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Straight to the Point
by SLY303
Citation:   SLY303. "Straight to the Point: An Experience with Butyrfentanyl (exp109306)". Oct 6, 2016.

5 mg vaporized Butyrfentanyl (liquid)
    oral Methadone (daily)


I have been a long term user of opiates and am currently on 70mg of methadone daily. Since I started this stage of treatment at 90mg I have been coming down 5mg every month but I'm in no rush to come off it. I haven't used heroin since my dose first went to 90mg as that was more than enough to hold me and there was no point in using heroin at that point as I'm not into IV use and smoking heroin while on a high dose of methadone does next to nothing.

After I got to 70mg I thought maybe now I would manage an occasional smoke and get some good effects but due to the heroin no.3 being nowhere near the quality of a few years ago after a couple of tries I decided it was a waste of cash. This was when I decided to try Butyrfentanyl. It is said to be 25% potent as regular Fentanyl.

I purchased 250mg from an internet source. I weighed it and it weighed 266mg on my scale
I weighed it and it weighed 266mg on my scale
so I then made a mix with saline at 10mg/1ml.

I used for the first time on a Saturday morning. Though I have to pick up my methadone daily I don't have to take it in the shop and on Saturday I pick up two days. I would usually take my daily dose at around 10am but I didn't take any today. I waited until around 4pm at which point I started with a 1mg dose as a test. I used a pipe I had bought previously for smoking DMT, a glass vapouriser pipe. As the amount of liquid was so small for my test dose it didn't take long till it had totally dried up. I then loaded it up an hour or so later with 0.5ml meaning I would be smoking 5mg. It bubbled and boiled for a couple of seconds then it was just vapour which I held in for about 30-40 seconds. This was enough for me to feel that familiar opiate buzz. An itchy nose was the first thing I felt but soon I could feel some euphoria and sedation. It isn't as euphoric as heroin but I didn't expect it would be but it did what I expected it to.

I did use more that night and upped my dose to 10mg after a few days but once I had used it all I thought that it wouldn't be wise to buy more for a while. I do plan on using it in the future but I don't want to get addicted to this as they say tolerance to fentanyl and its analogues means no other opiate/opioid will have any effect with such high tolerance.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109306
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Oct 6, 2016Views: 3,915
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Butyrfentanyl (765) : First Times (2), Unknown Context (20)

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