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It's Magic
by W
Citation:   W. "It's Magic: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCE (exp110250)". Erowid.org. Apr 11, 2017. erowid.org/exp/110250

T+ 0:00
15 mg rectal 3-MEO-PCE (liquid)
  T+ 2:00 10 mg rectal 3-MEO-PCE (liquid)
This was a truly magical experience with 3-MeO-PCE (3-Methoxy-Eticyclidine). It was beautiful enough to motivate me to write my first exhaustive trip report, so here goes nothing.

Over the last weeks Iíve been experimenting with DCK (Deschloroketamine, 2'-Oxo-PCM; single dose per week, titrated from 15mg up to 60mg) and had one last emotionally fulfilling experience with it, which lead me to take a break from.

Before the DCK I had been dabbling with 3-MeO-PCE already, although not extensively at all, and wanted to try it again. I decided on a 15mg initial dose with a 10mg redose at t+2h, I wanted to get a feel for how to redose this compound. The 25mg of the HCl dissolved OK in 2ml of room temperature water, I put aside 10mg of solution for later and drew 15mg into my rectal syringe.

The setting was at home, Iíd just listen to some music and watch a movie maybe, I hadnít decided really; my set was positive, although I didnít really know what to expect from the trip. My tolerance should be negligible, due to my single dose per week regimen (for the past 11 weeks though, mind you).

t1+0min: At around half 8 in the evening the first of the solution is released to explore my rectal cavities. There is some slight pressure, but not uncomfortable at all, now I just lie there waiting in excited expectation.

t1+15min: The first euphoric and stimulating hints, although this might be some excitement. There are some euphoric waves encompassing the whole body, swelling irregularly.

t1+30min: A more pronounced dissociation manifests in the physical 'sluggishness' and 'laggy' vision. A subtle euphoria builds over time, becoming somewhat manic, due to the combination of the disinhibition and stimulation of the 3-MeO-PCE.

t1+45min: The dissociation builds further and becomes more pronounced, although I find the physical dissociation more subtle than that of DCK. On higher doses of DCK the body may be almost forcefully disconnected, where with the 3-MeO-PCE one just kind of forgets about it, while entranced in the music or a video (this will be dose-dependent, I expect).

t1+60min: At this point I am almost disappointed in this compound, I read of the warmth and fuzziness in other reports. Instead of those I am only moderately dissociated and 'functionally' stimulated. No real euphoria, only quite a subtle one. I put on Sin City, which I hadnít watched before and seems the best choice, of what I have available. While this film is visually stunning, its plot and tone are far from ideal for dissociatives, especially those deemed warm.

t1+110min: My notes say 'somewhat pointless'
t1+110min: My notes say 'somewhat pointless'
, I stop Sin City after the first third (which was a good decision in retrospect) and listen to some Jimi Hendrix. There are hardly any CEVs, although slowly a more euphoric stimulation is creeping up on me.

t1+120min = t2+0min: Almost reluctant in disappointment I let the next 10mg of solution mingle with my fecal matter. In retrospect I am very thankful to myself for sticking to my schedule with this.

t2+5min: Almost immediately my mood shifts to the positive. The serotonergic stimulation becomes more and more pronounced, while the dissociation remains moderate.

t2+15min: I start to notice myself nodding my head to the music and generally feel a lot more euphoric. I take 600mg of Magnesium, my mouth became a bit dry and my jaw a bit clenched, either I only realized now, or the stimulating component only now overcompensates the physical dissociation.

t2+20min: The second doseís effects definitely become pronounced now. I am losing myself in the music and thoughts, kind of a tunnel-vision.

t2+30min: 'Blissfully apathetic' is all I write for this note, I am stimulated, moderately dissociated and the euphoria sneaks up again.

t2+40min: The stimulation becomes very apparent, I change from my comfortable clothes into my normal clothes to go out. It is shortly past 10pm, the sun is gone. It has been raining a bit that day and the air has this beautiful smell of cleanliness after the rain. The streets are almost empty as I wander around, I donít have a destination, wandering somewhat aimlessly.

t2+50min: I reach more quieter streets and the character of this substance changes dramatically. Now I am in the warm and fuzzy state everyone described. It is utterly empathogenic, I am walking down the streets and just have to smile the whole time as euphoric waves come crashing into the deeply euphoric seas that had conquered my mind. My vision is somewhat impaired and I walk like I had some beers I suspect, but it doesnít matter, I am blissfully excited.

t2+60min: As the first dose further fades, I regain some lucidity and physical function, although the deep feelings of appreciation, and dare I say love, linger on. The empathogenic component is also slightly diminished as my ego fortifies again, I believe.

t2+90min: I sit on a bench near a dimly lit street, clouds hang in the sky and the temperature is perfect. I just sit there, contemplating what I had just experienced, and am still experiencing. The headspace is beautiful, it really is magic. This substance definitely evokes borderline psychedelic thought processes. While being incomparable in almost all other aspects, I dare say the headspace of this dose is reminiscent of 50μg of LSD.

t2+100min: As the effects further fade into an afterglow, I make my way back home, still surprisingly dissociated physically. This substance really feigns lucidity, only for me to realize my inebriation while walking.

t2+110min: While walking home and after arriving I further contemplate the magical trip, it really brings appreciation for what I have in my current life situation. Although during the whole 'second half' I kind of missed another person to share the experience with. I realize that my memory has been impaired for the trip, something I usually notice coming down from dissociatives; the slow regaining of the self.

t2+120-150min: I wallow in the afterglow. While still surprisingly dissociated, I regain further cognitive function. I was able to fall asleep almost immediately around t2+150min.

I slept very well, although I woke up with some residual dissociation and a bit of a headache. The next-day afterglow is only very subtle, although I suspect this has to do with my regular use of dissociatives.

In retrospect, I believe If could have achieved the deeply empathogenic qualities of this substance with a better mindset after only the first dose already. Due to my exclusive use of DCK the past weeks, I was kind of conditioned, or subconsciously expecting, the 'raw' dissociation. 3-MeO-PCE isnít something to lay down with and listen to music, but more of an active substance. Take a moderate dose and go out, itís beautiful. While being disinhibiting, euphoric and heavily dissociating, one can remain sufficiently lucid to be out and about.

Right now Iím torn between wanting to plunge into this substance again next week, or taking a long break to conserve the magic.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110250
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Apr 11, 2017Views: 7,826
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3-MEO-PCE (536) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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