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Searing Sizzling Joviality
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Searing Sizzling Joviality: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly (exp109435)". Dec 5, 2016.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (capsule)
  T+ 2:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  


T0:00-Dosed cap on a mostly empty stomach. The setting is wonderful, several friends are over, and all of us are on some sort of psychedelic- 1 person on 4-HO-MiPT, 1 person on 4-AcO-DMT, and 2 people on LSD.

T1:00-Not really feeling anything yet other than some nausea and nervous stimulation in my muscles.

T1:30-Lightly tripping, the trip is coming on like a slow clean burn. My mind is slowly cooking and simmering in dry bright sterile white heat. My mind certainly feels warmer. The glow pulses all over me and crackles my nerve and veins like mudcracks on a dry lakebed under the relentless sun.

T2:00-The fire smolders hotter now, white hot coals sizzling in my skull and drying my nervous system to a state of mummification, pure, sterile, clean and preserved forever. Itís dizzying and dazzling, itís scorching jovial buzz. It sounds like it might be uncomfortable, but it was entirely pleasant, save for some nausea. I am feeling giggly and it feels like my mental processing power has increased with this influx of heat on my mind. I can understand and respond to things faster and better than before. Still feeling a bit stimmy and unsettled deep within, like the energy of this experience has shifted something out of place. No visuals to speak of yet.

T2:30-Smoke a bowl. This greatly enhances the visual aspect of the experience. The sheer joy of being with friends and people I love who all are also delving into a similar experience is immeasurable. Itís like riding a roller coaster together, just raw shared pleasure. Smoking kicks up the visual aspect substantially. The visuals are still not powerful, but they are present now. They present as warping flowing patterns overlaid over my normal field of vision. They are ripply and concentric, and pulsing and meandering like worms grazing a field. Flat surfaces without texture are smeared with gentle cascades of turquoise and magenta.

T2:40-Interacting with people was easy and gleeful earlier, but I am stricken by a sort of bemused awkwardness, like I am dumbfounded with my inability to properly portray words and emotions. Itís hard to imagine anything will bring me down or make me feel unpleasant
Itís hard to imagine anything will bring me down or make me feel unpleasant
, the smoldering ember still glows hot and buzzes with excitement. I feel like I have receded into the depths of an oven, that sounds are now distant, that the waves of heat in the air warp and bend the soundwaves before they can reach my ears. I am certainly peaking now. The visuals have picked up even more. They are not patterns or any organized forms, but rather just random abstract alterations of my visual field, appearing in the forms of swirling textures, tracers, reverberating and vibrating and mirroring and pulsing images. They are not overwhelming or inhibitory in the least, but rather are pleasant decoration for the trip. There are almost no closed eyed visuals, they seem faint and are difficult to focus on or remember.

T3:30-This is just so much fun, I wouldnít describe it as euphoric, or deep, or empathogenic, just fun, raw fun. The setting is fantastic and that certainly contributes to the feeling. Itís extremely giggly and laughing and joking feels like a divine right. I notice that I have begun to get very sweaty, but itís not uncomfortable. The visuals are still searing through me, baking my mind and cooking my surroundings into a crisp altered state. It seems like the whole world is being pierced by heat waves, and the waves begin to swirl and mirror and turn into intangible forms that intercept all stimuli.

T5:00-Another friend arrives and pops a cap of 4-AcO-DMT. Weíre preparing to go to a party. The visuals have died down substantially at this point, but I still feel pretty warped and altered, and there is still that searing heat in my mind, cooking my thoughts to perfection. I find myself having to urinate quite a lot, and at times itís quite difficult, a standard symptom of phenethylamines. After hanging out for a bit we decide to go to the party. I feel a bit nervous, as Iím not sure how well one of the people with us will get along with the people at the party, but itís simply too late to back out now, and although the anxiety is creeping up my throat and choking me, the warm buzz from my head is keeping the lurking fear at bay. I feel confident, I feel like nothing can go wrong, that I can interact with people well and that everything I have to say is worth saying.

T5:30-We arrive at the party and to my delight my social ability is not at all impaired, even after smoking more weed. I find myself comfortable interacting with people, and I honestly find myself unable to shut up. I have so much to say on every subject I can conceive, and I am just talking endlessly about my interests to anyone who will strike up conversation with me. My thoughts are articulate, and I feel socially savvy and capable. A person comes up to talk to me who very apparently knows who I am, though I do not recognize her at all. We talk for a while and I ask her things about her life that end up being totally wrong, because I just donít know who she is. But even this social slight does not bring me down (and I figure out who it is later and apologize). The trip is entirely cognitive now, it almost feels like a roll, but sharper, cleaner, without all the fuzziness in the memory or the excessive mushiness. I am excited to talk, I am excited to share my thoughts, I feel like I have things to say that are worth saying. We hang out at the party for quite some time.

T8:00-We leave the party and head home. Apparently not everyone had as enjoyable time as I had. I feel sad and selfish that I indulged in myself so much while they were not granted the privilege. I am still talking endlessly and competently about subjects that interest me, about things I have a great deal of knowledge about. Well maybe not a great deal, but enough knowledge to sound like I know what I am talking about. The thoughts flow naturally, itís not the excessive word vomit that empathogens give me where it feels like I must fill all empty space with vocalizations. Each word feels worthy and well-chosen and well crafted. I feel cool and confident. What a rare and wonderful sensation.

T12:00-After smoking a lot of weed I am mostly down now and just feel high. There is a slight afterglow that hangs around until I fall asleep
There is a slight afterglow that hangs around until I fall asleep
, itís just that same dry warmth in my mind, oiling the machine and sending pulses of coherent and cogent thought through my nerves.

Conclusion: Dang this drug is fun, I donít think Iíve encountered a better party drug. Like I mention in the report, itís not necessarily deep or empathogenic or anything, its overall quality is that itís just plain fun. It makes everything funnier, it makes jokes and quips flow out better and develop more articulately. One other thing that stands out was how warm it was, just a sensation of warmth within and without, a dry pulsing rippling heat that is still very pleasant. Itís a warmth that radiates outwards from the core and from the skull, leaving oneís sternum feeling like itís made of heated metal. Itís also decently long lasting, without too much bodyload. Itís not very visual, and the visuals are just distortions and abstractions, no real patterns or anything to note. Unfortunately, a vendor selling this for a massive discount discontinued selling it literally the day after this trip when I was planning on ordering much more. Whelp.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109435
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Dec 5, 2016Views: 5,561
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2C-B-Fly (350) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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