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A Journey Beyond Comprehension
Morning Glory
by AE_Lovecraft
Citation:   AE_Lovecraft. "A Journey Beyond Comprehension: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp110278)". Jun 20, 2018.

360 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I had picked up some Burpee brand Morning Glory seeds at Walmart, and I consumed about 360 by chewing. I did not wash them prior as they are untreated and do not contain pesticides (to my knowledge), but looking back I definitely should have anyway.

I made sure to not eat anything for some time before I consumed the seeds, so I hadnít eaten in roughly 12 hours, I know it helps relieve nausea from what Iíve heard.

My parents were gone for the week, so once they left I took them around 5:45PM, 100 at a time, chewing them to a paste and holding the paste under my tongue for about 3-4 minutes so I could soak everything in. The taste wasnít too bad, it almost tasted like something I had before, but couldnít pinpoint exactly what. I ate the seeds and felt rather confident and told myself there is no going back, I must embrace this, and here we go, embarking on my first psychedelic experience! I had only smoked pot occasionally here and there, but have a strong interest in the exploration of the mind and the body.

*6:00PM, 5 minutes in - I begin by focusing my mind with some positive energy meditation, simply relaxing as much as I could, this was my first psychedelic experience so I knew a lot was to come. I seemed to be able to relax with ease and focus on here and now for about 40 minutes, until the meditation ended.

*7:00PM, 1 hour in - Listening to music in bed, lying down and relaxing, still no real effects yet, but I feel the sickness coming on. I made sure I had a trash bin next to me for throwing up. I hate the feeling of being sick, but I figured it would be well worth it. The only trouble for me was, when I went to throw up, I simply couldnít. I tried the gag method (almost sticking my whole hand past my tonsils) and the most that came up was a tiny little bit here and there, almost nothing at all.

*8:30PM, 2 Ĺ hours in - The sickness kicks in even more, and I start to feel the trip coming on. Beforehand, I knew so well that I had it in myself to manage and let go during a psychedelic experience, but now I knew that at this point I was so far off from that. Still, I kept reminding myself that everything was alright and I would make it through, ďturn off your mind, relax, float downstreamĒ. I have a bunch of yellow Christmas lights in my room and a lava lamp on as my light, and I knew at this point the real trip was coming on. I remember talking to two friends over the computer so I could have some company so I didnít feel so alone, which did help a lot. As soon as I started talking to them, it truly hit.

--- I have yet to read any trip report compared to what I experienced, everything is beyond what I have ever heard from a Morning Glory Seed report, but all I say is truthful of what I experienced. Perhaps it was because it was my first psychedelic experience + high dose? ---

*9:00PM 3 hours in - From what I remember I was sitting at the edge of my bed, and I was just in awe and in a total daze, unable to focus while semi-transparent fluid but sheet-like ripples were flying to the sides of my vision and bending in multiple layers overlapping eachother. Meanwhile all of this was going on and I was beginning to feel excruciating pain everywhere in my body as I was still struggling with nausea. The nausea amplified everything, including fear, which is what I tried to let go of so hard. I wanted to release my mind from the pain but it was overbearing beyond anything I have ever experienced. At this time the friends I were talking to on the computerís voices were echoing and suddenly they would stretch out and reverse and repeat over and over again. At this point, as much as I wanted to listen to music the whole time before the trip, sound was far too much to comprehend and handle.

At this point I am laying down in my bed again, eyes closed, and thousands upon thousands of waves of sound are looping and bending beyond my prior comprehension of sound dimension, almost like hearing every sound possible and unimaginable to reality. Sounds of airplanes were roaring and I think I remember knocking and heavy breathing sounds. I tried to escape it, but I realized there was no escape. Silence had infinite noise, beyond anything I could ever imagine.
I tried to escape it, but I realized there was no escape. Silence had infinite noise, beyond anything I could ever imagine.
I remember at one point looking at my poster of the Beatles on my door, and only seeing Paul and George, but I started to not like the Beatles at that moment and didnít understand them at all, I couldnít comprehend why they had made music (I absolutely love the Beatles) and suddenly ďJealous GuyĒ by John Lennon was playing in multiple sound realms, that is the only way to truly describe it. Trippers Iím sure have some sort of understanding of this? The piano tones were somber and wavy, accompanied by John saying ďI didnít meeean to hurt youĒ and it would echo as my eyes were closed. And in those moments and for many hours to come, I saw beyond life and death, beyond this realm of reality, beyond the universe of color and fractals. Billions upon billions of capsules of color in kaleidoscopes in swirling patterns, succeeded by waves overlaying them in billions upon billions of other colors, succeeded by circles of roughly 3-4 color circles inside of them, it was infinite. Gah, itís so hard to explain it all, I truly believe now that there is something far beyond our regular consciousness. Still, I was in so much pain, so it was all so hard to truly enjoy. Nothing was comprehensible, yet I learned beyond existence in this world.

*10:30PM, 4 Ĺ hours in - I remember going downstairs walking to the toilet, sitting on the floor to try to throw up, but still couldnít, I wished so much to throw up. I felt the pain in every cell of my body, accompanied by feverish temperatures rising and dropping (which is regular from what I hear) I remember looking at the clock on the microwave and was roughly 10:45 from what I recall, but it was 9:something upstairs, as I was downstairs and upstairs at the same time. I vaguely remember it but I was everywhere. Trying to walk towards my staircase, it was dark downstairs but I remember my vision swaying and rotating slightly clockwise and counterclockwise, then suddenly I saw my vision in a bunch of different frames going inward and loosely like a tunnel anywhere all inside my original sight, I Photoshopped what I remember from it

I finally managed to make my way upstairs and went to the toilet there, holding the walls but I was the walls at the same time, I was melting into them. Eventually I made it back into my bed, still shook with immense pain and fear, but still trying to observe and process everything, but it was exalted above anything I ever knew was possible. It is almost as though these things are happening all the time but we are concealed and framed in this reality that I canít see what itís like when I'm tripping in different dimensions. I remember looking up at my ceiling which has a tapestry on it, and in the corners of the tapestry there are suns (actually) but I remember seeing the little suns on the corners spinning in circles, opening their mouths, and eating a bowl of something, glowing in cellophane colors a few times, then begin to do the same thing over and over again. But the looks from the sunís eyes were as though they were so far above me intellectually. They possessed so much knowledge.

*11:00PM, 5 hours in - At this point the nausea was unbearable, I was doubling over in pain on my bed, trying to sleep on my side, except there were no sides. It was as though I was in a dimension with no laws of physical space.
At this point the nausea was unbearable, I was doubling over in pain on my bed, trying to sleep on my side, except there were no sides. It was as though I was in a dimension with no laws of physical space.
I was laying diagonally, as though I was in the air. I remember at some point being sucked into the millions of sound layers and getting lost completely, which is the point of a psychedelic experience. I was fully inside the billions of fractals and sounds, overlapping and succeeding infinitely. I tried to find comfort in using my phone, doing so made me feel a bit closer to my friends since I could message them, but the pain was too much and I kept on forgetting how to type and locking my phone repeatedly and I remember worrying about death, which is something that is common if one thinks about it too much, but it was all too much for me. And out of nowhere, as if everything was lifted and I was reborn, I awoke to light and pure euphoria. Every ounce of pain dissolved and I believe I truly died at that moment. I was so certain of death, and then I trusted death, and was death, and I was living. I died, and awoke to light, I made it through.

Suddenly now billions of thoughts were racing in my mind and I was developing new consciousness over and over again. The voices were gone, but my mind was racing and I craved sound. I put on some music and itís as though thousands of particles were flying by, each carrying a thought and idea, as the smooth and pleasantly still but slightly fluid waves on my doors, posters, and any moving thing in my room carried beautiful contrails with them. I was absolutely mesmerized by how one second I was on the brink of death and now that I did die I was as blissful, hyper, so ready to learn and create. It was surreal, absolutely surreal. I remember talking to my friends in that state absolutely thrilled to tell them how much I learned and how I truly saw everything and maybe not everything beyond human consciousness in the real world. Then I was referring everything that was in the real world as an alternate reality, as though the reality I was in was the truthful reality. I began to write as I listened to music, and managed to write a good 4-5 pages quite quickly as the edges of my vision danced around. I then went to get up and use the bathroom again to check out my pupils since I could actually process thought to action, and boy when I stood up was I amazed.

*11:30PM, 5 Ĺ hours in - When I stood up, my legs felt heavy, but I was fluid and everything was sped up by about 300-400%, standing up was done instantly and it carried 6-10 colorful semi-transparent contrails in front and in back of me. I could see it all, it also carried a trance-liquid sound with it, which was super cool. It made this noise whenever I drank water as well.
I remember going to the bathroom, peeing and going back to my bed, and it seemed like I did all of that in 10 seconds, with the contrails too. I was simply amazed. I remember having atleast 5 different pulses that went from the bottom of my tailbone, up my spine and to the top of my head, I could feel each one at a time going up, carrying new layers of knowledge and consciousness with each beat.

One mistake I made was taking these seeds on a schoolnight. Setting and time means everything, and I knew at this point the effects werenít going to subside any time soon, and I had already missed quite a lot of school as I just got back from travelling, missing a week of school. But I didnít think much of it, I was enjoying it all too much and soaking in as much as I could.

*12:30AM, 6 Ĺ hours in - I went downstairs to put some tea on the kettle and relax a bit before trying to sleep. As I went down the stairs, with the contrails still there, my cat walked down the stairs with me at the same time and looked at me. His eyes were bulging and popping and growing and shrinking and flashing, and in those speedy seconds I felt like we exchanged a lifetimeís worth of knowledge, just from that small exchange. No words spoken, but so much learned.

*1:45AM, 7 ĺ hours in - At this point I was ready for bed, but still when closing my eyes I was flooded by thoughts and fractals, not as intense as before, but the sound kept echoing and looping for the entire night. I remember looking left ot right, controlling the pitch of sound as if it was on a ticking dial, right was high pitch, left was low pitch. I played with that for a while which was so incredibly fascinating. At this point I experienced such a cool CEV that I will try to explain, but of course it wiill never do justice to the real thing.

With eyes closed I saw the outline of a sphinx, and inside of that were two Internet-like pages, one set 90 degrees clockwise, and one 90 degrees counterclockwise, both beside each other inside the sphinx, and overlapped was foreign text that I have never seen before. On top of all of that, I had thermal detection in my CEV. Whenever I touched my head, I could see the outline of red from the touch in my CEV and could navigate it too.

Eventually I drifted into a sleep and surprisingly do not remember any dreams.

*6:00AM, 12 hours in - I had to get up and get ready for school. I already knew this wasnít going to go so well as I was very jittery and felt quite disconnected. I didnít know how to respond to people in the real world.
I was very jittery and felt quite disconnected. I didnít know how to respond to people in the real world.
The ringing and soundwaves and echoes still carried on from the night before, sometimes quietly, sometimes louder. On the bright side the sun was shining gloriously on a fine spring-like morning.

*8:00AM, 14 hours in - I am so glad my math teacher is a rather relaxed guy. I sit at the front of the class and Iím sure my pupils were still wild. I could hear every single conversation in the classroom from every person, which was a bit overwhelming. I just didnít want to get questioned. I was super jittery and had a very hard time responding to him though during class, and was shaking trying to write. Thoughts werenít adding up and it was frustrating. After my first class I went home for a couple of hours and slept some more.

*11:00AM, 17 hours in - The true tripping feel is gone of course at this point, but after waking up, quite strangely at this point so far in was when I awoke to super-saturated colors. This lasted for probably 20 minutes and returned back to school by the end of lunch. I felt a bit better after the nap and a bit more in control but still a bit shaky and disconnected. After school I told my friend whoís into the whole psychedelic gig but has yet to have a psychedelic experience. I talked to him about my trip as much as I could and showed him my writing, and went home and slept for a solid 14 hours until the next school day.

Beyond then I felt disconnected still for another day but slowly subsided and it felt good to start eating again and it felt very rewarding being brought back to good physical and mental health. Aside from the pain I think it was one of the most important experiences I have ever had, I think even the pain was good, though I canít quite comprehend the pain in the real world now as I did before, as goes for the whole trip. Admittedly not having school the next day would have made it much more enjoyable, but I never expected to have prolonged side effects beyond the 12 hour mark. I felt as though the dying part of it was me letting go of so much negativity of the past, which I held onto for quite some time. Over the past 2 two weeks after my trip I have carried such a positive outlook into this ďnew lifeĒ and I feel much happier. I am much more sociable and willing to share a lot of light and abstract thought around me! There is so much beyond us, it is absolutely mesmerizing. Moving forward, I donít think I would try Morning Glory again but definitely shrooms as I feel the pain took away from enjoying the full experience, but at the same time pain is part of the experience. It is so fascinating just thinking of it all and all these perspectives. I am not a believer in bad trips as I feel that everything is us and we are everything, the myriad of emotion and beyond. Anyways, if you made it through all this I truly thank you for reading. Itís so much and I never knew anything could be so powerful. I have never read a Morning Glory trip report as effective as mine which I think is a bit fascinating.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110278
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 20, 2018Views: 5,932
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