Three-Day Binge
Lisdexamfetamine & Kratom
Citation:   ThatTinyChick. "Three-Day Binge: An Experience with Lisdexamfetamine & Kratom (exp109312)". Mar 21, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Lisdexamfetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Kratom (capsule)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 58:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 58:00 2 capsls oral Cannabis - Hash  
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Vyvanse Can Indeed Be Abused - 3 Day Binge

Right off the bat- you should always know what drugs, medicine, or substances you are putting in your body. The dumbest thing I have ever done in my life was take my dealer at his word when he told me the capsules were Adderall, and then consume the substance. (They did not look like Adderall, but I believed him. Stupid.)

**I will often say pill where I mean capsule. I took Vyvanse capsules, kratom capsules, caffeine tablets, and hash capsules. I only smoked the weed.***


T+00:00 40mg Vyvanse
(Noon) Driving to my guys house to pick up a few grams of bud, I find out that he has 'Adderall' for sale, rather cheap. I haven't had any stims in about a year, other than kratom, so I go ahead and buy 15 count of 40mg Vyvanse capsules. I figure that I'd take a few now and save the rest for when my husband and I had a long weekend. (Little did I know, I was about to allow this to turn into a 3 day bender.) Not knowing it was not Adderall, I dumped out the powder in the white and blue capsule, and snorted the first third of the pill, and ate the rest with a swig of water. Finishing the blunt we rolled, I left his place with my new stash of 15 amphetamine pills and an 1/8th of good quality bud in hand and head for home.

T+02:00 40mg Vyvanse
(2pm) I run a few errands at the mart I call WallHell and the nearby gas station to get some kratom. I let my husband know I got my weed as planned, but also got 'Adderall.'

Not getting the buz I'm used to with Adderall within 2 hours, I toss back the powder from another capsule, taking it with a full bottle of water once I'm home. I know to prepare for the dehydration to come. I do a few house chores, not getting much of anything done as I'm smoking weed and playing on my phone more than anything.

About a half hour later, the pill kicks in, and my tongue starts it ritual of rubbing against my teeth. It's not bad yet, but will get worse with time. A small sense of focus starts to kick in, and I move to my scrap-booking. (Lame, I know, but most of the time I'm a house wife.) I am able to focus on this for an hour straight, loosing track of time with ease. Once I realize how much time has passed, I take a restroom break that leads me to cleaning the bathroom and doing other chores for another hour or so.

T+05:00 40mg Vyvanse
(5pm) Deciding it's time to take another pill, I dump the contents of my third pill and only take it with a few swigs of water. Knowing my husband will be hungry soon, I start dinner. I manage to be so focused, I clean the whole kitchen, do all of the dishes, and clean the whole fridge from top to bottom while dinner simmers. I eat a half a bowl of cheesy chicken pasta, drink a bottle of water and a mug of hot tea, despite having no appetite. The last few bites are a fight to get down.

T+09:00 40mg Vyvanse
(9pm) I shower and get my husband to bed, and toss back another pills powder. I turn on Spongebob, as always, and kick back with a bowl of my delicious bud. It calms me down, but before long, I am doing my nails, my dogs nails, organizing everything I come across, getting into deep cleaning easily. This goes on most of the night.

I do not eat, nor do I want to. When I do drink, it is cans of pop. I smoke about a gram of weed over night, and smoke fewer cigarettes than usual.

T+14:05 2g Kratom
(4:05am) I wake my husband for work, and take 2 grams of Kratom Indo, powdered, in capsule form (4 pills.) When he leaves around 5 am, I smoke a bowl and lay in bed. I get lost in my phone for another 3 hours.

I now have full on cold sweats and some minor twitching. My legs get pins and needles from time to time, and my hands and feet are ice cold.

T+07:45 am 1g Kratom
(7:45am) I force myself to drink a whole bottle of water after smoking another bowl.

T+18:00 to +21:00
(8am to 11am) I get 3 hours of dreamless sleep, and wake feeling good. My tongue is raw from constant motion and my sense of taste is altered. My urine is dark yellow, low in volume, and foul in odor. I still smoke less than usual. There is pronounced tingling on my scalp and isolated areas over my body. My heart rate is high and my mouth is dry. Despite all of my side effects, I do not care. I do not eat and hardly get any fluids, yet I do not care in my tweaked state.
I do not eat and hardly get any fluids, yet I do not care in my tweaked state.

T+22:00 40mg Vyvanse
(12noon) I empty the powder from a 4th pill and take it with an entire bottle of water. I turn on the news, smoke a bowl, and find everything there is to know online about Vyvanse. (This is the first time I realize exactly what I'm taking, and that I had been right to take the Vyvanse powder orally with water.)

T+25:00 40mg Vyvanse
(3pm) I don't realize how long I've been absorbed in my phone. I take another 40 mg of my new favorite drug to hate, and force down more water. I notice that I am only taking fluids when I re-dose at this point. Still in a very stimulated mood, I notice that the tingling on my scalp is coming and going a bit more often, and I need to wake up my legs more often. Standing too quickly makes me feel like I am about to faint. My tongue is still moving constantly in my mouth and my jaw has become sore.

T+31:00 40mg Vyvanse
100mg caffeine
(9pm) Feeling the crash coming, but not ready for it, I take the powder from another Vyvanse. I seem to have caught the crash in time, as I feel this new pill kick in quickly. While waiting for it to kick in, I take half of a caffeine pill, about 100 mg. I can feel my heart beating through my chest, and I get waves of 'butterflies' (that feeling you get when you're anxious, scared, ya know). I need to rub feeling into my legs and arms frequently.

T+34:00 20mg Vyvanse
(12 midnight) For no reason other than to take a dose, I take half the powder from yet another pill. Tweaking out on stims, I give baths to my dog, 2 cats, and rat. I clean the bathroom top to bottom for a second time in a day. I organize and clean the garage, not caring that I've stopped drinking water or pop, started smoking more cigarettes, and haven't eaten in a very, very long time. My notes on this binge are getting shorter, but I'm keeping up with times and doses.

T+35:30 20mg Vyvanse
(1:30am) Being stupid, I finish the powder from my last dose, and spend the next several hours just lost on my phone. Every so often, I get severe pins and needles in my legs and feet. The tingling on my scalp is stronger and comes more often now. The butterflies coming in waves are so strong that I have to take a few deep breaths. Spongebob still plays on and on in the background.


T+44:00 40 mg Vyvanse
100 mg caffeine
(10am) Having made plans for Saturday night, and not wanting to sleep through the evening plans, I take a full Vyvanse and another half of a caffeine pill ( about 100mg). Topping things off with a cup of coffee, I pick at a homemade brownie (not pot brownies). I hardly get down about 50 calories worth. I don't eat again through the day, and I mainly drink pop if I drink at all. I'm exhausted and crashing hard, but I find it in me to stay awake. The added stims help me be alert. I make sure to groom myself well before Saturday errands. I do not drive, and do what it takes to appear normal in public, though I keep my prescription sunglasses on indoors. I know I'm sweat and clammy, even though I wore deodorant and perfume. I hope people do not notice I am high, but I am also mildly paranoid. After errands, I make sure to smoke a few bowls of weed. I am sweating like a tweaker (pun intended).

T+46:00 3 g Kratom
(12noon) I start to feel the heavy feeling of a bad crash returning, and take the edge off with a stimulating dose of kratom. I still have not eaten, and am still drinking mostly pop. I do chores and care for my animals like normal, then loose myself in my phone while my husband plays video games. Other than me tweaking, we have a normal Sunday together. (For those that are married, having a normal routine with your love while tweaking can help keep the 'tweak' to a minimum. They'll be able to keep an eye on your fluid and caloric intake, too.) I stay away from my last Vyvanse, saving it for energy later. Instead, I smoke the last of my weed, and then the resin from the pipe. I also take 2 more grams of kratom over the next few hours, to keep the Vyvanse crash from being as bad as it could have.

T+52:00 20 mg
(6pm) Getting ready to go to our friends house, I scrub my whole body roughly in the shower, trying to get rid of 2 days of sweat. My pupils are the size of the moon, and I am still very sensitive to light. I am weak and sore since I have hardly eaten in days.

T+53:30 20mg
(7:30pm) Right before leaving the house, I take the last of the open Vyvanse- half the powder from my last pill. I wash it down with a small amount of water, and we leave for the store. We buy beer, Gatorade for me, and we make sure that we have our Magic dueling cards with us.

T+54:00 1g Kratom
1 can of beer
(8pm) (This is where I start taking dose and time notes on my phone.)
Arriving at our friends house, my husband and Jane's husband crack out the Magic cards in the dining room while Jane and I smoke weed and take a gram of kratom each in the next room. I sip a can of beer and pick at the burger her husband gives me. We play some Magic, and everyone else drinks more beer. I smoke the rest of the bowl instead of booze, not wanting to get carried away drinking.
I smoke the rest of the bowl instead of booze, not wanting to get carried away drinking.

T+56:00 2 hash pills (dose???)
1 g kratom
2 cans of beer
(10pm) Jane and I each take 2 of her hash pills she had stashed away, and another gram of kratom. We settle in with our husbands for a movie. My heart is pounding out of my chest more than ever, and the little bit of urine I pass is almost brown, smelling worse than any p*ss I've ever taken. The mix of hash pills, smoked weed, beer, kratom, and my awful crash get the better of me, and I pass out about halfway through the movie.

(12 midnight) My husband carries me to the car. I ask what time it is, and I think he says almost midnight. I don't remember the drive home, but I vaguely recall being carried into the house and put into bed with my stuffed orangutan he got me from the zoo a long time ago. I do know for a fact, however, that I curled up on my husband like a baby and slept like one, too.


(9:30am) I wake up and ask my husband for a bag of fluids, administered via an IV. I eat a large breakfast, and my appetite remains throughout the day. I drink more than a gallon of fluids before bed, and my urine is almost clear by bedtime. The day is spent smoking weed, resting with my husband, and re-hydrating. I stashed my 4 remaining Vyvanse for my husband and I to enjoy together some other time.

By Monday afternoon, I am back to my usual self.

I don't want anyone to think that they can take such a large dose of stimulants (like Adderall and Vyvanse) and think that they will be able to make it through it as well as I did. I put myself in some danger, being as dehydrated as I was. I normally drink a gallon or more of water and drink 3 large meals a day. Going off of that diet for 3 days really did a number on my body, causing me to go from 83 lbs to 78 lbs over the course of my binge. While I eventually gained my weight back, I didn't feel fully hydrated for several days after my comedown. Please do not drink any alcohol while using stimulants, as you can get carried away easily.

The crash on Adderall is bearable, and kratom and weed help in so many ways. But Vyvanse is its own monster. The only thing comparable between the two is the high. Crashing on Vyvanse, my heart rate skyrocketed, my heart felt like it was going to smash out of my chest, the tingling feeling could have become annoying, and I was left weak and cold from lack of calories and fluids. At one point, my legs were blueish in color, and my feet had gone completely numb. I knew enough to rub the blood flow back into my legs, but it could have gotten way worse.

Just because I had experience with stimulants in my past does not mean that the next binge will go as my previous binges.


Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109312
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 21, 2018Views: 10,407
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