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Life Is an Amazing Thing
LSD, Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis
by jaydon
Citation:   jaydon. "Life Is an Amazing Thing: An Experience with LSD, Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis (exp109595)". Dec 7, 2016.

T+ 2:30
40 mg oral Amphetamines  
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 2 hits   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 10:00 2 hits   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 13:30   repeated vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   oral Unknown  


This trip was very risky and I could have had a bad trip.

6:00 pm:

Dropped 2 125UG tabs swallowed them after 15 minutes. Ate a burger and sat in bed anticipating effects. This is my first LSD experience.

7:00 pm:

Did not feel any different


I was looking at my fans ceiling shadow while it was turned off. The shadow began to change color and shape into a cannabis leaf. It was a very vibrant blend of Rasta colors and it began to get jagged around the edges. It slowly got brighter and brighter and in an instance exploded into a flash of color. They started spinning around and began to turn into shapes indescribably complex. It appeared the fan was turned on. The shadow began spinning with very bright colors following the blades. The shadow was so vibrant the actual fan seemed to disappear and it was only the shadow left. The room kept blacking out repeatedly I would stare at the shadow and it would get bigger and bigger until it got so dark I would think my eyes were closet. After a few seconds it would shrink and get smaller and it would repeat.

7:45 pm

I turned my light off and lay in bed listening to music. I could see the outline of the window in the darkness. As I took a breathe of air it would get bigger as I breathed out it began to get smaller I enjoyed seeing this and the longer I stared the more it changed. I began seeing very bright pink outlining the blinds and the whole room was moving. I could see the outline of furniture and they were moving and the darkness turned into many shapes and even a few figures that looked like faces. The entire world felt alive.
The entire world felt alive.
I layed in bed smiling so hard I started crying tears of joy. I was smiling so much it hurt my mouth, I laughed at just the thought of that I've never been so happy it hurts to smile. The thought of experiencing that for the first time made me even more happy.

In an instance it felt as if everything stress was gone. Just completely stress free and I layed in bed just mind blown at how happy I was. I was trying to wrap my mind around how you have bad trip. I asked myself “how do people have bad trips? I'm the happiest I've been in years.”

I also asked this because I wasn't in a good setting, my parents were awake and I was in my room which made me question how bad trips work. I was in a bad spot and still had the time of my life. I even had to talk too my mom and I did it just fine without freaking out or thinking bad thoughts.


Took 4 Adderall 10mg XR prescribed to me and smoked an 8th of weed.


Very heavy effects the entire room was shaking almost indescribable. The weed made the effects feel 10x heavier. Music was very different it sounded a lot more crisp and real if that makes sense.

I walk outside to get my skateboard that I left in my friends car. The cold air was freezing, my hands felt like they were frozen solid. My phone looks completely different, I almost got confused trying to play music on my own phone. I can't describe how it was different it was just very odd a lot of things felt out of place. The sound cloud interface was completely different and I sat there for 20 minutes trying to learn how to use my own phone. I laughed for a good 10 minutes after knowing I couldn't even use my own phone I've had for a year. It was hilarious to me.

I decide to drop another two tabs I keep them in my mouth for 30 minutes and swallow them with water… I'm still feeling heavy effects from the first 2 tabs

This is when shit gets crazy! I get on the bus for school and look out the window. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The sun was just rising and I was speechless at the beauty of the world. I realized just how blessed we are to live. I grew a new respect for life, for the world.

I finally get to school and I meet this guy I was selling Adderall too. He gives me the money and we are talking in the bathroom. I told him what I did and he said and I quote “your eyes look like flying saucers” I was laughing but deep down mentally was kind of scared that my eyes were wide enough for teachers to notice. He calmed me down saying “no teacher is gonna think high school kids have access to LSD if anything they might think you're just hyped up on caffeine.” We part ways and he wishes me luck. I was calmed down a bit by what he said. Still very worried I decided to take deep breaths and as I did the hallway moved with me it made me chuckle and calmed me down a bit. I started walking with my other friend. I wanted to be around someone sober so I can stay “down to earth.”
I wanted to be around someone sober so I can stay “down to earth.”
He has taken tabs before so I figured if I'm gonna be around anyone it should be him.

I had a free period first block so instead of getting signatures (it was my last day had to get my teachers signatures for grades and stuff) I decided to take the period to get myself together. I sat in the bathroom vaping with my friend (the one who had taken tabs) he showed me trippy pictures on google it was actually quite fun. The tiles in the bathroom were also very trippy. They were black and white checker colored and I sat there in amazement as it moved and changed under me. I looked down at my shoes and the floor would get closer and closer and farther and it seemed like I was spinning. Mentally I knew I wasn't spinning so I wasn't dizzy but in my eyes it appeared as if I was. I looked in the mirror at myself and stared into my eyes and I was amazing. It made me smile to know I was blessed enough to have people like this, someone who would look after me. He could've said no and went to class but he skipped and stayed with me instead.  It made me smile to know I had someone who would do that for me.

It was my last day in school (hence the reason I said fuck it and tripped in school) I had to walk around talking to all of my teachers getting their signatures.

Walked around getting signatures. I felt like every person I passed was looking at me. I made akward eye contact with a few people and their faces were very trippy and intimidating. I managed to take 4 tests I had to make up I was starting to peak as I was talking to my bio teacher… that did not go well. I think she knew something was up she gave me an odd look but I took my test and I left. I was walking around school for another 30 minutes vaping in the bathrooms switching every 5 minutes or so I wouldn't get caught.

I realized how hard I was tripping and it only seemed to get more and more real. My mom picked me up I said bye to the office and left for home so happy to be gone.

A few days later….

I can't describe how but when I smoke weed now it feels VERY DIFFERENT. I legitimately feel like I'm tripping off of the weed. I still feel sort of a “hangover effect” things are still wavy and weed is almost a complete different high.

Overall a very dumb idea and I should not have done it but overall I didn't have a bad trip had a little bit of anxiety but I take medicine for that so it helps keep the anxiety down which really saved my ass. If I hadn't taken that medicine I feel I would have had a bad trip at school. But I didn't, I had an amazing time and saw some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Be blessed people life is an amazing thing live life one day at a time.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109595
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 7, 2016Views: 5,262
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), School (35)

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