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Clearness, Communication, and Dexterity
by Wookie
Citation:   Wookie. "Clearness, Communication, and Dexterity: An Experience with AMT (exp10965)". Feb 15, 2002.

  oral Alcohol (liquid)
  50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


I had prepared a vial of AMT dissolved in alcohol (100 proof vodka). The concentration was approximately 1 mg per drop rounded up (whenever I lost count when filling the vial with drops of vodka I'd round down so as to make the concentration weaker if any errors occured). Afterwards I determined that I may have ended up with slightly less than 1mg per drop. The dosages listed are assuming about 1mg per drop.)

Having tried the substance in two low dose experiments (about 35 and 25 mgs) and experiencing expected results (at least consistent with what I had read in the erowid experience vaults) I felt safe in offering this to friends. The evening started with a few musician friends of mine and I playing an unxpected and unrehearsed gig at a local open mic night bar.

After the jams we returned to a nearby apartment complex made some drinks and decided to try this out. At first I thought that it would just be myself and 2 of my close friends, but soon most of the crew at the apartment was curious and we decided to have a nice group AMT trip.

The subjects/doses are myself: 250 lbs/male/50mg, D large/male/~40mg, T small/male/~25mg, L large/male/~40mg, R small/female/~25mg, B medium/male/~35 mg, C small/female/~30mg. The drops are taken in glasses of water. L is taken aback by the fowl taste. Others feel the taste is unpleasant but not terrible, or that there is no taste at all. Fortunately, B comments on the smell of AMT which I find not terribly offending but not pleasant...but strong! He agrees and describes the smell as mothballs which I feel is right on the nose. Most others do not smell the solution, but both B and I can smell it even capped from a distance. Who knows.

We all dosed approximately 11pm. By midnight the buzzy portion of the experience is starting to manifest in all and is escorted in by the now familiar nausea which is unsettling but not uncontrollable. D, T, R, C, and I decided that drinking isn't going to sit right with this ride and actually switch to water with out hesitation (quite a sight for this group of characters). B and L decide to continue drinking beers. The overall tone of the group has not changed much by this point and normal activities and coversation persist with both trippers and non trippers present.

A few more hours into the experience and all 5 non drinkers seem to have their experiences beautifully synched. We comment on the dynamic character of the experience as AMT gracefully dose it's dance from buzzy body to nice visuals. It's a little like a psychadellic ballet.

L has experienced the buzzy body part but not really much of the trippier part and is not having visuals. B is right out. I noticed he was a bit quiet and a little confused earlier. He approached me and simply said 'I can trust you, right?'. Taking a look at those eyes I could tell he was somewhere else. We talked and explained his dosage and effects. He was undoubtedly experiencing some delerium, but not at all paranoid or skitty, or out of control. Delightful!

A definite advantage of this drug lacking the mind bending qualities of some other tryptamines was standing before me. A little talking and he was ok, but still plain old blasted. He finally agreed with our earlier comments and cut the drinking and took a few glasses of water. Water is an absolute delight on AMT as I find my thirst great, but alcohol nauseating.

About 4-5 in the morning and the experience has taken a more communal turn perhaps because there are less non-trippers around. We are now all in the 'den' portion of the studio apartment (it's an odd studio that is almost 4 rooms but only 1). The guitars are broken out in full force, there are about 4 guitars and a bass and an ample supply of music energy.

Communication is running high at this point and I find myself being able to listen better than I think I usually do. The jams were BEAUTIFUL! The play between musicians was great, the riffs were more unique than I would have expected from a significant dose of mushrooms or LSD, and all commented on the lack off dexterity impedance. Fingers were flying and we were makin some serious vibes. Unfortunately, I played until one of my fingers developed a hole as the result of playing until I blistered, and then playing till the blisters broke, and then playing till I ripped the skin under the blister(it was worth it to make those sounds though).

By 6:30 or so the mood has lightned into a sillyness as all are just impressed by the new faces of AMT that continually unveil and delight. B has come back from la la land and is able to talk candidly about what had been going on with him before...wherever he went I guess it wasn't scary...just very unusual and probably pretty far away. It is as this time now that I'm starting to develop a headache and we all sort of simultaneously realize we've been clenching and grinding for a long time. Some gum is dispensed with varying results. For myself it eliminated the jaw clenching, but the headache persisted even with some ibuprofen and would prove to be quite annoying as time passed.

The silly tone of the gathering increases as the mini disc currently playing runs out but we realize we're having too much fun just talking. The conversation is light hearted as we pick on each other and tell jokes and laugh like children. The utterance of an imaginary word 'grundle' to describe the groin has become a running gag that is going to stick with this circle for a while I have a feeling. The great concept of Fat Happy Babies is also discussed a little more.

It was around this time that the effects of the AMT stabalized in character and began to slowly fade in intensity. This experience was wonderful. L is starting to feel a little ill and is concluded that this is most likely due to alcohol also. I received many thanks for introducing them to it. A few claim it is one of the best chemically induced experiences they've had and liked the AMT more than the average LSD or MDMA experience. I'm starting to appreciate this substance more with each experience and also love the fact that I don't even desire to add alcohol to the mix.

To my delight everyone agreed with out prompting that we need to keep a wrap on this substance as it is quite special and we would hate to loose it to the black market. Some say they would like to take more next time, some less, some say it was just right, kind of a three little bears phenomena I guess. The joys of opennes with frankness and amazement without fear are not come upon easily and this night will be rembered and treasured for a while.

P.S. - After reaxamining the vial of AMT this morning it seems to be a good deal more full than I expected, leading me to believe I may have diluted the solution more a bit so the above doses are most likely higher than the actual doses (yeah, now I've got more AMT!)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10965
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 15, 2002Views: 11,568
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AMT (7) : Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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