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The Dissociative Hurricane
3-MeO-PCE & 3-MeO-PCP
Citation:   nervewing. "The Dissociative Hurricane: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCE & 3-MeO-PCP (exp110184)". Apr 11, 2017.

25 mg insufflated 3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)
  10 mg insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
T0:00- Both drugs mixed and cut into a single line. Insufflated all at once in my bedroom, it stings quite a bit.

T0:05- Feeling a bit dizzy and lightheaded already.

T0:10- I am shaking quite a bit, this is unlike any other dissociative comeup Iíve experienced so far. Itís as though I have just kicked off a chain reaction bearing an immense amount of potential energy that is slowly leaking into me, foreshadowing the full force and fury of what is to come. I am fading more and more as it feels like my body is being sucked away from me by a giant vacuum. My fingers begin to move more slowly as I become more fuzzy and numb. Memories flit around my head as rectangular butterflies.

T0:20- The potential energy is burgeoning and bubbling with an unexpected fury. I begin reflecting on my memories, the memories of that day, the memories of the past week, they always present as strange alienated vignettes, seemingly divorced from my actual self. Itís like they are all being viewed through some icy screen that saps the memories of any emotions mental entanglements. My fingers feel numb and mechanical.

T0:30- At last, the great rising bubble begins to crackle at the seams. Raw energy is expulsed with immense pressure, screaming down my limbs, spraying spitfire into my bones and electrifying my extremities. My back arches and my muscles twitch with this sudden influx of unfettered power. My thoughts are racing faster than I can manage, but itís not distressing, rather I am distracted by the bustling fury with which I try to keep up with them.

Soon it feels as though I am simply moving faster than the world around me. Everything surrounding me seems to lapse into slow motion, even the music I am listening to.
Everything surrounding me seems to lapse into slow motion, even the music I am listening to.
Itís like the soundwaves have slackened to a more manageable speed and I can now meticulously weasel in and dissect every little fragment of the sounds with my ears. This must be how a hummingbird feels. I begin getting open eyed visuals of blocks and rod-like forms forming into great palisades around me, towering walls of pillars jutting from the ground. It is as if time has slowed down to the point where it is freezing and crystallizing into these solid forms.

T0:45- I apparently spend this span of time dressing up in my various costumes and dancing around my room, playing with my various dead animal parts. I know this because I recorded the whole thing on my webcam, though I have very faint recollection of this. I am not sure what drove me to do this, perhaps some desire to perform some ďritualĒ or to try and contact some metaphysical aspect of the experience. Nevertheless, the footage is nothing short of inane absurd madness. I felt like I had some grand purpose in mind while doing this, that I was maybe creating some art piece or really truly reeling in some arcane forces. Setting it up was a substantial effort, and this combination of drugs does not seem to hesitate in stoking the fires beneath me and electrifying me with motivation. I feel like with the proper directive, I could do anything right now. My motivation is astronomical, for no reason other than to expend the pure energy bursting from my every nerve. I feel incredibly warm and fuzzy, and my movements are carefree and uncoordinated. Itís a miracle that I somehow didnít hurt myself in all of this activity.

T1:15- I thought I had peaked when I had been driven into that dance of madness. Nope, it seems this combination takes quite a bit of time to really get going. All of my notes from here on out were written in all caps. I suppose I felt that lowercase letters could not properly contain my energy. I feel Ďspun outí, in the purest and strongest regard. It feels like my physical body is in constant motion, that it is a gelatinous form being whipped and frothed by raging winds or tossed about by raging centrifugal, and that I am struggling to keep my mind in place within this wavering frame. I feel as though a solid form is no longer sufficient to contain this energy, that every atom in my body had been excited to the point of detaching from one another and liquefying. It feels as though some unknown force is punching and pulsing and rippling my liquid form, not out of malice but simply as collateral damage from its quivering, pummeling energy. This is not so much a heavy debilitating bodily dissociation, rather it is an all-consuming thrashing maelstrom of mental dissociation. I do not think I have ever felt so violently torn away from myself.

My notes for this portion of the experience border on incoherency. What little I could glean in a sober state was mostly in regards to bodily sensations- Feeling as though my body is being shorn apart by gale force winds, feeling as though I have been painlessly dismembered and split into separate parts, feeling as though I am being pelted with a hail of blocks, feeling like my body is shattering into tessellated fragments, feeling like I am imploding into myself, feeling stuck and held forcefully into place as the world rushes around me. The incoherent jumble of descriptions is fraught with dark and sinister imagery, a lot of it deals with having my body being forcefully taken to pieces or destroyed in some way. I am really, truly lost in my own room.

T1:35- I do not feel human, I do not even know what human means. My world is this strange self-contained sphere, a partitioned vesicle separate from the consequences of whatever lies beyond my bubble. The space within this bubble plays by its own rules, follows its own physics, has its own sense of time and space. It still feels as though I am being sheared apart by hurricane force winds. I close my eyes and it feels like part of me is rising into the sky, while another part of me is being sucked forcefully downward into oblivion. I am being pummeled still by little vibrating fists and my memories are being scattered about like someone throwing a deck of cards up into the wind. I am adrift in a storm of walls.

T2:00- The experience shows no signs of letting up. Great dissociative gods loom over me and watch me as I continue to be tumbled around inside the infinite anesthetic maelstrom. I am still being stretched between things, split into pieces, all of this is absolutely relentless. Itís like they have tossed me into a dryer and turned it on full force, for nothing other than their absurd, maddened entertainment.

T3:00- Iíve been playing a little videogame to try and pass the time faster, as it still feels as though time is moving slower than normal. Even after all this time passes, I donít feel like Iím coming down at all, the storm rages with a fury that has only diminished ever so slightly. Everything is flashing and pulsing still, and I am still altered beyond any sense of functionality. The boundaries of my body are still amorphous and gelatinous, it still feels like a dissociative gale is raging around me, mentally, I still feel starkly and acutely separated from the world.

T4:00- Only now can I start to say that I am beginning to come down, but just barely.
T4:00- Only now can I start to say that I am beginning to come down, but just barely.
I go downstairs and hang out with my roommate. Interacting with people is very challenging as I just feel alien and inhuman, and my mind feels scarred and abraded from the sheer force of this combo.

T5:00- Go out in public to a convenience store. Itís extremely odd, I have very little sense of body and feel like I am just a head and shoulders zooming around, with no sense of how tall I am or how much space I occupy. Visually, things are still flashing, pulsing, beating and throbbing.

T6:00- I go to bed now, still feeling very dissociated. I donít have any problem sleeping though, despite how heavily and irredeemably stimulated I felt earlier.

Aftermath: The next day I sleep in. I donít feel too dissociated when I wake up, just the usual afterglow. Throughout the whole experience, the sheer force of the dissociation was so severe that I couldnít comprehend ever recovering from it, yet here I felt the next day mostly normal and recovered. Itís nice how that turns out.

This is a very intense combination, it seems to really drag out the duration of both drugs and bombarded me with an unrelenting and extremely intense dissociative storm, similar to the merciless and uncompromising nature of O-PCE. Approach with caution.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110184
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 11, 2017Views: 4,718
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3-MeO-PCP (558), 3-MEO-PCE (536) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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