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Weird Side Effects Rush of Hormones
by NooMan
Citation:   NooMan. "Weird Side Effects Rush of Hormones: An Experience with GABA (exp109531)". Nov 25, 2016.

700 mg oral GABA


GABA was recommended to me by my Doctor as a means to help address low growth hormone levels, as well as tension relief and sleep aid. I have taken a lot of supplements over the years, and have only noted a few that have notable effects on a per-dose basis; GABA is one of them.

First, the side effects: When taking GABA in the morning, on an empty stomach, I notice mild side effects at approximately T+ 1 hour. These include a ‘rush’ of blood flow which feels very warming, a slight tingling of extremities, and an odd shortness of breath. The shortness of breath lasts only a period of seconds, and has been experienced multiple times within a window of ~20 minutes. These side effects are mild, but unsettling at first. After I realized these were common, they are actually somewhat fun.

The benefits; I have issues with constipation, and I find GABA gets things moving in the mornings. It seems to ‘jump start’ my body as well. More on-label though, I find that I have fewer racing thoughts, and feel a sort of insulation mentally whereas before I would classify my mental functions as being slightly brittle—for lack of a better word. More mentally resilient would also be an apt means of describing the sensation maybe. When taken before bed, on an empty stomach, it also seems to help me sleep with less disturbances throughout the night. However, I do note a pronounced sluggishness in the mornings that takes about 30 minutes to wear off.

Overall, I would say that GABA is very beneficial for me, and the side effects are closer to just a little morning excitement than anything of actual concern.

Notes: When I sleep particularly well, I don’t experience any of the side effects in the morning.
When I sleep particularly well, I don’t experience any of the side effects in the morning.
Also, while doing some research, I stumbled upon a link which briefly touches on GABA, from the perspective of being a ‘Nootropic’. I myself hadn’t ever heard of the term, but found that many other compounds discussed in the article provided mental benefits similar to GABA. Particularly, the 5-HTP compound they discuss has helped with my mental resilience as well and, oddly, seems to have helped bowel movements as well.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109531
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Nov 25, 2016Views: 6,813
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