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Oddly Intense Trip
LSD & Cannabis
by Carter
Citation:   Carter. "Oddly Intense Trip: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp109422)". Erowid.org. Nov 7, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109422

1 hit   LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis  


I had taken LSD 9 times before this trip. My highest dose had been 345ug. I had a 130ug tab and 2 grams of weed. I decided to trip at night with a couple of friends. I was the only one tripping out of me and 2 friends.

We were all sitting around a fire in my backyard waiting for my parents to go to sleep. One of my friends had to leave by 12 and he hasn't seen someone trip before so he talked me into taking it while my parents were up an just hope they went to sleep before it kicked in.

It was about an hour after taking it that my dad came down to sit by the fire for a few minutes before going to bed. As soon as my dad came out I had started to feel it kicking in. My dad went to bed and me and my friends lit up a blunt. After the blunt I still wasn't feeling like I was tripping that hard so me and my friends went to Walmart. As soon as we got into Walmart it started getting much more intense. I noticed patterns on the tiles and I started getting a kaleidoscopic vision. My friends could tell I was starting to trip hard so we got out of Walmart fast. We got to my house and one friend left and the other one decided to spend the night to make sure I was okay.

We got back inside and turned on the tv. My friend started to get tired and kept dozing off. So far I had not gotten any bad vibes or anything, I was just content with the patterns and breathing walls. My friend was telling me stories of when he did a 4 tab trip and how he had a horrible time.

About 2 hours into the trip I started noticing that the tv was pausing and sneaking in words from what sounded like a different language. I looked at my friend and his eyes looked almost like a cats and they had sort of a reddish glow to them. He would scare me by jumping up and making faces at me. I would yell at him and tell him to stop but he wouldn't say a word to me. It continued to happen for hours. 4 hours in I was convinced I was having a bad trip
4 hours in I was convinced I was having a bad trip
. I couldn't look at anything without it turning into something scary and demonic.

At around 5am, about 6 hours into the trip I had been talking to myself for about an hour. I was telling myself it would be okay and trying to give myself reassurance. I decided to wake my friend up. He woke up and took a drink of his Gatorade and for some reason I thought he was in danger. I slapped the Gatorade out of his hand and he punched me in the stomach. This didn't help my trip at all. At this point it made me 100% certain that my friend was trying to harm me in some way.

6am and 7 hours into tripping I was under my covers trembling with fear of what was going on outside my blanket. I never ended up coming out from under my blanket. I stayed in hiding until I fell asleep a few hours later.

I did not learn the most interesting part of this trip until the next day. My friend who had stayed the night asked how my trip was when he fell asleep and I had told him all about it. He told me he fell asleep early in the night and never woke up. I had imagined everything he did, from him scaring me to him punching me, it was all just imagined by me. I had never had a trip like this, where I had imagined a whole conversation with someone and everything that I thought had happened was a lie.

My next trip will be my biggest dose yet. I will be taking 5 tabs, each one 130ug. I have mixed emotions on this trip after having such an intense experience on just one of these tabs, excited, nervous, and anxious. I am on a mission to take 10 tabs by the time I am 18 which is in 8 months. I have always felt like there is so much more to LSD then I have experienced which is why I want to take such a high dose.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109422
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Nov 7, 2016Views: 1,404
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LSD (2) : Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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