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Shines in Combination
DALT & Various
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Shines in Combination: An Experience with DALT & Various (exp109373)". Erowid.org. Nov 10, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109373

  smoked DALT


DALT Explorations Pt. 2 Combinations
(with Cannabis, 2C-I, LSD, Ketamine, 3-MeO-PCP, 2C-B, 4-AcO-DET)

Where DALT really shines is in combinations. The first time I ever took it was in combination, and that is what led me to pursue interest in this obscure chemical. This is a series of reports of DALT in combination with other substances. Some are excerpts from reports I've already written.

Dose: 50 mg (+15 mg 2C-I @T-6:00)
ROA: Smoked
Setting: My backyard

Preface: I impulsively dosed 15 mg of 2C-I earlier that night. It was a pretty standard trip, I spent it at a friendís house. I eventually went home and decided to test the interaction with DALT. At this point I was about 6 hours into the experience and I was on the comedown. The visuals had mostly died down, although some swirling patterns crept into the darkness at the corners of my vision. I relaxed in a bathtub in my backyard and packed the DALT between two layers of Cannabis.

T0:00-Light the bowl. Inundated by the familiar bittersweet flavor.

T0:06-Struck by the first notes of the experience. The relaxation I feel is immense and tangible, itís like a great warm rain pouring down on me. The residual stimminess of the 2C-I gives way to the great warm flood of DALT, washing away the tension and extra energy in my nerves and in my veins. It feels like the sky is zooming in on me, like the vast intricate jigsaw puzzle of the night sky has become this proverbial psychedelic blanket that is draping over me now.

T0:14-The visuals have picked up quite a bit, they are vast airy patterns that are folding and transforming and dancing in the distant reaches of my vision. DALT on its own is certainly not visual, but when combined with psychedelics it truly has a unique way of bringing their visual aspect back. This is also likely from the cannabis that was consumed concurrently. The visuals do not entirely resemble the 2C-I visuals however, they seem blunted, softened, rounded, rendered more blocky and less intricate, though more organic in their flow and behavior. No auditory effects are noted other than things sounded a bit blurry and lo fi. I am lying in this bathtub and sinking into it, it feels like I am really taking a warm bath and gently sinking below the surface.

T0:20-Music is fantastic and I can so pleasantly and easily sink into it. Imagine being in the shallows of a warm tropical sea, the moonlight illuminating the ripples of sand the silhouettes of palm trees in the distance, and then imagine diving into the warm water, like the embrace of bathwater, and lying on the bottom, no sound except for the gentle creeping of the waves above, no feeling except the gentle flow of the water as it ambles around your form. Then introduce music into the equation, cutting through the water like a crystal katana, shimmering into your ears like a cascade of dancing crystals. The soundwaves vibrate the water around you and each pulse of bass, each slithering melody cradles you and ripples the sand beneath you. This is what it felt like. I know I can get up and move and be functional, but I choose not to, this is so comfortable and I want to sink into it as intensely and as best I can.

T0:40-I finally decide to get up and go back inside. It was a pleasant experience, Iím mostly down now, although there are definitely residual visuals that were stronger than when I started.

Dose: 90 mg (+200 ug LSD @T-4:00)
ROA: Smoked
Setting: All around my apartment

Preface: We were hosting a party at my house today. But it wasnít until night. I decided to take some very good acid and see the new star wars movie in a theater with my friend who was also tripping. Afterwards, we got to my house, and remembering my most recent experiment with DALT, decide now is prime time to try it again. I packed 90 mg into a small bowl of Cannabis and let loose. I am more or less at just off the peak of the trip.

T0:00-Iím in my basement, people are already upstairs hanging out before the party. I decide to hang out here by myself to spare them the burnt rc smell. The ratio of DALT to cannabis in the bowl is leaned heavily towards the DALT, and after a few hits it consolidates into one solid chunk. I hit the hot acrid smoke for a while, it feels like itís slithering down my throat like a centipede.

T0:15-Iíve finished smoking the bowl and I am already feeling like I have dropped off the edge. It feels as though the room has become spherical and is shrinking around me. The patterns of the visuals bulge like a fisheye lens or some sort of dome. My body feels heavy and faded, as if itís turning to static. I decide to go up to my bedroom, it feels like Iím floating the whole way there like a disembodied head and shoulders.

T0:20-Iím in my bedroom and I am properly tripping balls. I am a bit anxious, I feel as though I am tripping way too hard to host a party at my house. The bodily dissociation is heavy and it all feeds into this headspace of mental dissociation from reality, of dissociation from causality and the flow of time, of dissociation from my physical surroundings and other human presences. Despite the anxiety, my fading body is overwhelmed with a physical flood of calm, at odds with my racing thoughts. The visuals have kicked up, but they do not resemble the intricate patterning of LSD. Instead, they are blocky and resemble a dome with a grid on it, like the inside of the dome of the pantheon. This grid is flashing with cool colors and reeling around me, sucking me into its splendor and dizzying my mind. People begin to arrive and all I can do is just lie back and stare at the ceiling, unable to engage or interact meaningfully.

T0:50-Iím so dizzy and out of it still. I manage to go downstairs and interact with people, although I really cannot do much but talk about how hard Iím tripping. My roommate plays some stuff on his guitar and I curl up with my eyes closed and sink into an exquisite world of CEVís, flowing blocky shapes that stream past me and reverberate into infinity. Itís like speeding down a gridded tunnel, while my body is sedated and couchlocked and immobile. My short term memory has been rendered impotent. Attempts to converse with people fall apart as I forget what we are talking about midway through the conversation. Not ideal for socializing.

T1:50-I smoke a lot of weed throughout the party, and it just rockets me further and further away. I find myself curled up on the floor wishing these drugs would release their iron grip on my mind. It feels like a great iridescent steely hand is stretching my mind away like bubblegum, geometric forms and fractals spilling from it. I definitely donít feel like I am stoned + tripping, but rather that the trip has been amplified far beyond what it should be at this point in time. It doesnít just feel like I am enhancing the LSD, but rather I am being bombarded with the convalescence of all of the drugs at once.

T3:30-It has calmed down by now, I am functional and able to be social, and cannabis no longer smacks me in the face like it was earlier. All of the psychedelics seemed to have released their hold on me.

DALT + Ketamine
Dose: 50 mg (+ 170 mg Ketamine @T-2:00 & 120 mg Ketamine @T-0:30)
ROA: Smoked
Setting: My bedroom

Preface: My friends and roommates and I decided to just have a ketamine party night. I started off the night with 170 mg, and then topped it off bit later with 120 mg. In my ketamine fog I somehow remembered that I wanted to test DALT with a dissociative, and what dissociative is more pure and neutral than ketamine? I went upstairs with a friend away from other people, and somehow managed to grind up some weed and pack a bowl with the DALT sprinkled on top. Itís a miracle I didnít spill it everywhere. I also donít know how I ever managed to gently light the bowl, but I made do. I shared this bowl with my friend.

T0:00-Taste the smoke. I can certainly taste its flavor, but the dissociation prevents me from detecting any of its unpleasant acridity.

T0:08-That pleasant and familiar relaxation washes over me. The ketamine makes me feel like I am liquid, that my body is a slick of oil bobbing on the surface of a gentle lake, and the DALT becomes a ripple that slowly takes the unctuous slick to pieces, gently and calmly dissolves my sense of self into the space around me.

T0:15-The visual aspect has kicked in. Ketamine gives me some light patterned visuals but now they are out full force, transparent patterns overlaid on every surface, warping them, bulging and distorting everything. The room suddenly feels very very small, itís as if I have grown in size, or it has closed in around me, but itís a very comfortable and cozy feeling. The room also appears to be spherical.

T0:20-I sit back on my bed and listen to music, my friend is on the floor. I close my eyes and my body fades away, and I am brought into a great dark world of streaming and rushing cubes and prisms, all of them gently lit from a distance by an eerie turquoise light. The shapes dance and move with the music, and it feels as though my body is being spun and twisted around in all sorts of absurd ways, but once again, itís quite relaxing and not distressing in the least. Almost like a strange cosmic massage.

T0:30-It seems to already be wearing off. I go back downstairs still feeling floaty and fuzzy, with a vital warmth smoldering deep inside of me.

DALT + 3-MeO-PCP + 2C-B + LSD
Dose: 80 mg + (200 ug LSD @ T-7:00, 35 mg 2C-B @ T-6:00, 10 mg 3-MeO-PCP @ T-4:00 & T-1:35)
ROA: Smoked
Setting: My bedroom

T7:00 (T0:00)-The smoke tastes like sweet DMT, it is a very subtle but manageable acrid, it tastes sort of like pumpkins but it is wholly a unique odor. Each hit I take feels like I am being pulled further and further out from reality, into a grand fractal globe of repeating concentric patterns. Like a great cosmic tongue, reaching out to taste me, and my essence swirling away from me to meet it. At last it savors my flavor, and draws me into its maw. I am truly gone.

T7:20 (T0:20)-I close my eyes and it feel my body fade to nothing. I feel it melt into my sheets, become a part of the great fractallized diamond everything around me. I am so distant from myself, I feel the love of some motherly feminine essence envelop me. It feels like an embrace from the fluffy legs of a moth, it feels like being enshrouded in its dusty wings. A great green glow permeates this realm and cascades around me. I do not feel like I am contacting an entity, merely touching with and embracing a personification of some inherent essence of the universe or of my internal self. I feel this great motherly presence descend from the sky and enshroud me in great smoky fingers. It feels like the hand of god, it feels like divine protection and the fire of life and the burning back of forests of death. A great glowing pastel crystal fractal flower blooms above me and blossoms into infinity. Death is something to think about here. My heart is racing, what would happen if I were to die? My existence, everything became a great intricate skull, one that seemed to be woven from a billion waxy fibers, it was like a cattle skull, flashing in deep green and crimson, it was the idea of death, encapsulating all the fears and notions the living hold towards it. It was a great desert that was blossoming with life, it was an oasis of existence. Everything felt so natural and perfectly in place, and so beautiful. I felt cleansed and healed, the energy was pastel pink, green, turquoise and blue. I felt the same strike of life force Iíve gotten from other trips, especially mixing psychedelics and dissociatives. This essence, this non-entity that I mentioned before is wrapping me in its dusky wings and singing soothing songs that cascade onto my brain.

DALT + 3-MeO-PCP + 4-AcO-DET + Ketamine
Dose: 50 mg + (10 mg 3-MeO-PCP @ T-4:00, 20 mg 4-AcO-DET @T-2:30, 150 mg of Ketamine @T+1:20)
ROA: Smoked
Setting: My Bedroom

T4:00 (T0:00)-I pop downstairs briefly to ask whether I should administer ketamine. I feel anxiety about tripping so hard when there are so many people in my house. I figure at least informing them of the drugs I am about to use will lessen some of the burden. I am still apprehensive though. I go up to my room and smoke a bowl of DALT. I feel like I am being unraveled into ribbons, polychrome and intertwining. I am razor sharp, I am an arrow piercing through the turbulence that has become my reality, flowers blossoming in my path. There is no doubt in my mind now. I must go deeper. I am ready.

T4:30 (T0:30)-Somehow in this state I manage to crush some ketamine and cut it into a line. The onset feels immediate, itís like my mind is a snowglobe and I just shook it up. I feel like I am floating in water, my entire room has been flooded. Time kinda stops being a thing after this. I remember lying on my bed, and having it feel like there is warmth rising up from beneath me, I feel like I have become gaseous and this warmth is carrying my form upwards. It feels like steam. Psychedelic visuals begin to kick into next gear, with my entire field of vision warping, melting, and bubbling. Glowing tracers and rippling auras begin to form all around me, obscuring my existence in a beautiful but chaotic morass. I have notes from this but honestly they are completely incoherent.

To the best of my memory, it gradually felt like I had undergone a total paradigm shift. I kept falling into trances. Every time I fell into a trance, it was like an entire new world was being generated around me, a world with its own set of physical laws and properties. Within each world that formed, I found myself to inherently carry the knowledge of its properties and history. I knew exactly where I was, exactly what I was doing there, and exactly how everything there worked. But in each world I was stricken by a longing to return home, I felt like I was out and about but shirking some responsibility, a responsibility to keep track of my body back in this world. It was as though my body was a toddler, prone to wandering into danger, and each time I travelled into a world I was leaving it unattended, potentially in harms way. So each journey I made left me with a distinct feeling of anxiety and irresponsibility. I was tripping right fucking hard. My eyes would drift shut as of their own volition, catapulting me into a trance and a new world. If I could remind myself of how my body worked, I could open my eyes and briefly pull myself out to check on my body and make sure it was in working order. But I would soon accidentally drift off into another realm again.

One recurring theme was predestination and predetermination. Across all of these realms was this foreboding sense of omniscience, of experiencing the entirety of time at once. Visually, it at one point manifested as an infinite grid, each block a vectored point in time and space, all the possibilities of existence laid out before me, and an indescribable sentience dictating my path through this grid. Freaky stuff. This sense of predetermination was very ominous, it felt as if some disaster was lined up for me, and I was blindly careening towards it. The other ominous feeling was that I was hacking into the fabric of reality, and that something did not want me doing that. It felt as though I was going to stumble upon an infinite darkness that would shatter my mind permanently, that this was forbidden knowledge that I was touching upon.

Otherwise, I recall seeing a lot of fractalizing shapes and repeated sequences of forms, each one gradually shrinking in size and tapering into infinity. Great segmented forms loomed over me. In one I remember floating in a shallow sea, this immense segmented pink sentient tower looming above me. There was constant worry about what those beneath me were thinking of me and saying. I thought I heard my name. I thought they were talking about me. I was tripping wayyyyyy too hard to be near anyone. I was deeply shaken. At some points I managed to hoist myself up to get a drink from the bathroom. I actually managed to walk and operate a faucet. I almost became trapped in my bathroom as it became a cage of magenta iridescent forms. It felt like the world was a rocking boat, typical of dissociatives. Back in my room I continued to drift in and out of these worlds. At this point I was getting more used to it, and I had the precedent of my body remaining restrained and peaceful. I allowed myself to drift further, felt more content and less anxious. God I wish I could recall these worlds, perhaps I need to trigger this state again to revisit them? My reality had been shattered, and each shard painted a different color. One world in this stage of the trip was simply a vast nothingness pockmarked with an infinite 3 dimensional array of glowing sigils, representing some language I could never comprehend. In another, the ambient sounds around me began to take up synesthetic representations as a fantastic bestiary of sound creatures. Music was incredible in this state, each sound contributing to a diverse jungle or coral reef of blossoming and personified phonics. Eventually I settled down enough that I was no longer accidentally drifting off into different realms. I stepped outside my room. The whole house was dark. I turned to face a wall, and began to tap and dance my fingers across it. They rippled wherever they touched and from each point of contact a glowing reticulated pattern bloomed, looking like a tangled circuitboard, or the veins of an insects wings. I was able to pretty coherently talk to my friend who was sitting on the stairs. Floral patterns still adorned the darkness all around me. They didnít want to watch the movie so we went back to my room. Eventually the other friends followed.

Conclusion: DALT on its own can be sprinkled onto a bowl to give a nice relaxing psychedelic edge to smoking, though its questionable if thatís worth dirtying a bowl with the smell/residue. Where it really shines is in combination with other psychedelics. It grabs them by the hand and elevates the experience to an entirely new place, a relaxing and comfortable and unique places that is very different than just amplifying an experience with weed. Perhaps most valuable though is the immense anxiolytic effect- I have not attempted this while having a stressful trip, but I postulate that it could put a damper on anxious experiences and wash the user in a pleasant bath of relaxation.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109373
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 10, 2016Views: 1,740
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