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This Is a Weird Substance
by W
From Reddit Collection
Citation:   W. "This Is a Weird Substance: An Experience with 2-Oxo-PCE (exp110334)". Erowid.org. Apr 30, 2017. erowid.org/exp/110334

20 mg rectal 2'-Oxo-PCE (liquid)


One Weird Experience

‘this is a weird substance’ is what my computer’s autocorrect made of the jumble I managed to hack into my keyboard some time after the peak.

This is an attempt of a more qualitative account of an at times confusing experience, simply due to the lack of conclusive timestamped notes during my experience. Despite this, I want to share this due to scarcity of reports on this substance as of yet.

The compound (2’-Oxo-PCE, Eticyclidone, O-PCE) came from a very reputable vendor, seemingly impeccable in their services. Their 2’-Oxo-PCE is often claimed to be among the most pure and potent, which I reckon is correct, given my intense experience with 20mg, compared to other reports with higher dosages. I have one previous experiences with this substance, 10mg rectally, which I found to be surprisingly potent in terms of dissociation, although not entirely satisfactory all in all for a kind of lack in ‘definition’; too stimulating to lay down and listen to music to and at the same time too dissociating and confusing to be out to dispel the stimulation. All while being emotionally neutral, or cold rather.

I was at home after a quiet day, mindset was good, excited for the experience. In spite of the lacklustre previous experience, my plan was to hole on this substance, as it was often described as unique and beautiful. After the sun set, I prepared the 20mg in 2ml of room temperature water, it dissolved after a minute or two of stirring. Darkness finally fell and I laid down and pushed down the plunger, putting a substance up my butt once again.

t+0min The discomfort was minimal and subsided after a few minutes, now it was time to spend the next minutes laying on the belly in anticipation of the first hints.

t+5min Rather quickly the first effects manifested, my body became softer overall and my eyes somehow heavier. Also common for me on dissociatives is a kind of lightness in the head, like something is lifted off the mind in preparation of the trip.

t+10min I was fiddling with my computer, trying to connect my Remote app to iTunes, which somehow didn’t work, when a strong physical dissociation and confusion enveloped me. Quickly I laid down again, putting my headphones on and taking what would be my final timestamped notes for some time. A strong tinnitus-like ringing was present, but not disconcerting.
A strong tinnitus-like ringing was present, but not disconcerting.
The substance further dragged its heavy blanket of incapacitation over my body, forcing me to give in and just listen to Colour Haze - All over my headphones.

t+10-30min Then followed the most intense dissociative trip I have experienced yet. Quickly I not drifted off, but was forcefully dragged away into what seemed a violently stormy sea of confusion and inexplicable bodily sensations. My memory was highly impaired; a strong ego dissolution set in. I’m sure I don’t even remember all of this, but during this, feelings of being electrocuted, being dragged in all directions by aliens, falling through corridors while tactile sensations all around drove me into deep concern, pressure applied to my body, shifting from here to there, in combination with dark yet brightly electric closed eye visuals (CEVs) further fed my confusion.

One thought crosses my mind after what must have been a short black-out; ’Are these drugs? did I do this? is this eternity?’ For some moments I lost the understanding of the concept of time. I later recited my name and address in my head, only to make sure I didn’t forget them, although I’m sure I mightn’t have been able to during the peak.

From time to time thoughts of my body’s wellbeing crossed my mind, I took deep breaths every once in a while.

t+30min (ca.) I noticed some bodily discomfort that turned out to be my needing to go to the toilet. I’m not sure how, but in this state of all-encompassing inebriation and incapacitation I literally stumbled to the bathroom and managed to do my business. I was hardly able to control my body, grabbing onto everything to not fall over. I didn’t dare look into the mirror, I don’t like seeing people I don’t know in my flat.

t+32-70min (ca.) I laid back down and was quickly again sucked into the seas of musically guided confusing and disconnecting sensations. Weirdly, during this whole time I never really completely dissociated from my body. It was shifted and distorted, dragged and draped, but was somehow always there with my mind.

Especially during this period a strong stimulation became more apparent. It was hardly comparable to anything though, being an almost exclusively psychological stimulation. No restless legs or overly abundant physical energy, only tirelessly running thoughts.

t+110min After spending some more time listening to music, I got very impatient. I aimlessly roamed around my flat in a deeply confused and uncomfortable state. Maybe now some excessive physical energy became present. It was a horribly paradoxical situation, I wanted impatiently to do something, but was incapable of doing anything.

t+130min Around this time a very uncomfortable headache began exerting pressure inside my forehead, my skull somehow feeling tickled by ice-cold needles from the inside. Accompanied by a strange sensation of my neck’s muscles being strongly pulled into the upper part of the back of my head, but not in their usual directions, but somehow farther inwards, it was very weird.

t+140-180min This later part of the trip was wholly uneventful and very not enjoyable at all. I was caught in the aforementioned paradox of the stimulation compelling me to do things I’m too inebriated to accomplish. I was too impatient to listen to music or watch a film, but also not even able to walk straight. During this time however I became more and more lucid, despite still being strongly physically dissociated.

t+240min My last note of the evening mentions the further declining of effects but has to acknowledge the still great distance to baseline.

t+300min (ca.) After around an hour of laying in bed and now more peacefully drifting in dissociation, I manage to finally shut my still jumping thoughts up to finally go to sleep.

I slept very well, but woke up still dissociated and detached, and also with a slight headache. Both effects subsided over the following hours into the afternoon.

Please excuse my rambling writing, this was a rather confusing and weird trip. I wouldn’t really recommend this dose to someone wanting to recreationally take this substance, simply for the discomfort after the initially confusing but exciting musically guided odyssey through the subconscious’ imagination-land.

Unfortunately there haven’t been any studies on 2’-Oxo-PCE’s binding affinities yet, it’d sure be interesting to see where this stimulation stems from. It feels not at all serotonergic, e.g. compared to the related 3-MeO-PCE, or MDMA, and also lacks the physical stimulation and bruxism of the common NDRAs/NDRIs. There were very few little bursts of euphoria and my mind was racing chaotically, leading me to suspect a subtle dopaminergic action. Do not take this as fact though, it’s pure speculation based on subjective effects.

And as a bonus, here are some more autocorrected ramblings I managed to type at around t+120min:

electrified dragged by aliens into corridor falling down hole bodily sensations all over, shifting, pressure from here to there, body drifting/dragged, bodily sensations tackle sensations remaining felt need to go to toilet right during peak, so no ego death probably; colour haze - all listened to during trip guidance emotionally and; memory impaired/disconnected; ego disconnected, no flashbacks; very interesting and revealing trip, but weird now, stimulated and super dissociated; no completed disconnect but damn near; euphoric bursts; almost anaesthetic, disconnect from everything but not completely; very shifty; no complete recollection possible; doesn’t get much holier than this though; very weird disconnect; mind going somewhere, losing reference frame, time seemed unknown; infinity and eternity somehow but not quite; very confusing; hole much more exciting than dck’s [Deschloroketamine, 2’-Oxo-PCM]; but tail more uncomfortable due to stimulation

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110334
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 30, 2017Views: 8,192
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2'-Oxo-PCE (703) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Alone (16)

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