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Dipping My Toes Into Interconnectedness
LSD & Cannabis
by New Age Philosopher
Citation:   New Age Philosopher. "Dipping My Toes Into Interconnectedness: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp110002)". Apr 28, 2020.

0.4 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)


Drug history: Started with THC at 22, MDMA and cocaine at 24. Being a Science school teacher I’d like to think I’m quite responsible with my drug use as I always use my physical observations and research to guide my use. I stopped using cocaine altogether after the 3rd use as my heart simply didn’t respond well to it (having irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath), especially the one time when mixing it with a small amount of alcohol, that is half a beer. With MDMA never used more than 2 capsules at any one time (did this on 3 occasions), and spread out the usage to using it 11 times over 3 years. Having had the opportunity to get some LSD I thought the time is right to try it.

Mindset: I approached LSD with more ‘respect’ and caution then I did with other drugs. Respectful of the fact of how valuable LSD may be as psychological tool to explore reality and how I may not be able to ‘consciously’ control my trip especially after reading about ego death. In terms of excitement It felt like similar to my first THC experience, where I did not do enough research and ended having the worst trip I had from any of my drug experiences. Researched about THC and it’s been good to me ever since. I was not going to make that mistake again.

I was quite positive and at ease as I made thorough preparations.
I was quite positive and at ease as I made thorough preparations.
The prior 2 weeks before taking LSD I bought EZ-test LSD, read extensively on LSD reports [and] watched videos on Youtube, they were very informative and help me ascertain (as much as I really could) what I was getting myself into.

Setting: My granny flat at home. My home is surrounded by trees some of which are over 8 metres tall. Bright sunny day with a scattering of clouds. EZ-test for LSD was done the night before to ease any nerves and bad mindset (essential, probably what put me at ease the most). 3 people in the granny flat, a trip sitter, my close friend from high school and I. Main house was empty.

My friend and I thought it was a good idea to graphically plot out trip (from 1 to 10) with the help of our trip sitter. During the trip we realised we didn’t know what scale to compare LSD experience too, whether it's how high we’ve ever felt or our own subjectivity. The following observations are mine with discussion with my friend. Our experiences were very parallel.

I also had a FitBit on to track my heart rate. Resting heart rate 65bpm.

Dosage and timing: +T0, 0.4 tab each 12pm. Cut 0.8 tab in half (0.2 of which was used for testing). Whilst having the tab under our tongues we put on a 10min guided meditation audio track to help be in the right mindset. We decided purposely to not put on too many videos or music during the come up, saving these for after the peak.

+T1: We agreed at this stage it felt most like THC so we used THC as the measuring scale.

4/10. Very mellow and calm. Perfect balance between a body high and head high. I just enjoyed sitting and looking at random objects and seem somehow find intrigue in to them. Geometrically symmetrical and parallel lines were especially attractive. Heart rate 80bpm.

+T2: 5/10. As we lay on recliners the warm and fuzzy feeling similar to MDMA really started to kick in. I remember saying ‘I’m sinking and meshing into this recliner hehe.’ Very smooth come up. I remember hearing a flock of bird fly our overhead, I heard nothing else (not the rushing wind or symbol sounding rustling of the wind). I could whatever layer of audio my mind chose to hear in isolation. Rather sounding like noise the birds sounded like they communicating purposely with proper language, with urgency and precision in their tones.

We then went outside for a while to take in nature. This was when the feeling of interconnected was really clear.
We then went outside for a while to take in nature. This was when the feeling of interconnected was really clear.
Every rush on breeze feels powerful and energetic. The interconnected of the wind, flowing through the grass causing it to sway to and fro as in a dance. The rustling of the leaves as an accompanying symphony. I felt so at ease, not a care about what drug I may be on. I was an observer of natures of work. Thinking back I realise the importance of nature, the flow of energy negates being stuck in bad thoughts, keeping me ‘in flow,' I am just in awe yet calm. Heart rate 92bpm.

+T3 6/10. This was when things started to feel different to any other drug. Visions of geometric become precise, very slightly warping of lines. I become slightly lost of my thoughts, at times blanking about. I remember looking at the lights with clouds in the background. The gaps in the leaves looked like glitter. Heart rate 102bpm.

+T4 to T6. 6.5/10 The low dose is not clear, we were now on a plateau. We put on Pink Floyd ‘Wish you were here’ and Jimi Hendrix ‘All along the watchtower'. Wow what a journey. The guitar which once sounded like isolated strums mesh into a string like instrument creating an immense atmosphere. Lyrics of the songs made so much sense, it spoke to us. Heart rate 103bpm.

+T7-11. 6/10 and dropping on a linear line come down as smooth as the come up. I never reach the real visuals deeper experience of what LSD has to offer.

Physical effects summarised: My heart rate peaked at 122bpm (not too high) but my heart rate on average around around 25bpm for 10-12 hours on LSD. This is a long time, so exercise and good fitness should help stay safe and get the most of the experience. For 2 weeks, before the trip, I jogged 3 times a week for 20min. On MDMA my average heart rate was 125bpm and peaked at 145.

My only other complaint, a very minor one, is my saliva ‘feels’ very slightly thicker and it becomes a bit hard to swallow during the come up. Whether this is physical or just forgetting to swallow I’m not sure. This discomfort is very minor and I notice this for about 10 seconds on around 3 occasions during the trip. Relax and it goes away.

Overall assessment: Although I did have a ‘full’ experience I think the experience is valuable before taking higher doses to keep me calm and be ‘primed’ for the peak. In my humble opinion minimal stimulation with music and videos prior to peak I think let my brain 'handle' the peak better. 3 hours before the peaks kicked in. Having gone through this experience will make me even more at ease for my full venture with high doses. I plan on doing 0.8 of tab next time. I realise rating scale I used for each hour should be halved to be comparable to the LSD experience scale. I really on reach 3.5/10 of what LSD I feel from my 0.4 tab (feels like 40micrograms).

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110002
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Apr 28, 2020Views: 756
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LSD (2) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Personal Preparation (45), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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