The Rearranging Feeling
DOB, 2C-I & 2C-T-4
by CallMeGhost
Citation:   CallMeGhost. "The Rearranging Feeling: An Experience with DOB, 2C-I & 2C-T-4 (exp109294)". Nov 21, 2016.

1.75 mg oral DOB
  7 mg oral 2C-T-4
  8 mg oral 2C-I
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Tobacco
  2 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


A Very Long Trip

I got off work at 9pm, my mom picked me up from work and picked up my friend. We got to my house around 9:15. We each took 1.75 mg DOB, he took 4mg 2ct4 and 6mg 2ci. I took a mix of 7 mg 2ct4 and 8 mg 2ci, I had meant to take the same dose but couldn't get it even so I took almost all of it at once and saved about 5mg to redose a couple hours later. I weigh 140, he weighs a little over 200 and has a more muscular build than I. We also smoked a bit of weed during the trip. I confirmed with my friend who was tripping with me that our effects were basically the same around the same time.

Please note it can be dangerous to mix substances like this. I have personally used them in a number of different combinations, but do not take from my posts that I encourage reckless dosing.

After about 1 hour I began to feel the effects of 2ci and 2ct4. It was a rushed body high and flowing visuals. After about an hour and a half I began to see colored flashes or streaks as well. This picked up in intensity for 2 hours while the dob kicked it. When I peaked on it, I experienced a triple vision. Everything was orange, and a green layer and then a normal color layer. Everything also looked extremely pixelated. At once point I felt what I can only describe as a static build up and it felt like my vision was degaussing like an old TV. I literally had my entire visual field flicker in and out of real and completely pixelated flowing vision. It was completely encompassing everything I could see. At times I was seeing visual snow like a TV with bad reception, think trying to catch HBO or one of the premium channels or something in the days before cable. I had a sensation of loss of self and body, I couldn't figure out easily where my point of perspective was coming from I just knew I was seeing and interacting with my environment.

I lost track of my body sensations, it was not an uncomfortable feeling however awkward it may seem. While we we playing cards I had to kind of remind myself that the hands in front of me were also being controlled by me. It would be like playing a 4 player halo or other first person shooter (where the arms and legs etc of the player are visible but not the face unless seen in a reflection) and then unplugging all four controllers and rearranging them, then trying to figure out who you are controlling. And the rearranging feeling happened every so often, like I'd forget that this was my body again.

Please note that I could still feel my body. DOB can cause strong vasoconstriction, it was not a sensation of numbness rather a feeling of 'oh wait this is my body I'm in control'.

I experienced some stomach discomfort and some gassy buildup which was odd because my friend did not. We went for a walk to get blunts and we both had the sensation of gliding instead of walking.

It was easy to keep focus we played cards for a while and played fairly well almost on an acutely telepathic level. There were many times when, while playing spades, we could have inadvertently trumped each other, but somehow that never happened. Overall that night while tripping extremely hard on three different substances we managed to outplay two good card players and won a dozen or so games and lost only three very close games.

We both managed to keep our fluid levels up, I drank two beers and a big glass of water, he did the same.

Towards the end of the night I had to walk him home around 3 something am. It was kind of nerve wracking as we we inadvertently wearing perfect robbing clothes (all dark no lights and it was super late) and we had to stay off the main street or walk right past the police station while tripping ball. We made it there easily and smoked some weed before I left.

I got to about a mile from my house when I heard some strange noises. I thought it was a weirdo yelling at me from a car so I slowed down a bit to let it pass. A few minutes later I heard it again, this time looking around to see this car or whatever it was that was behind me. About 100 yards away, there was a strange walking (more like stumble/sway/lurching) person scream crying and giggling like a maniac.

You better believe I booked it outta there. Made it to shop n save for a snack and safety, then went home.

I sat in my bed until around 9 am looking at the colored fractals reflect off the walls and make ornate pictures. Earlier in the night the cev were sometimes overpowering the oev with their color and sharpness, but it was majorly fading away, however in the darkness it was quite stunning. Around 10 my friend came over and gave me more weed to smoke. When I had run out of weed the night before the vasoconstriction came back slightly. Much more noticeable when I was stationary, but it was alleviated with stretches. Around 7 pm the effects fully faded.

There were minor visuals the second day, but more of a body high than anything.

During the peak I noticed I was getting hot and sweating a bit. On the walk I noticed my pulse was incredibly high, normally its around 70 but at that point it was above 100.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109294
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Nov 21, 2016Views: 1,802
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DOB (19), 2C-I (172), 2C-T-4 (274) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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