a work machine right now. Can't wait to play music. Typing is very fast and easy. My brain feels pretty lit up. This is quite similar to dex-amphetamine except more natural-feeling, less peripheral effects. It's a good, clean energy with a little sparkle that tells me there is something in the psychedelic realm happening. I really like this at this level. I will not redose any more, and I'll summarize how the rest of the day went and how/when the effects drop off later on.

This level remained mild but effective. Good for focus, band practice went well, I felt more inspired and connected to my muscle control as in my previous trial. I was able to sleep fine at around 2am, but I had drank a few beers which helped. There was no overstimulation or discomfort at any point. I think this is a good functional level. Probably just 7mg would have been as well. Compared to my previous trial where I also added in a bit of 3-MeO-PCP, I can say that the effects of the 3C-E did not seem substantially altered at this sort of dosage range by it. It was more like I just felt both, rather than any sort of synergy.

Trial #4 - 3-13-17 (Low-dose trial with low dose propylhexedrine added later)

12:17pm - Ingest 8mg orally. I plan to add a bit of propylhexedrine later, at most about 75mg, maybe in a couple of hours.

12:34pm - First alerts. I just became aware of a soft, warm energy in my chest, extending through my arms to my fingertips, causing a faint pulsing pleasure. I also feel more interested in work and, well, everything. Before this, I felt kinda cloudy and low-energy, I stayed up really late last night, til around 4:30am, and woke up late at around 10:30 and a bit stressed because I had some work requests piled up.

1:14pm - It keeps coming on a bit more in waves. I am experiencing a bit of outright euphoria, in some moments. There is a wonderful feeling coursing through my body, my extremities are tingling. I have decided to add 50mg of propylhexedrine via extracted benzedrex inhaler. It's earlier than I intended to add it, but I'm feeling good and that made me a little impatient to see how this combo will play out. Also about to eat a very late breakfast.

1:40pm - So far it's added a slightly strange, awkward element to the experience, not sure if it was a good addition yet. A bit more stimulation but less flowy and natural feeling.

2:01pm - Just sat down to play piano a bit as I have a lull in work. Playing came naturally and was very engaging. I stopped for a moment after about 15 minutes because I decided to work on fixing up some issues on a program of mine for work, which I've been meaning to do for some time.

3:30pm - Decided to take ~75mg more of propylhexedrine. Unsure of the wisdom in that decision, because overall I think I like either substance better on its own. The peripheral stimulation is significant with the combo, there is a faintly unpleasant element running through it, but it also feels good (paradoxically) and euphoric. Needless to say, this has become moreish. I definitely won't be taking any more after this. I also took .75mg of etizolam to help take the edge off.

4:22pm - The etizolam helped a lot, and I feel pretty groovy now. Almost a little trippy. It's hard to say which drug feels prevalent, I can really feel them both and their features are distinct, but all present. So far. I cracked a beer, going to slowly drink it. Going to see my girlfriend later. I'm either going to wish it wasn't there and find that it's getting in the way, or I'm going to think it's awesome and we'll have a great night talking about deep shit or something. Actually I can report that I do have some light trails in my vision. Everything is standing out a bit more. It's odd, even when I took a total of 50mg in a night, I didn't get any visual distortions at all. Now that the benzo has kicked in and I've had about half that beer, I am starting to revise my opinion of this combo. I think the extra propylhexedrine actually helped, because it brought out more of the serotonergic aspects of the propyl. I feel a lot more comfortable and euphoric, and like a new, special state is emerging. Not special like MDMA or something, but definitely a bit empathogenic, very light and cerebral in a way but it feels really nice. Looking forward to exploring the interpersonal and perhaps sexual aspects of this later on. For now, work is interesting. I notice the appetite suppression of propylhexedrine is present, unlike with 3C-E where appetite seems unaffected.

4:28pm - A bit more visuals emerging, actual faint visuals, colors coming to life, a suggestion of movement in my vision and occasional strange glitches or things appearing to move quickly across my vision. A hint of pulsating, geometric but globular patterning, it happens with my eyes closed too, and feels kind of like I'm seeing my subconscious canvas (that is normally all you see with eyes closed, so it's much more noticeable) and overlaying that transparently on my actual visual field. Interesting. I don't feel super high by any means, my level of propulsive energy is quite a bit lower than it was before adding p-hex. I feel calm, happy, content. And with a great warm tingly body high. Hmm, this combo is turning out quite different than I expected, in a positive way.

5:26pm - Just noticed a very faint back of the head discomfort, pre-headache feeling. To cut it off at the pass, I took 600mg of ibuprofen (my go-to for headache). Not sure whether it will develop or not, but just to be safe. I still feel really good. Went to urinate, and noticed significantly more ease in doing it than on 125mg of p-hex on its own, which is encouraging. On 3C-E I get none of that, so it seems they're meeting in the middle. Light visuals persist still, most notably flashes of white across my vision sometimes, like something has passed by very close. This is more like a trail effect, it doesn't contain a feeling of alarm. I know it is a hallucination. I have to work late, got assigned a last minute quick turn project. Ah well. I feel pretty content working, but also looking forward to seeing my girl.

5:48pm - Just took ~50mg more of p-hex. Damn, compulsive. If I think about why I did it, ultimately, it's because I want something, mostly I'm craving nicotine (but I am only smoking or using any nicotine products on Band and party nights now). Working late, going to try to knock this short project out at lightning speed.

The rest of the night was so-so... extra 50mg of p-hex definitely added to the stimulation, I felt a little out of sorts hanging out with my girl although we had a nice time. I took some more etizolam to knock myself out when she wanted to go bed, because I didn't want to keep the light on to read and the rest of her house was really cold so I didn't want to leave the comfort of the bed either. The next morning I felt pretty good, less aftereffects than p-hex on its own. Overall, I don't think I'll be repeating the combo, even though there was a period of time where it was quite nice.


3C-E is a very interesting substance. I've found that my favorite way to take it is within a few milligrams of the 10mg level
I've found that my favorite way to take it is within a few milligrams of the 10mg level
, where basically all of the positives I've experienced at any level on it are in full swing, without really any negatives to speak of. It functions as an extremely smooth, long-lasting stimulant that bears similarities to dextro-amphetamine, but is warmer and also combines a feeling of having microdosed LSD or DOC or something. My mind feels uninhibited and motivated, sociability is slightly increased, and I feel very capable physically. Multitasking becomes easier and figuring things out feels more effortless. It really is a great functional stimulant that has a bit of euphoria to it as well. It increases my sense of inspiration, and I find it particularly useful for playing music. I've used it a few more times for that purpose since the trials in this report, including once when playing a show, because it seems to really help the music to flow from my mind into my hands more effortlessly.

However, I think 3C-E is disappointing as an actual psychedelic. When I took the dose higher, I found that it was more or less the same as at a lower level except that the physical stimulation became excessive and uncomfortable. Nothing of greater substance mentally came from it either. It's strange because in my first trial, I started with 2mg to test for an idiosyncratic reaction, and I actually felt the majority of the same effects I've felt at every other dosage level. I still prefer the 10mg range because the effects are more pronounced without any of the higher-dose negatives creeping in. But it seems to have a remarkably shallow dose-response curve. It's really very potent, but adding more, even a lot more, doesn't increase the effects very much, beyond the physical stimulation. This is pretty unusual, I don't know that I've ever encountered that to such an extent in any other drug.

When I combined with it propylhexedrine, it seemed to become more psychedelic for a while, or, not really psychedelic but visual at least. It was fun, but it turned a nice, gentle stimulant with no come down into a more druggy sort of experience that definitely had a comedown and a bit of a crash the next day, and I ultimately regretted it. My thought is that, due to 3C-E's own not-insignificant physical stimulation, it probably shouldn't be combined with other stimulants. I'm curious to see what it would be like to combine a tryptamine with it, but as of yet, I haven't done so. It seems to combine with alcohol well, increasing my tolerance (like LSD or DOC do) and allowing the euphoric elements of alcohol to come through. 3-MeO-PCP seemed to just run alongside it, not producing any synergy in a positive or negative direction. That said though, they run side by side quite nicely and complement each other. Particularly for playing music, the combo of standard dosages of each is really quite great.

In every dosage case, it definitely lasts a long time, easily 12 hours, so plan accordingly because it will keep you awake. It seems to come on pretty quickly, and then remains at a stable level until it ever so gradually wears off. It reminds me of mescaline in the way it just slowly fades away. There is no comedown period, it just becomes weaker and weaker, but the same feeling, until at some point you realize it's gone. That's one of the big advantages of this as a stimulant, in my mind. There is no lossy feeling, no crash, no comedown.

Overall, I'm glad I found 3C-E and that I happened upon a substantial stash of it that will last me essentially forever, because it's a very useful, pleasant and functional stimulant with something a little extra.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110363
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: May 13, 2017Views: 3,873
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