I Was So Desperate That I Headed for Tijuana
Ibogaine or Iboga [not specified]
Citation:   Judah. "I Was So Desperate That I Headed for Tijuana: An Experience with Ibogaine or Iboga [not specified] (exp109908)". Erowid.org. May 18, 2018. erowid.org/exp/109908

  smoked DMT
I realized that my opiate problem had hit terminal velocity. At the time, I was being prescribed #380 30 mg Roxycodone per month. (that is not a typo) That prescription was lasting me about two weeks! I would find my remaining heroin/pills on the street. The two months prior to my Ibogaine experience, I was buying well over a thousand pills per month, on top of my prescription and some heroin after that ran out.

I researched potential cures for opiate addiction until I could no-longer see straight. Finally, when buying some black market pills, a buddy told me about this potential cure from Africa—Iboga, or, Ibogaine. Though I wasn’t hopeful, I was all ears. He explained that I would go on a trip, something like LSD, for 3-4 days! I was hooked on pain pills for over ten years
I was hooked on pain pills for over ten years

And, so, after a long road of researching clinics and what were perceived to be bullshit testimonials, I was so desperate that I too was headed for Tijuana. After being picked up from the San Diego Airport, I was riding shotgun with a stranger who thought he was ‘Jesus Christ.’ I know. This sounds crazy as fuck, and it WAS!

I arrived at a nondescript mansion on a bluff facing the ocean, at the ‘playa’ in ‘TJ.’ After an evening of DMT smoking (to ‘make sure I could handle’ the crazy-ass Ibogaine experience), I was ‘ready’. The following morning, after being physically carried into a basement which looked like the dungeon of a Scottish Castle, I took the ‘test dose.’ Following an hour or so of impatient anticipation, I began to notice mechanical spiders crawling up the walls. Not long after that, I was shot into outer space and billions of earthlings ‘celebrated my cosmic existence’ as I blissfully orbited our globe.

I travelled to many dimensions and times. I experienced some of the most ugly things a human can experience, but then, when I least expected it, I met God. (Don’t judge, unless you too have done this) She was beautiful! I saw every single animal, who has ever strayed our planet, explode into life from fossils in a cliffside as ‘God’ narrated to me what I was watching. I saw wars, revolutions, and civil wars repeat themselves as if they were scripted, over-and-over-again. I saw migrations of people, beasts, insect and fowl, as they all crept across vast land and ice-expanses which seasonally formed bridges to lifesaving lands. And then there was the unexplainable, lots of that.

This is a beautiful story of incarnation, back into the person that I know and love(d)—the me that I knew was in there came back out. Despite all of the lies and bullshit that I had been force-fed by our US government, there WAS a cure to the most heinous of all addictions—opiate dependency. When the effects of the ‘medicine’ wore off, after only a couple of AMAZING days, I was already mad—PISSED—that I had to sneak into Tijuana, with no passport, for the cure to what I was taught was an ‘incurable disease.’

When I left Tijuana, I felt as if I had gotten away with something. I have always been an adventurer which is probably part of the reason that I had gotten myself into this position in the first place.

Months passed as I began to write down my experience, and ponder the meaning of the visions which I had experienced while in Mexico. Most of which, at the time, made no sense at all. But, unlike LSD, which I had done in my youth, these ‘experiences’ grew more-and-more profound.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 109908
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39
Published: May 18, 2018Views: 2,297
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