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It Had a Lasting Impression on Me
by Unaverage Joe
Citation:   Unaverage Joe. "It Had a Lasting Impression on Me: An Experience with 4-ACO-DMT (exp110241)". Erowid.org. Feb 17, 2019. erowid.org/exp/110241

T+ 0:00
4 mg insufflated 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:05 12-18 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:35   oral Alcohol  


A Detailed Report on Effects 1

I am normally opposed to the online proliferation of experiences for various reasons. But in the wake of my experience I feel like the overall body of knowledge on this substance could use just a tiny injection of clarity. Hopefully the dissemination of my experience does not contribute to a body of legal evidence against this substance and an argument for utter criminalization. I instead hope to aid in the effort of harm reduction in substance 'abuse'. What I experienced was profound for many reasons and only made me abhor more so the lack of adult contributions to substance abuse experience.

I use the term “substance abuse” loosely because in my eyes, any use of mind altering chemicals before at least the age of 21 is abuse.

I did a ton of research on this chemical once I became of its existence; its’ existence being brought to my attention by a friend of mine who was kind enough to let me know exactly what it was he was peddling before actually selling it to me. This was a brown sugar looking substance but not sticky with smaller grains and had about the same hardness as salt. It became aware to me that my typical .00 scale would not suffice and I would need to upgrade to a scale of .000 accuracy in order to be safe. This chemical is active in doses as low as 1-5mg. This became apparent when I did the requisite “allergy test”. I tried to weigh only 1mg on the scale but it only started to tick around 4mg so I snorted that instead. I am still regretful of the careless decision.

I had informed my wife prior to everything I would be doing and when she finally arrived home about 45 minutes later, there was something definitely off. I could feel nervous and there was something definitely a bit off but I could not determine whether I was feeling anything or this was just nervousness induced by the placebo effect.

I gave it about 20 more minutes and after a little banter my wife finally convinced me to take the full dose. I was a bit opposed due to her never trip-sitting before and therefore not taking it as serious as she needed to but I decided it has to be tested eventually so mixed with water, down the hatch it went.

What is truly amazing is that I could feel the onset of effects within 20 minutes, and it was not a slow climb whatsoever. Anyone familiar with algebra can understand me when I say the onset felt like f(x)=X^2. Although not nearly as steep a slope as that function it was indeed fast let me tell you. Perhaps it had something to do with the amount inhaled prior but there was little preparing for the intensity of this trip. I sat on the couch while my wife practiced law and my thoughts became difficult to articulate and I announced this. I could feel it in my chest like an uncomfortable surge of adrenaline and it made me nervous but my heartbeat was not significantly elevated and that breathed a sigh of physical relief to me.

T 00:40
My wife told me that she needed to study for her presentation in front of the class (law school) and I had acknowledged this and factored it into the realm of possible outcomes of this trip and decided it could not have been too terrible a factor. Luckily I was right but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have an intense effect on my experience. I was laying on the couch in what was almost a fetal position dealing with the rapidity of the onset and the anxiety it caused when she finally decided to give her speech. The canvas painting on the wall had already started to catch a strong breeze (visual hallucinations) but that was the very tip of the iceberg. What followed was some of the most intense visuals I’ve ever seen (barring Salvia because that is not a fair comparison). I usually refrain from using such cheesy descriptions to describe my visuals but my wife started to take on features that made her appear like an elf princess. Every feature of her body became enhanced sexually all while adorning visuals that made her appear to have all sorts of decorative garments on; she seemed very ceremonial. The surrounding cabinetry of the kitchen was absorbed by orange yellow and green gaseous clouds of visual distortions. These were very unlike the kind of organic patterns apparent during mushrooms. Although dissimilar, that does not disqualify them as being several magnitudes stronger than any mushroom visuals I’ve experienced.

The mental state could be summarized as followed: I realized that despite understanding any of the legal jargon she rattled off during her presentation, that I became acutely aware of her body language (something that I am typically ‘deaf’ to observing as I have a small diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome).
I became acutely aware of her body language (something that I am typically ‘deaf’ to observing as I have a small diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome).
I also had a perpetual thought that “this isn’t about you, this is about her. Give her your time and pay attention to those around you and stop paying such high importance to everything in your life”. This thought kept me laying on the sofa despite having to pee from the very moment she started giving her speech.

These next 20-30 minutes were followed by expressing the thoughts and experiences I just had to my wife while simultaneously awash in a deep wave of guilt. I’m a college student but I’m anywhere from 5-10 years older than all my peers in any given classroom. These years of working experience has endowed me with a personality of personal responsibility and utter lack of excuses and forgiveness. Those around me and present in my group projects while sober seem to be so aloof and so lazy and generally nonchalant–stereotypical ‘millennials’. I began to think I have been too hard on them and have had far too little patience with them considering they’re all just out of high school and have yet to experience the trials of life while I have seen the up and down rollercoaster of life for almost 10 years now. These thoughts gave way to another type of rollercoaster, this time it taking the form of my emotions.

It was at this point the ramp up had finally ceased and I was finally in control of my mental acuity again. What I had lost control of though, was my emotions. I’m mathematically inclined and love graphs so I brought out my whiteboard and tried explaining everything I could in graphs.
I brought out my whiteboard and tried explaining everything I could in graphs.
The most important graphs were how I was feeling emotionally and the intensity/handle of the trip at a given time. Both of them looked like a sine wave with their peaks being inversed–the peak of fluctuating intensity bringing upon upset and a lack of comprehension while the valley of intensity sparking euphoria and insight. My linguistics were as sharp as a knife and there wasn’t anything I did not have an intelligent and acute retort to when I was at the peaks, but when I hit the valleys I just didn’t care and thought the world was beyond my control anyways and that it didn’t matter what I thought. Throughout this, my wife and I had a very thoughtful and emotional discussion for better or for worse.

It was at this point the slope of the intensity curve definitely started to point downwards and I could feel an urge to re-dose something. We had some alcohol and I drank that but it had little satisfaction. Like most drugs, inebriation begets inebriation. There was very little alcohol though and I did not feel a great deal of compulsion to drag this on any further. I had for once during a psychedelic trip realized that I was satisfied with the outcome and would be able to fall asleep, so that was the choice I made. I was still thoroughly bewildered by the drug and could not say in any way I was sober but it felt much alike that of being up all night drinking but with a somewhat forced positive attitude and only so slightly incoherent.

I decided it was time to go to bed at this point. Not unlike mushrooms that after so many hours the urge to go on fades and a sense of inevitability creeps in. Sleeping was not difficult and waking up wasn’t too difficult either.

I still think about the experience to this day as it had a lasting impression on me. I am much more mature than I was when I first did psychedelics and far more intelligent and it seems to give me a better retrospective grasp on dealing with the experience.

This was a potent psychedelic that I wish people would not take lightly. With a responsible trip-sitter, an allergy test, and a good understanding of what I might be getting into as well as a willingness to call upon help in case of an emergency I think this substance has a great deal of therapeutic use. I do not condone the use of mind altering chemicals by those younger than 21 and beyond that believe a responsible decision can only be made in mid-20’s This need not seem arrogant or condescending because when I was in my teens and up until I was 22, I indulged heavily in almost every drug imaginable with no remorse and very little consequence. It is only with deep regret and remorse I say that though. I was extremely lucky. I’ve known many friends who have died due to various drug overdoses or drug-induced states.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110241
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Feb 17, 2019Views: 214
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