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Aggressive Tryptamine Endurance Stand-off
by UgraKarma
Citation:   UgraKarma. "Aggressive Tryptamine Endurance Stand-off: An Experience with DPT (exp110233)". Apr 2, 2017.

23 mg IM DPT (liquid)


T+0:00 - Administer 20MG DPT into upper thigh muscle via intramuscular injection.

T+0:05 - Massaging muscle lying no my side. Looking for first signs of effects and maybe notice a subtle mushroom glow beginning to creep in.

T+0:07 - There it is. The effects of DPT seem to simply engage, very palpably - I can feel a familiar tryptamine space start to twist edges and breathe colored lights with a steadily increasing pace.

T+0:10 - This compound is aggressive. Once it shows its true colors it becomes clear why so many people seem to have challenging experiences with it. Absent is the awestruck, childlike wonder of DMT, or the transcendent radiance of 5-MeO-DMT. DPT has a distinct voice all its own, with perhaps funhouse / rollercoaster / manic energy to the whole thing.

T+0:20 - I suppose the duration of this compound is what makes it so darned aggressive. I'm not fighting this thing, but it seems to be presenting itself as if I'm approaching it with that energy. I feel as though I'm still coming up. I've resorted to lying face first in my bed and simply embracing the tidal wave of visions.
I've resorted to lying face first in my bed and simply embracing the tidal wave of visions.
Maniacal gargoyle faces (maybe similar to the VHS cover of the film Fright Night) with prismatic holograms in the negative spaces of their eyes and mouths, twisting their heads into an infinite medusa fractal... In fact, much of the spectrum of visions hints towards this hologram-styled reflective hallucination. Part of me feels like I should be frightened - I suppose it does look scary. Instead I'm smiling, imitating their maniacal pose, which strikes me as a bit psychotic, but I opt to go with it... I'm too dissociated from the situation to really be scared.

T+0:25 - Feel as though it may be settling. Open my eyes just to be sure. Reptilian-gremlin imagery cycles towards me in every direction. Nope. Best to keep lying down with eyes closed.

T+0:26 - At this point I'd guess approximately 40 minutes pass where a complete ego death, most of which now escapes me, must have transpired. It was as though the chemical wrestled me for some time, and finally, once worn into the dissociated state, the remainder of the trip took place.

T+1:20 - Begin to text message a friend. Indicate that I am most definitely still in some mid-trance state, but need to describe some, or any of what just happened. Indicate:

'I can still see the rainbow dmt madness every time I close my eyes and I gotta be 1:15 out. MAN'

'Like alabaster white medusa statues twisting and reproducing themselves fractally.'

'Lots of prism gradient imagery, all manacing in tone. Lots of mutating figures, faces'

'Dmt with big mechanical talons.'

'Breakthrough experience for sure.'

T+2:30 - Still hallucinating in a gentle, 'hour 6 of a strong dose of mushrooms'-type of way. Feel as though I definitely got through something amazing, for better or worse. Will likely try one more time with some different expectations just to really try to see if there's much worth exploring down this rabbit hole.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110233
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Apr 2, 2017Views: 3,540
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DPT (21) : General (1), Alone (16)

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