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Into the Void Of Eternity Soul Harvesting
Near-Death / Out of Body
Citation:   ReptileLives. "Into the Void Of Eternity Soul Harvesting: An Experience with Near-Death / Out of Body (exp109386)". Nov 5, 2019.

When I was a teenager, I was climbing onto the ceiling of my friend's garage when I slipped and fell, smacking my head hard against the concrete floor.

When I was unconscious, I was transported to a black void, which was empty of all life. The only thing that existed in this vacuum was a tiny pinpoint of light, which was my soul (consciousness).

An unseen alien entity began communicating with me telepathically and 'showed' me what eternity 'felt' like
An unseen alien entity began communicating with me telepathically and 'showed' me what eternity 'felt' like
, if you can imagine that. This entity began mocking me, trying to convince me that my life had been nothing but an illusion. It convinced me that my life had never been real, that it was a fake experience being manufactured by something or some other 'power' that I could not full understand.

My consciousness became flooded with an overwhelming sense of loneliness and despair at the thought that my life had been nothing more than an illusion. This 'being' convinced me that I was going to be in this 'void', empty of life and light, for eternity. Alone forever living out eternity consumed by a sense of loneliness and despair. The intensity of these emotions is hard to put into words, but I can only describe them as 'torture' and 'eternity' combined into one. I could 'feel' eternity, if that makes any sense.

I came-to after a brief period of time and walked home in a daze of sorts, emotionally scarred by the whole experience.

It was a hellish God-Like experience....A meeting between myself and another 'power' of some sorts, and it left me with many unanswered questions about the true nature of our reality. The experience was so life-changing that I struggle with it to this day, many years later.

Exp Year: 1990ExpID: 109386
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Nov 5, 2019Views: 1,417
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