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Two Sides of the Same Sword
Citation:   Caramel. "Two Sides of the Same Sword: An Experience with 3-MEO-PCE (exp109975)". Erowid.org. Feb 13, 2017. erowid.org/exp/109975

15 mg   3-MEO-PCE (powder / crystals)
I have tried both 3-MEO-PCP and 3-MEO-PCE and I feel it is unjust to give a report on the latter without itís comparison to the former. The two are undoubtedly sister chemicals. The PCP variant as a whole came off as very jagged to me, and the understanding of this is what clarifies the experience of 3-MEO-PCE.

3-MEO-PCE (or simply PCE as it shall hereafter be referred to in this report for the sake of fluidity) is a fascinating dissociative. Its sister chemical was not my favorite thing that I had tried as I had felt very on edge with it. The body buzz was wonderful but there was always something reminiscent of the amphetamine anxiety and ďtautnessĒ as I feel it. I enjoyed the drug but was constantly on the edge of my seat the first time I tried it; ready to chime in with my next contribution to the conversation the instant someone else finished speaking. The PCE side of this chemical is not the same at all. I had read reports online of mania and addiction being the main concerns with this chemical, but I must say the points seem a bit over stressed in my eyes. By all means, all chemicals of this nature should be treated with respect, but my experiences have been quite calm.
my experiences have been quite calm.

+2 Hours

The two chemicals come off as yin and yang to one another. Where 3-MEO-PCP is grinding and mechanical, 3-MEO-PCE is warm and fluid. If I had to escape from abstract adjectives, Iíd call it euphoric. The body high remains so very similarly from its sister, but my thoughts are far more uplifted and calm. If I were to liken my mind to a body of water, the PCE is a leaf that gently sends ripples along the surface, while the 3-MEO-PCP is a rock. They both achieve the same effect, just through different mechanisms.

+4 Hours

Coming over the peak now. Lots of laughter and elation over all with minimally impaired motor skills. I have been playing video games for an hour or two now and performing as well as I normally would. My appreciation for music is enhanced as well and I have some stop-motion-animation style vision if I turn quickly. Most likely visuals created in my own mind rather than something the chemical is doing consistently, but noticeable none the less.

+7 Hours

I have mostly come down at this point. On the tail end I did notice some degree of headache but it was quelled by drinking an obscene amount of water so itís possible it had more to do with dehydration than the compound. Most likely a little bit of both there. Come down is relatively mellow for the amount of fun had. Stimulant effects still present for sure but Iím beginning to get tired. I have noticed the body high is highly synergistic with cannabis and this effect remains on the come down (i.e. I can bring back some of the body high felt before even though it is mostly gone now). Overall a very pleasant experience, although this head ache is a bit of a bummer. Iíd like to try a higher dose (around the 25-30mg range) seeing as how I havenít had any bad experiences yet, but it will have to wait a few days as I donít feel this come down is something Iíd want to put my brain through too often.

Relevant Experience: MXE, 3-MEO-PCP, LSD, MDMA, M1, Cocaine, Heroin, and a few others Iím forgetting

[Reported Dose: '15mg IF']

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Feb 13, 2017Views: 6,295
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