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Smoothest, Least Uncomfortable Analogue
Citation:   Andy5750. "Smoothest, Least Uncomfortable Analogue: An Experience with a-PVP (exp109479)". Nov 20, 2016.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral alpha-PVP (capsule)
  T+ 0:40   vaporized alpha-PVP  
  T+ 1:45   vaporized alpha-PVP  
A-PVP - Oral Experience

One evening, a vulcan man was bored. He wanted to test his ability to keep control of his mind's. Since he was just finishing a PvP match, he decided to try the substance.


TUVOK said he would take his usual preferred dose to start. No other substances were taken simultaneously. Last night's vulcan 'incense' had completely worn off. In his quarters laid on bed at home with cats in and out of room (pick-me-up). Parents sat across the house (threat). Not hungry but only ate lightly, one snack immediately before starting.

Measured 2 x 50mg doses with empty capsules and closed (logical!). Previously had confirmed his vulcan physiology was not allergic and will live long and prosper after the test.

BEGIN (t = 00:00)
Washed down the 2 capsules together with a glass of lemonade. Laid back and waited patiently with voyager on in the background, moderate 'mood' lighting.

CURIOUS (t + 00:20)
Noticed: Can 'taste' in breathing that the capsules have begun to dissolve.

MENTAL: Very mild, but steady increase in alertness and euphoria (almost like 4-mmc, but far more gradual).

PHYSICAL: proportional increase in feeling cold & veins less visible under skin. Tuvok allows it to build.
Current summary: optimistically.

IMPRESSIVE (T + 00:40 )
As he suspected the peak to be close, Tuvok added roughly 0.2mg to a 3ml e-cig tank and proceeded to enjoy. About 1ml was vaped on 45w with a 0.39ohm coil. Janeway was furious.

NOTICE: Vape tastes 'bland' not bad, feels 'gritty' on inhale but is having a notable impact on the come up rate. Returns to room to warm up before evaluating effect as its freezing outdoors.

(t + 01:00)

MENTAL: Floating slightly, mood lifted and the idea of a kitty to pet is very tempting. Similar to but not as intense (about 40-50%) the come up on 4-mmc. No agitation, discomfort or paranoia. Come up levelling off now.

PHYSICAL: hand got numb off only a little pressure on my
Mild shakiness

Tuvok's parents are back and forth close by but unlike with cocaine hcl, it does not cause him to panic as they get closer.

Current Summary: mellow

Tuvok would like to emphasise that this is the closest cathinone to his preferred, long lost 4-mmc

Euphoria comparison
He used to do 2.0g every weekend orally and this come up peak off a gram is approx 66% but tolerence to cathinones is probably 50% of what it was when he used 4-mmc.
A-pvp = 0.5 * 2/3 * (2x 4-mmc)
A-pvp = 1/3 * 2 4-mmc
= 66% effect per gram

A-pvp = 0.66*4-mmc
3g a-pvp =/= 2g 4-mmc

(t + 01:30)
Yeah that took tuvok 30 minutes to apply his logic above in his current state! Almost wants to try to 'maths' something crazy like counting the 'ticking' of the universe in intervals of mass instead -f time and drawing it... Anyway sorry vulcans love puzzles!

Tuvok is writing this as he goes. No further report at this time however he is losing the cold feeling and very very gently and steadily sliding from his peak back down over. Feels to be about an hour from finished.

(t + 01:45) vaping again and finding some problems to solve with numbers as the urge is overwhelming.

(t+ 02:20) after finding the ratio between pizza/inch/pound between square and circular pizzas. Tuvok is pleased and things are levelling off.

No comedown.
No hearing stuff (normally ALWAYS do from other substances).

Ready to lay down he thinks!


Duration: roughly +02:45 from the swilling & pilling with lemonade very worth the money!

I'd split this into good and bad, but bad would be empty
-(euphoria/time) was very smooth up and down
-stim effects were so overpowered by euphoria, tuvok determined them irrelevant to this scenario
-no paranoia of parental movement (love this!)
-become a mathematical prodigy for an evening!


GOOD: no stiffness, mild jaw motion temperature changes small, no chest issues Tuvok's heart rate was fine throughout or at least didnt worry enough to measure it.

BAD: strange random occurrences of blood flow issue in left arm leading to tingly fingers until tuvok focused on keeping it unobstructed.

This is genuinely the smoothest, least uncomfortable analogue tuvok has tested since the 4-mmc ban. It was so much so that he bothered to share this with you.

Thirsty now!

[Reported Dose: '100mg oral purity questionable']

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109479
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Nov 20, 2016Views: 10,540
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alpha-PVP (585) : Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Alone (16)

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