Healed by Insectoid Energy Beings
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2 hits vaporized DMT
Drug Experience and Mindset
This was my first time doing DMT, but I’ve had moderate experience with Mushrooms and LSD in the last three years. In that time, I’ve had probably about 20 or 30 trips total, most of which were very positive experiences. I’ve also had experience with Marijuana, Kratom, Kava, DXM and several prescription uppers, downers and opiates. My mindset coming into this trip was relatively stable. I’ve been in a healthy relationship for over a year, and am in a good place socially in my small group. Leading up to the trip, I read ‘DMT, the Spirit Molecule’, ‘True Hallucinations’ and other works pertaining to psychedelics, culture, science and buddhism in an attempt to frame my experience and get more from it.

Intentions (Before)
I go into this trip seeking mainly a deeper understanding of the universe, myself, and the relation between the two. I hope to use this trip to help bring more understanding, and a sense of direction into my life.

I had cleaned my room and my mental space by meditating for a while before the blast off. I turned off the lights, and lit several candles, and kept the room silent. When I was ready, I invited my two friends and roommates and my girlfriend to join me as I lay in my bed. I sat up and took the biggest hit I could, and held it in for about 15 seconds. As soon as I began to exhale a cold energy vibrated throughout my head; as if I had burst into a fast stream of blue energy. I took a second large hit and felt a vibration and mechanical buzzing sound emanating through me and everywhere around me at once. I exhaled and the room began to take on impossible depth and my hands developed deep fractal rivers and the crack pipe I had used began to shrink. The pipe then started wriggling away, so I handed it to my roommate and laid down and closed my eyes.

Immediately the buzzing that I felt and heard took on a holistic attitude and I was transported through it into another dimension all together. I say transported, but I feel that I was in the same place, and that this place had come to me, or simply revealed itself all around me.
I say transported, but I feel that I was in the same place, and that this place had come to me, or simply revealed itself all around me.
I did not ‘see’ another dimension, I experienced it. I lost all feeling of body and self, and seemed to zoom out past such limiting concepts in a fractal flash of incomprehensible grandeur. My ego resisted for a few moments and reflected on the strangeness of the situation. I saw what I thought of myself, then my actual self, relationships and life laid out before me for a brief time before it was all blasted away completely. I remember travelling through some sort of digital tunnel, like I was gliding through hyperspace. The tunnel walls were glowing and pulsating, and dripping with audible sensations. It felt like a long while travelling and was completely overwhelming. After a while, I came to a mandala type entrance of some sort, which reminds me of New Mexican Pueblo Indian art. It had deep red and brown concentric overlapping layers with nodes of orange light throughout. At the center was a bigger node of orange light that seemed to call to me. I call it the ‘hyper-dimensional sphincter’.

I fell through the hyper-dimensional sphincter and seemed to then travel through outer space and outside of time to a different vantage point, far in the future, or past, or not in time. I felt a deep sense of connectivity and kinship with all matter, as well as with the strange and fantastic forms of energy I saw. I felt the energy from ancestors or relatives of some kind reach out and touch me, welcoming me. They were calling out to me and reassuring me that everything would be okay, and that the life and universe I know completely connected and heading to some specific point in the future. With these reassurances, I began to remember my own mind and the intentions for why I had come to this space.

Then I experienced, or ‘became’ to use a better word, a deep sense of love and devotion that flowed through me and fused with me. It was accompanied by orange and yellow display of morphing landscapes. I was very aware that this was the energy of new life, of a child, and I felt a very deep connection to it. I heard the laughter of a child, and felt its life growing and changing. It was reaching out and showing me its love and compassion and what it could bring to me. It seemed to lie somewhere in my future and I felt a deep sense of love and gratitude back towards this energy, and at the same time towards the energy of my mother who gave me life.

My journey through hyperspace slowed and I came through the fractal waves of information and out into a room that reminded me of a palace. I realized that I was beginning to separate from the pure energy of the experience and became aware that I had taken a drug and in fact, high as hell. At the center of a large room sat a huge entity towering in its importance and complexity. It, as well as the rest of the experience, is impossible to describe. The best visualization I can compare it to is the Lincoln Monument. It was a huge being materialized at the center of concentric circles of interweaving energies. It had a pale grey-white body and sat on a pale throne. Its head looked like a huge gently rotating diamond with a blanket of compound eyes coating its surface. There seemed to be streaming bits of color from the background energy orbiting it’s head like slowed down electrons with wills of their own. I call this thing the ‘Lincoln Compound Eye King’. It seemed like a god compared to me, because it existed in a higher and more aware dimension than I, but I had the feeling it was also part of a continuum with energies higher that it.

The being was surely aware of me, and I remembered that earlier in my experience when I became anxious in hyperspace, it reached its hand out to me and caused me to feel the child’s energy, as if it was directing the experience. I also became more and more aware of my own ego and some of my body at this time and realized I was laying in a chamber lying on warm coils of pure energy that surged through me. I noticed several other beings of bundled energy that resembled mechanical insects or fleas. I call the ‘workers’ because they seemed to be very involved in helping to control and direct my experience. They were operating on me. I became very confused and anxious that I was in some sort of hyper-dimensional alien operating room, but they communicated through direct feeling that they were healing me, so I calmed down and let them do their thing.

One of the workers, that felt like a more female energy was close to my right side, trying to speak with me and reassure me. It was chirping, like a mechanical bird underwater. The workers were also chirping to each other all under the watchful presence of the Lincoln being. I couldn’t, nor did I try, to understand this language, and instead laid back absorbing the healing rays of energy that were being shot into my soul and body by these workers. I was amused and in disbelief at this point and my roommates heard me smile, chuckle and say a few words at this time. After a while, the healing began to fade and the beings became faint in my vision. I felt washed over with fractal rivers of all colors like the window of a car wash, and began to leave the place where I had laid. I realized the trip was almost over and regretted having to leave that beautiful place. I communicated a sense of deep respect and gratitude to the beings and what they had done for me, and they acknowledged it. I was then sucked back through hyperspace, through the different realms I had traveled and back through the field of vibrations and definitely into my own room.

As soon as I could, I began speaking to my real life companions about my journey, and communicated as much of what happened as I could to them. And soon after wrote the beginnings of this report.

Reflections (Day After)
I’m still in utter disbelief. It was an incredibly powerful and real journey, and it all happened in under 10 mins. It was all so strange and fantastic that speculation seems absurd. However, I do feel that the beings I contacted in that realm are related to humans somehow, and there is life and awareness in higher dimensions that happens all around us, but that we can’t see or measure. I think DMT may open the flood gates to these higher dimensions. I also felt that I was truly moving through, or outside of time during some of my experience. I felt my past and my future, and myself growing old and looking back on the experience. I also felt the lifeforce of a child. I have the feeling this is my future child, or it may have been myself as a child. The emotion that was imparted to me during that experience and the others is hard to describe, and I still feel it strongly. The journey felt very real, ‘realer than real’ as they say. I wasn’t constrained by my physical body or perspective and became an energy of pure awareness in these strange lands. I was outside of time and myself and fused with the bare essence, and it was alive and compassionate in a fuller sense than I ever imagined. I accepted the experience as real and valuable, and I think that allowed me to go as deep as I did. If only a sliver of the DMT reality exists somehow (which I think it may), then everything is intimately related and there are vast invisible realms that co-exist and are connected with my own.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109833
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 3, 2020Views: 2,187
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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