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Overdose, Hospitals and the Chipmunks
by LokiShiva692
Citation:   LokiShiva692. "Overdose, Hospitals and the Chipmunks: An Experience with DOC & MDMA (exp109988)". Erowid.org. Mar 19, 2017. erowid.org/exp/109988

T+ 0:00
350 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30   oral DOC (powder / crystals)


It was a night like any other night. Me and my friends decided to roll and ended up taking about 350mg MDMA each. Later in the night when the effects started to wear off, we decided to take some DOC to add some visuals to the experience.

We dropped at around 9pm and took the DOC at about 1 or 2 am.

Foolishly, even though we had a milligram scale, we simply licked our fingers and dipped them in. We had done this before and had a very mild trip, but this time, we ended up taking anywhere from 10mg-30mg.

Everything seemed fine for the first hour or two, until suddenly, we literally couldn't see an inch in front of our faces.

My cats began to lose their minds and when I tried to stop them, I didn't even know where I was. My friend spent most of her time in the bathroom throwing up, and I was trapped in a tornado of visuals that had me melting into the couch.

We had to turn off the TV and lights and I found myself trapped in an explosion of visuals that engulfed the entirety of my existence. Suddenly, I began to think I was trapped in some strange alternate reality in which I was trying to escape the police. Every time, I would get arrested and my other friend would pull back her hand and I would here the words, 'would you think that?'.

This would peel back the layers of reality, and I would find myself sitting on the couch again.

This happened at least a dozen times, and I my friend was taken to the bed because she was freaking out. She couldn't see anything and my other friend was extremely concerned.

In my dream/reality, I was trying to escape the police.
In my dream/reality, I was trying to escape the police.
They asked me what I took and for some reason I killed a police officer and was arrested. As I was taken away they asked me what I had taken and I said DOC, something they had never heard of, and suddenly my friend, as a chipmunk, peeled back the layers of reality again.

This continued to happen. My friend would shoot my other friend with a shotgun as they continued with this strange prank war and I would slowly be dragged into some strange reality where I would be dragged away by the police.

The strange chipmunk dream continued for hours as they kept pranking each other and suddenly I woke up in a strange bed.

The doctors kept telling me that I had taken a drug and overdosed and I kept imagining this weird scenario where they moved my bed around, put a metal diaper on me and made me into a sandwich. They told me I was still high as fuck and had had a seizure.

My mom eventually showed up and took me home. I visited my friend who saw the entire hospital staff as strange fish people and had no idea what was going on.

Neither of us knew how we got there but my other friend told us she had called 911 because she realized we had overdosed.

Thankfully, I was the only one who had a seizure. I haven't been able to walk for 2 days and am in horrible pain.

So yeah. Always weigh out your doses.

March 2017
I wrote the report above a day and a half after the trip, which lasted almost two days, so it had been about 3.5 days since dosing. It was at that time my legs started to hurt (it wasn't immediate), the soreness was so intense I was unable to walk for another 2.5 days, at which point I was struggling to actually walk pretty heavily.

Throughout those days the rest of my body got pretty sore as well, but it didn't prevent me from walking so it was less noticeable (my arms hurt just as much). So I was incapacitated for nearly an entire week. A couple days later I returned to the hospital because I had severe pain in my abdomen which a walk in clinic doctor thought might be my appendix.

They told me to wait a few days so they didn't have to blast me with radiation (ultrasound didn't work) and it went away, so I think it was just something to do with the pain I had been feeling before which had mostly dissipated.

As for aftereffects of the trip mentally, I felt extremely high for the first 2 days and couldn't see straight, day three I was mildly tripping, and day four was a light buzz that went away when I ate dinner. I can still vividly picture the visions I was having but feel otherwise back to normal. The two people who I tripped with however, did have had some pretty intense aftereffects.

The one who ended up in the hospital with me (thinking everyone was fish people), has had some pretty intense depression and anxiety afterwards with the occasional flashback. The other, who witnessed me having a seizure hasn't had any mental health problems, but has been pretty upset and scarred by it all, and has flashbacks randomly and whenever she revisits specific places.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109988
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Mar 19, 2017Views: 2,408
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