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Everything You Expect Don't
by ogsassmama
Citation:   ogsassmama. "Everything You Expect Don't: An Experience with LSD (exp110167)". May 26, 2017.

1 hit   LSD (blotter / tab)


I want to preface this by saying: I was so scared to try acid for years. I had friends who started tripping at the age of 15- mind you, I graduated from art school so it wasnít uncommon. Half of me at the time wanted to try it and see how it went, the other half of my was seriously terrified at the possible outcome.

So Iíd like to share my first experience and the tips that I learned in retrospect from tripping many times afterwards.

I finally made it to my twenties and a friend of mine said he got some really good stuff in and gave me a couple tabs. I kept them in a drawer for about a month, contemplating whether or not I should resell them or just try it out. I asked him a bunch of questions (even though I had been researching trips for almost five years) and he stopped and told me: 'everything you think it is, itís not. Donít get ideas in your head... make it your own.'

The day of a really bad break up, I was sitting outside with my roommate and I was very bummed out. We were out of pot at the time- and I mentioned that I had the LSD tabs in my room which she had forgot about. She had never tripped before either. So we kinda laughed and said why the fuck not, itís not like my day was going to get any better anyways and the mindset I had was if I was gonna trip and it was bad, when I tripped again it would be good.
the mindset I had was if I was gonna trip and it was bad, when I tripped again it would be good.

It was amazing. In all the subsequent times that Iíve tripped, none of them have been bad at all. I think it is physically impossible to have a bad trip.

Here is what I have learned-

Planning: I didnít plan for my first trip, or half of the others that came later. I knew just dropping LSD would be okay spur of the moment because I had no anxiety over when I was going to trip and what I had to do to ďprepareĒ. All I knew is that I had a solid day with no plans and thatís where it began.

People & Setting: Avoid doing it with someone who is also tripping for the first time, and trip around people who have tripped before!

I love my roommate to death but her trip was nothing like mine. I felt like a kid again, everything was so amazing. It was like the world was my playground... on the other hand she just wanted to be alone, and I didnít want to leave her alone because I was worried that she wasnít okay; this didnít interfere with my trip though. What I realized in retrospect is that she was literally not in the same ďbubbleĒ as me, and I felt like she was judging me for it. I felt very judged by people who had never done acid the next few times I tried it; Iím pretty much over that now and itís great. I tend to not trip with her, because she takes it way different and since then I have found people who go into tripping with similar mindsets as me and we vibe well.

I hated being inside while tripping, and still do. I find it very claustrophobic and unnerving to be in a tight space, especially with intense visuals. It seemed like the light was bouncing everywhere and kind of closing in. Again, it wasnít scary or weird, it was kind of annoying. I donít think I could ever go to the movies.

Music: Definitely doesnít overwhelm me (in a good way) as much mushrooms do. Some music sounds very weird and some things that my friends put on I didnít care for, but I listened to it in a whole new way.

It really is like a rebirth. I tend to not want to smoke or drink or do any type of drugs for a while after tripping, especially my first time. I partially believe it is the reason that I was able to quit smoking.
I partially believe it is the reason that I was able to quit smoking.
A thought came into my mind about how useless smoking was and then I was like ďtrueĒ. Itís easier for me to problem solve on acid, it seems like the problems I have are removed from me and I can look at them objectively... however, I try not to use my trips for introspection. I think the magic behind it is brought out socially. It made me think everything is fake, or brought to light how stupid a lot of things are.

My body, also, had never felt so good before.
Some tabs make me feel very primal.

When I was on the comedown, my friend and I went down to the river and I took all my clothes off and he painted my body with mud. All the intense feelings of skin to skin contact were amazing.

For me, itís all in the mindset. I know when I take LSD that Iím on LSD and itís very easy to control where my brain goes. 150ug for a first trip is very strong, in my opinion, peopleís faces were melting and the trails were insanely beautiful. Everything was just ďso coolĒ, as I said many many times throughout the trip.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 110167
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 26, 2017Views: 1,711
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