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Color Dimension
by Court
Citation:   Court. "Color Dimension: An Experience with MDMA (exp110296)". May 27, 2017.

  oral MDMA (liquid)


12:26 - my boyfriend, Marc & I drank the molly water. About a half an hour went by and we didn't feel much so we drank more of what we had.

After drinking the second dose about 15-20 minutes went by, then it all came on at once. First I felt my body go completely numb, however I could tell I had the cold sweats almost instantly. Marc and I immediately got down on our knees facing each other and started running our hands through my carpet and touching our legs, my dog also came over and she got some good pets and we rubbed our faces against hers she felt incredibly soft and smooth. After a little bit we got up and moved to the couch, I think we were trying to collect our thoughts and really figure out what was happening.

At this point I wasn't seeing much of anything but my vision seemed to be skipping and everything felt as if it was in slow motion. Then Marc instantly felt like puking (which we expected might happen) so it wasn't troubling. As he went upstairs I began to walk around my room feeling the carpet on my feet. I've never experienced this type of sensation before I've only smoked weed and gotten drunk so I wasn't sure how to handle it.
I've only smoked weed and gotten drunk so I wasn't sure how to handle it.
I went upstairs and started pacing, freaking myself out, luckily I tried this with someone I love and trust so Marc put me down on the floor and started to rub my back and tell me everything was fine. He started the shower and we both got in and then I felt the nausea. I leaned over then tub and puked into the toilet. After this I started to try and make myself throw up by sticking my fingers down my throat. I thought it would make me feel better but nothing would come out.

I've read stories that talk about how MDMA can help people with PTSD to remember traumatic experiences and bring positivity to them. In this case having an eating disorder in the past throwing up helped me relate positive emotions instead of negative ones to my eating disorders. Which I thought was pretty cool yet weird?

After we gathered ourselves we went back downstairs and that's when the colors, visuals, and distortions started. My walls had patterns all over them it looked like they were made up of grids and I could see a blue wave of energy in everything as if it was all connected somehow. My ceilings turned pink, blue and green and the patterns swirled together making beautiful movements above me. We were very distracted and couldn't focus on one thing at a time, we'd go upstairs to get water and come back down and completely forget. 3 am rolls around and we start listening to music and dancing, I changed my outfit about 3 times throughout my experience. We tried to have sex but it wasn't working out that well we kept getting distracted but touching and being with each other felt extremely good and we shared a lot of personal things and I felt like we connected on a spiritual level in a way.

I noticed Marc was clenching his jaw and I remembered I had gummies left over so I offered him one to maybe make him relax his jaw, we both started to eat it and the flavor was crazy, nothing like I've ever tasted before then all of a sudden I say out loud 'ew the texture just changed' and as I was saying that Marc made a disgusted face and we both were comparing it to sand dissolving in our mouths. We saw a lot of the same patterns and I thought it was weird we both felt the same texture while eating the gummy. I could see colors in Marc's face, red and blue lines going up and across almost like a plaid pattern, and parts of his body were glowing different colors, it's almost like I could see through him in a way. I remember telling him how beautiful he looked and we were both extremely loving and complimented each other a lot. It felt so good just to be in each other's presence.

I also saw illuminating colors bouncing off the corners of my room, purple, blue, and green. I recall seeing the color purple the most. At about 5:40 I think my eyes reached maximum dilated because I could no longer see anything on my phone but I know I wanted to see the sunrise so keeping track of time was very difficult. However we managed to see the sunrise! Kinda.... Also, I was reaching my second peak at this time and I managed it much better than the first. The cold sweats made me feel good and I started to see the 'technology' in my phone. My Phone was made up of grids and all these different colors swirling together, when I would scroll up to try and read what I typed all of the words would move in patterns. Using my phone at this point was impossible I tried to pick different songs but I couldn't see any words on my phone so I gave up.

Moving on, we were laying in bed again and just enjoying the colors and patterns. I started to see almost like a glass forcefield a few inches below my ceiling and I could see waves of energy, almost like I could see the movements in the air around the room. I also would put my head down and it felt as if I went into another dimension and I would have conversations with people, but I would answer out loud and immediately pick my head up and ask Marc why I just said that? I did this about 4 or 5 times.

So now at about 8am I'm starting to come down but I can still see patterns in the walls and math equations, don't ask me why, were coming off the walls at me. My phone was still kind of blurry but I had reading glasses so I could read my updates that I sent to a friend who's really interested in these type of experiences. There were still quite a bit of colors on my phone but the words no longer would move together in patterns on my phone. At about 10am I was coming down pretty quickly the colors were still there but not intense at all and I could only see the movements of air in my room. Another hour went by and I was ready to sleep it off. When I woke up my eyes still felt really weird and I felt extremely uncoordinated. Al I wanted to do was lay in bed under the covers for the rest of the day.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110296
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 27, 2017Views: 1,086
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), General (1)

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