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Nice Speedy Stimmed Feeling
by Nov3
Citation:   Nov3. "Nice Speedy Stimmed Feeling: An Experience with 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (exp109791)". Jan 14, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 mg buccal 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 50 mg oral 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:15 30 mg oral 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:25 30 mg oral 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (powder / crystals)


A First Experience and Later Updated Notes

Below is a fairly indepth account of my first experience with 2-fma, and an update with notes from later experiences.

- Just done 1-2mg alergy test on gums.

T+0:00 – An hour after the alergy test I got impatient, and with no negative effect thus-far bombed 50mg. I'm quite excited about this one and I done 4-FA a couple of days ago for first time in a while and really enjoyed it. It’s really got me in the mood for some non-rushy clear-headed stims again! They feel so much cleaner then Mephedrone and other substituted cathinones.

T+0:20 – I'm starting to feel an increase in energy
T+0:20 – I'm starting to feel an increase in energy
, started bobbing in my seat listening to some Industrial must and preparing to play some games on Call of Duty when I come up a bit more. I seem more chatty on msn too. Feeling nice so far.

T+1:00 – Feels like a really clean clear-headed stim, chatty, alert, with a nice gentle euphoria, and increased energy. Not as euphoric as 4-FA, but more more of a clear-headed straight stim, though still with euphoria to make it a good recreational drug! All this from only 50mg too!

T+1:15 – Presuming I must have fully come up by now I feel pretty good, though I think I could of done with an extra 15mg or so. Will see how it goes for another couple of hours. Don't have the patience to play video games now.

T+1:30 – I just checked the mirror and my eyes are not dilated at all. Peeing is easy. Feeling some slight euphoric head tingles as well now.

T+3:00 – Levelling out now, really enjoyed the first dose though it could of done with a tad more euphoria. Gonna re-dose 40mg and see how it goes. From the other reports I read most people seemed to end up dosing around 70mg over the night. Think I should of gone straight with 70mg instead of 50mg, but ah well was a nice taster dose!

T+3:15 – Just re-dosed 30mg oral and will see where this takes me. Tempted to do a decent like 60mg bomb but figure it’s best playing it safe this first time.

T+7:15– That re-dose seemed to have worked, at least made the high last longer. Still feel pretty good, though hands and feet are cold and the euphoria's died down. Tempted to do more even though I know I probably shouldn't...

T+7:25 – Going to bomb another 30mg and call it a night.

General Comments

Overall it's a really nice, clear-headed, clean feeling stimulant with a mild 'heady' euphoria. Next time I'll probably up the original dose to about 70mg and see if it gets me to a good place. It's kind of like a smoother, more enjoyable, speed (street amphet)/meth if I could compare it to anything.

I don't generally like street speed but this definitely had a speedyness to it, and didn't feel as 'tweaked' as meth. Think it'd be really nice in a social situation and on a dose like 50mg (besides talking alot of shit) it probably wouldn't be too obvious.

Will be interesting to see what the after effects are like once I stop/start coming down.

UPDATE - A few weeks later

Over the past couple of days I must of gone through at least 300-400mg of it, the first night I bombed about 70mg after coming down from 4-meo-pcp - worked just as well as before.

I ended up re-dosing another 50mg that night, and maybe another 30mg in the morning. Then I spent the day lounging about and feeling fine (though I did have a couple of Etizolam). Usually after stimulants like 4-fa and MDMA I wouldn't be up for doing them 2 days in a row, but with this there's so few negative side effects I thought, what the hey! So I dosed another 70mg that night.

What I have found is that the initial euphoria wears off after the first couple of hours
I have found is that the initial euphoria wears off after the first couple of hours
, and even though I have a really nice clean residual stimulation for another couple of hours which I could be content with, I end up re-dosing anyway just to chase the first wave. Re-dosing works fine and I get the wave of euphoria I desire without any ill effects!

I also tried snorting it for the first time last night, my last couple of re-doses I done smallish 20mg lines - that initial glowy euphoria hits me faster and stronger, no slap, but I'm rewarded in a lovely gentle glowing way! I think this stuff has a lot of potential for addiction because there's so few negative effects!

As for the high, the euphoria isn't overwhelming, the overall duration of about 4 hours is slightly too short for my liking (though this does have its positive side as I don't feel I have to 'commit' so much time to it) and I was hoping for a slightly lower dose range as it's a MethAmp analogue. A clean-headed stim which feels gentle on the body. I'm trying to think of a good overall term for it, I guess 'Clarity' would be a good street name.

I don't get a slap and my eyes don't roll into the back of my head, but it's got a nice speedy stimmed feeling which other 'gentle' stims lack MMAI, methylone, and flephedrone etc., and it has less insomnia/negative physical feels/edgeyness which I tend to get from the more 'buzzier/rushier' kind of stims (like Mephedrone, Butylone, MDPV, Meth .etc.)

I've just woken up for 6 hours sleep over the past 48 hours and feel great! I had a couple of etiz before I went to bed at 3am this morning so that will be something to do with it I'm sure, but if I get as little crash as I have from the last couple of times doing this chem I shall be very content indeed.

I feel like I could spend every day on this and be content without the feelings of anxiety and/or physical symptoms I get from the 'pushier' kind of stims like meph. I used to think 4-fa was a gentle but nice stim, but I've now found it's gentler cousin (I don't mistake gentle for weak, just lacking in negative side effects). 4-fa has FAR more euphoria, lasts ALOT longer, but also comes with that drawn out come-down and sometimes a weird heart beat if I end up doing slightly too much over the night. 2-fma has less euphoria, but a really clean, sharp mental euphoria which is very pleasant.

EDIT - I still feel as though I have some residual stimulation despite the 2mg Etiz and the 6 hours of sleep. It's a nice clean feeling though, not the drawn out feeling like on 4-fa. Also may be worth noting that I noticed mild stim psychosis creeping in on the second night (after 30+ hours with no sleep and ~350mg in my system).


After many trials with this stimulant I can definitely confirm it's one of my favorite RC's, but dosing any more than 100mg in one night will end with no sleep for at least 30 hours, and doesn't seem to get me any higher. Even benzos aren't much help at doses over 70mg.

15-20mg doses are great for work, 50-70mg doses are great as a more social recreational drug.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109791
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jan 14, 2017Views: 5,367
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