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Please Do Not Eat Any More of Us
LSD & Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by CallMeGhost
Citation:   CallMeGhost. "Please Do Not Eat Any More of Us: An Experience with LSD & Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp110048)". Oct 11, 2021.

5 hits buccal LSD (blotter / tab)
  7 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    smoked Cannabis  


1.5 Mg LSD and Too Much Shrooms

Night at 9:30, I took 5 tabs from my sheet. That was 1.5 mg of LSD, and I put it on the roof of my mouth and kept it there for about half an hour while I picked up a little trash. My roommates were home and I wanted to go outside (but if I go outside with nothing they know I'm smoking weed, so I was being discrete with the illusion of taking out trash). I saw a police car where I usually smoked so I threw the trash away and went back inside. Once I came back in I took a while to weigh out 7.231 grams of mushrooms, which I proceeded to eat very slowly (took about half an hour to eat 2-3 grams)

At that point, I still had a few more mushrooms to go. I felt a very strong voice say please do not eat any more of us! You have eaten enough there is no need for more. I kept eating. Literally two more mushrooms. I was lying down in the darkness ratings when I got this weird choking sensation. Like the spirit of the mushrooms were telling me, you fucked up, and we want out.
You have taken too much of the other one for us to stay with you.

They told me.

You didn't listen when we said enough. We need out.

Oddly enough it was like I knew what was happening. I got up, feeling super spinny, the room rotating and warping very spastically, and feeling very nauseous. I got a cup and apologized to the mushrooms. I could feel 4-5 individual mushroom souls gathered in my throat, like they all went there at the same time ready to leave my body. I started coughing and purged the mushrooms, although I could still feel a couple mushroom souls inside of me.

I'm not sure 'soul' is the right word. Maybe try interchanging it with spirit or energy field, see if that makes more sense?

The moment I threw up... I felt this massive spike in energy and this giant green brown snake with a human head and long white or blond hair came shooting up out of my mouth. It was alone though, even though I had eaten mushrooms it didnt seem to have their energy with it. There was an octopus looking thing on its head/shoulders. This 'octopus' energy field was dark purple black and sparkly. It seemed like it was made up of pure energy and not a physical body. I call it an octopus because the 'legs' of the energy field seemed to behave like an octopus. Like instead of being cloudlike and formless, there were distinctive filaments of this thing. These filaments poked through my entire body. I began to get the sensation that I was seeing existence from this thing's point of view. I couldn't see much 'reality' as it was made up of individual dots.

Imagine a pointillism style picture, but with each point being a different view into an alternative universe. Now imagine you have a dog. In point 1 (universe 1?) I would enter this thing, like if I was on the outside, it just looked like a tiny point of light which was constantly changing cause of the snake (who has introduced himself to me as Quetzalcoatl, this is the 5-6 time I've seen this exact same being, first time with this octopus energy thing) changing position. When I would enter the point, it would get infinitely larger and would envelope my entire perception of reality. Like I would enter and the snake would almost disappear because it was creating realities and not being a part of it.

So I would enter point one. Say I had a dog, in reality 1, that dog gets hit by a car cause I forgot to leash it, and he dies.

Reality 1 instantly fades out and I get forcibly sucked into reality 2, where I still have the dog but this time I leashed him and he doesn't die. Now reality 2 something happens that is negative (say I'm out on a big date and spill my entire dinner on me somehow like a klutz) reality 2 fades and I'm instantly sucked into the next one. I spend the next 30-45 minutes traveling back and forth between them when I realize that these aren't my real world.

One of my people had asked me to deliver some goodiesz and was blowing up my phone, I was seeing like hddhdyeeee slaaaaaudi dbnnaaaaei. Just a whole lot of vowels and no sense at all. Somehow I texted him to please leave me alone I'm tripping on LSD then he was saying like guess you don't want this money, so I said I don't give a damn about your money I'm tripping please leave me along till morning (much worse spelling and tons of .'s lol let's see if he texts me ever again lol) but this really snapped me back to here and now, and since I had purged I was feeling the effects soften. Like I could coexist in this world and see this snake thing and not have it be a big deal. I went in and out of being lucid and being with Quetzalcoatl watching him create universes and realities. He seemed lonely, he told me I shouldn't have eaten too much because he would have enjoyed the company but it was my choice to create this reality.

This was weird. When he said that (remember I purged, my throat sore from puking, I've been a little sick so I had some congestion too) he changed my reality, it was like a ripple from head to toe, and when it was over I was perfectly fine. No sore throat, I could breathe super easily (still couldn't see with my eyes it was like seeing with fingers my point of view was coming in from everywhere). Eventually the feeling perfectly healthy and fine feeling slowly receded and my throat got hot and sore again.

When that happened, the snake started vibrating red, black and purple and then came out of my mouth, circled my head then back through my mouth and down my body where he faded. All of that happened in the pitch darkness.

When I came back to my body, I managed to turn the lights on, and my whole room was warping some crazy shit. Like I was getting kinda sick with how much movement there was, so I turned off the light where I just got tracer lights and the headspace and not as much nausea since my reality wasn't visibly warping. Then I thought I fell asleep but I don't think I have yet.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to smoke much weed, but maybe it made my trip really clear? I tripped super hard from about 1030 to about 2:30-3 am and faded from about 3-7. I think the purge took a lot out, I had it saved in this cup. You've heard of lemontek? Who dares try this purgetek lmao! The next day I did in fact try the purge tek and I did trip for a solid 4-5 hours vibrating bands of light and the shroom energy that was mad at me was more happy.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 110048
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Oct 11, 2021Views: 261
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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