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Brush-Up With the Princess
by Lex Keller
Citation:   Lex Keller. "Brush-Up With the Princess: An Experience with MIPT (exp110070)". Sep 28, 2017.

5 mg oral Hydrocodone  
  30 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine  
    smoked Cannabis  
  95 mg oral MIPT (capsule)


Brush-Up With Princess MiPT

After reading up on obscure tryptamines, I stumbled upon a drug called DiPT, which reportedly distorts sound (as opposed to vision), giving such aural psychedelia as feeling like you're in another universe. I was disappointed to find that DiPT is, as of now, unavailable to most Americans. I happened upon MiPT, and noticing how similar the molecules were, thought that it could be an adequate substitute. I've only read reports of doses up to 50 mg, and they were mostly people complaining. Since DiPT was taken in amounts of 250 mg and more, I figured MiPT must have a similar safety profile.

Me and my colleague, Susan, decided to go hiking at 8pm on a Friday night. I was going to be the only one tripping. Prescription drugs I had taken prior to the trip included 30 mg of Vyvanse for my ADHD and 5 mg of hydrocodone for pain relief. I had eaten food and smoked marijuana at 7pm.

At 8:15pm, I swallowed my capsule of MiPT fumarate which was weighed out to a dosage of 95 mg and we began hiking. After hiking for about 5 minutes, we saw that the trail was wide enough to drive on, so we went back and with Susan driving, we explored the trail by car.

About 20 minutes in, the rocks on the road started forming subtle patterns of a tryptamine signature. At this point, Susan decided to turn the car around and take us to the university for us to play pool.

It was at around 8:50pm that the music on the radio started sounding 'condensed'. If you were to visualize music as a painting, then the MiPT was causing the music-painting to fractalize, bringing condensed dewdrops of auditory information to the front of the image. At first, I was worried MiPT might not deliver on aural effects like I heard from DiPT, but all doubt has been eliminated.

As we were looking for parking at the university, around 9pm, the radio was playing groovy funk music and the only way I could describe this absolute auditory euphoria is to picture a jazzy, orange-and-blue, reggae-dressed funk DJ. The music came alive and reminded me of synesthetically-tangible Mickey-Mouse-shaped disks 'on the down low'. I felt like I couldn't get enough of what was now music.
I felt like I couldn't get enough of what was now music.
Headspace at this point was on the trippy side, but still remarkably clear.

After parking the car, I looked around to see MiPT didn't fail to deliver on visuals either. Cars looked out-of-proportion, parking spots looked tiny, and there was a vague air of color distortion all around. I could understand people, but their speech was distorted in subtly bizarre ways.

Susan and I went downstairs in the student center and started playing billiards. My performance was noticeably affected, and it was almost like people's observation directly affected my behavior. The highlight of this part of the trip, however, was the incredibly surreal way people sounded. The pool parlor reminded me of a cheesy 3D video game about a bar parlor with humorous characters and dialogue. For instance, one guy looked like an old stoner friend of mine telling jokes about tripping in public. It sounded like he said, 'Just play it cool. When you laugh randomly and drop balls, just pretend you're doing a thing [akin to acting like a unique character]. Then nobody suspects a thing. *cheesy laughter* ' He did not actually say this out loud, but sound was getting distorted appreciably.

There were a couple Chinese students playing pool next to us and the vibe they were giving off was just too hilarious. It was like they, too, were characters in the pool game and they were judging the game Susan and I were having. Such dialogue came to mind as, 'Huh. So you think you can play shoot-pool? We'll be the real hustlers here. No pressure for disgrace.' There were some other people on the pool table next to us and they kept giving off an aura of cheesy video game lines. After several minutes of this (felt like hours), the background dialogue that I was hallucinating changed to one of humorous commentary poking fun at the idea of a cheesy pool game. For instance, the guy that looked like my old friend sounded like he was commenting on the video game characters. 'Play your cool,' 'get the new texture pack,' 'check out this vinyl,' and 'it's a big deal in this lame dating pool' are lines that come to mind. It was also suggested that all the characters, animations, and models are all just 'ads for some gay shit'. The idea of this was too funny -- that all the trippy people that came by were just advertising themselves in artistic ways. In any case, at the end of the match, approximately 10pm, I lost to Susan and had to pay for the game time.

Susan, who isn't very good with directions, told me to help her navigate to my house to drop me off. We headed up the main road. The audio distortions were still escalating. I became entranced by the bizarre musical sounds coming from the radio and zoned out. She drove me clear to the other side of town before realizing I lost track of directions. I typed my address in her phone so she could find my house that way. If music is typically a forest, then MiPT had turned it into a swamp. Even radio advertisements were distilled into watery packets of sound information. It felt like the other people on the road were psychically communicating with me and shooting the breeze about life theories and social philosophies. One such exchange I remember was about how it would bring great benefits to the world at large if everyone were friendlier and followed more intelligent direction.

After I was dropped off, I went to a semi-secluded area and smoked a bowl of marijuana (no tolerance). The effects of the MiPT exploded as sound became a lot more interesting and tryptamine visuals garnished all surfaces. I was talking to some friends over the phone and realized the sounds that I was producing were no less trippy than the sounds I was receiving. It was like as soon as I said something, conversational possibilities radiated out and we explored a good number of them.

At about 10:30pm, I went inside and watched TV. Just as with the radio, the sounds coming from the TV were 'crystallized' into virtual sound packets emanating the gist of each idea. Soon after, the drug peaked and I was tripping balls. Images of my thoughts cascade through my mind and I got lost pondering the future. I flashed back to an old LSD trip I had where I noticed how life is on a prepackaged collision course with death and we're all one under the collective consciousness of the universe, living life on repeat forever, touching on the idea of every conceivable reality, breaking negative cycles. At one point, I was convinced that I died, but I was hardly shaken at all, as I was living on through collective consciousness -- a 'giant force ghost' if you will, and I wasn't alone. Futurama was playing on the TV and I believed that each scene in the cartoon indicated us force ghosts engaging in multiverse/omniverse activism, potentiating life and placing events on brighter paths. It was as though all the characters in the show are comprised of universes and the way life was in the universe regions reflected what appeared on the show. For instance, garbage represented worlds where life was corrupted or inefficient, and metal represented neutral, long-term, objective-oriented life. Later, I was pacing the living room, deluded into believing that I am the MiPT messenger sent to spread the word about psychedelic drugs in general and how they can dramatically change people's perception of the world.

I remembered how matter and energy in the universe are comprised of information, and that led me down such psychotic thought tangents as the concept that life carries on through thoughts because ideas are our connection to parallel universes. Information stored in thoughts and memories are translated into actual occurrences in dimensions far beyond. Along with the idea of death came ways to transcend it. In light of the 'realization' that thoughts are our connection to other timelines, I continued on to come up with the idea that thoughts are the light, we need the light to exist, and therefore the more we think, the more life we inadvertently create. I know this sounds stupid, but I was convinced that the cascade of ideas that psychedelic drugs often bring increase this 'interdimensional diffusion'. In other words, I thought life was but a cruel, solitary mistress and somehow drugs were the cure to existential irrelevance and the key to immaterial ideological immortality, and that we can benefit our timeline through intelligent discussion and true virtue. Only when people embrace the extraordinary and accept that which we cannot control do we encounter the path of true happiness.

I changed the TV channel to a comedy talk show and that's when my trip really started speaking. It looked like the hosts saw that since thoughts were generating benevolence, their task was to create as much thought-provoking conversation as possible. I tried to focus on what people were saying, but it came across as garbled yet somehow meaningful nonsense. It felt absolutely surreal, like I spawned into a parallel universe where people just go on TV and spew out sensical noise in the trippiest manner imaginable.

There was little body load, but it felt like alternative timelines were affecting the way my body felt.
There was little body load, but it felt like alternative timelines were affecting the way my body felt.
For example, if I thought about the parallel universes where I drove under the influence, I would mostly feel the 'average timeline behavior' (to supplement this concept, think about how engineers and scientists often approximate the behavior of large systems using average behavior) of me being perfectly alright, but I would also get a psychosomatic pain in my chest considering the timelines where I crashed the car. I also hallucinated jeers from the public and the feeling of handcuffs where I was pulled over and failed a sobriety test. Strangely enough, I also experienced hallucinations about parallel universes where people were more understanding and tried to sweep my deaths under the rug. With average system behavior on my mind, I thought about how since the Asians have the greatest population, they really do make the biggest difference in the world and have the potential to sway the momentum of consciousness at large. Seeing and thinking about all these fine factors that play a role in these timelines made me feel like we could engineer universes with our thoughts. The Rick and Morty line came to mind, 'What about the universe where Hitler cured cancer? The answer is to not even think about it, Morty!'

This brought me back to similar thought patterns as my aforementioned LSD trip about engineering life to be as painless and efficient as possible. Picture a 2D graph. Now imagine elongated 'idea seeds' appearing at the origin and linking outwards like digital mycelia carrying the plans for life. Now imagine a Japanese-style, anime-illustrated, 'liquid crystal' (the same type of display as a low-end calculator) box containing a duo of anthropomorphic female neko kitten people. Life energy is generated by the warmth of the love that the kitty people bring, and death is negligible. The kitty boxes also drew energy by subtracting entropy from other universes, further perpetuating the miracle of life and intelligent existence.

Concomitant with an idea I had during my first full psychedelic trip (which was on mescaline), the idea being that misunderstandings are like kinks in a flowing mesh of consciousness, there was one such kink I had to deal with concerning one of those 'energy kitten boxes' where one of the kitties was born with a delicate heart and couldn't bring itself to fully trust the other kitty. I had to tap into my inner conscience and shed some pure, concentrated love onto the skittish kitty in order to bring it closer towards the light. The kitty also happened to suffer from atrial fibrillation, so I had to 'close the doors' in the kitty's mind away from suffering an excitement-induced heart attack to keep it alive and joyful. The kitty and I bear witness to many a timeline where it fell ill and died of irregular heartbeat, but the air of inner peace surrounding us led to this typically depressing concept to fail to spread substantial negativity. There is no telling where this kitten pair energy unit went afterwards.

At approximately 1pm, towards the end of my trip, things took a gray turn as I walked upon the concept of pedophilia in the world. I encountered a universe controlled by an older Japanese man raising a pair of incest energy kitten children. The Japanese man was essentially god to them, and although deemed corrupt in his cognitive inclination towards the child-oriented, he was actually well-meaning, and the weirdest thought lines proceeded with ideas like aside from placing too much weight on such an irrelevant concept as sex, the Japanese man was truly moved by the ideals that the kitty people stood for, and some part of him turned away from the pursuit of radical sex and he carried on about his real business in his otherwise ideologically correct school. The teachings seemed to be based on some fusion of Finnish appreciation for nature and eastern ideals of educational prowess.

Coming back from the critical analysis of other universes, I felt it upon myself to start paying more attention to the timeline I'm currently in and to treat my body with rest. I'm sure the trip would have continued for a few hours more, but I was tired. The next morning, I was blessed with an afterglow of waning auditory distortions and a vague sense of inspiration to bring people to real action.

In conclusion, MiPT is nothing short of a psychedelic treasure with a deliciously unique flavor and it's time that it got the recognition it deserved. It appears that I was correct in conjecturing that the reason most MiPT trips describe something lackluster is because they aren't taking high enough doses. I felt fine on this 95 mg trip and have no reason to believe I can't take the dosage much further. If DiPT is indeed the queen molecule of sound distortion, then MiPT is the royal princess.

This experience was my craziest, most expansive, and most informational trip yet. I do plan to take amounts as high as 200 mg in the future and to share this beautiful molecule with everyone that I know. This strange material also gives my high hopes for the day I try DiPT. Thank you for reading this, and I wish you luck on your mission.

'The purpose of life is a life of purpose.'

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110070
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Sep 28, 2017Views: 935
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