The Body Is Present the Mind Is Free
Citation:   Schlickbart. "The Body Is Present the Mind Is Free: An Experience with DOB (exp109228)". Jun 3, 2019.

3.2 mg oral DOB
After our first walkabout through psychedelic wonderland, we decided it was time for a break. Two months should do it, but not forcing anything made it closer to three. After a solid welcome-back tab of LSD, we wanted to try something new. 2C-B it was, and while it was nice and all, it was rather uneventful. Feeling unfulfilled and seizing opportunities, we went for DOB five days later, eager to experience.

On a sunny, late summer day, we dropped in my room, at the appartment I share with two roommates. One away on vacation, one there doing his thing, neither intrusive nor cutoff. The room is simple but friendly, with comfortable armchairs and good sound. Plus, we had a coconut.

###The Report

Drop until really feeling the comeup. We took our tabs at 11:50am. They had a chemical taste, but not so bad that I couldnt chew them for a while before swallowing. We killed some time by watching videos on youtube, gaming related, nothing deep or serious.

After maybe half an hour I could feel something working, very mildly, but definitely not placebo. I wouldnt say the effects increased by the minute, but it was faster than I had anticipated. Although some light visual and mental effects started to come through, the main part was happening in my body. My inner muscles, or something like that, started to tense and tingle, it kind of felt like the DOB was burning its way in. It was never really bad, but it got intense.

From hour 1.5 to 3, I was really tensed, inwardly, and jittery and to be honest, uncomfortable. I thought that I didnt wanted this to go on for another 16+ hours. Gladly, it didnt, although as the bodyload peaked, after roughly 3 hours, I was sitting on my bed jolting like crazy on the inside. It was somewhat close to the feeling I would get when I test a strong household battery with my tongue. Even my vision got jittery, like my eyes went into tiny spasms.
Even my vision got jittery, like my eyes went into tiny spasms.
But once there, without even trying, I relaxed into it. The electricity never really left, but it became background noise. Very much there, but very manageable, actually kind of nice. I felt good.

>>The Peak

After the bodyload had settled into a stable buzz, I felt like I was starting to peak. Visuals were strong, but not crazy. We went for a walk outside, partly because we wanted to move, but also to just check it out. There were more colours, and they were enhanced. Perspective was messed up, the ground was closer than normal, and many distances were combined to one, like on a movie screen. There wasnt much movement to it, things didnt start to breath, but rather had a cartoonish hue. Patterns were everywhere, be it in the trees or the stone slabs, and they had some wavy quality to them, really mellow. My senses in general were enhanced. Sound, leaves crunching underfoot, touch, the sunlight and breeze on my skin. It was really beautiful. Like on LSD, I was more sensitive to my surroundings, especially other people, but unlike on LSD, I felt much more stable.

We went back inside and started listening to some music, an experimental deep-techno set which really hit the spot. The closed eyes visuals were pretty chaotic and chaotically pretty. The colours were deep and rich and very much linked to the sounds. Although my body was very present, I could take off and leave it behind for a while, following the music into the in-between. My electrified nervous system acted as a kind of beacon, so it was very easy to dip in and out. Thirty minutes of the set felt like a lot more, not like an eternity, but like hours.

At some point we had a little break from the music and opened up the coconut. It was actually still pretty early, maybe 5 hours in. And wow, that coconut. Besides being really funny to open, it tasted amazing. Slightly sweet without being aggressive, very filling, easy on the stomach, and so rewarding to chew. Although my jaw didnt clench, it was happy to have something to do.

We spent the next hours listening to music, smoking cigarettes and taking walks outside talking. Oh yeah, DOB had some nice, emotional effects. A little like MDMA, it opened us up but without going wild.
A little like MDMA, it opened us up but without going wild.
Emotions could be looked at, or felt, but they werent overwhelming, which was pretty nice. And we ate that coconut.

>>>Coming down

After 12 hours, my friend was definitely coming down, with only very mild visuals, but still feeling good. I felt like being on a plateau, nothing crazy, but still plenty of visual effects and body tingles. We said our goodbyes and went on tripping on our own, still messaging back and forth, for joy and comfort. He was actually able to go to sleep around 4am, so 17 hours post-drop.

I came down slowly over the course of the next morning and managed to get some sleep from maybe 2-5pm. Yes, my trip, including visuals and feeling trippy and good, lasted more than 24 hours. besides being amazed by that, it got a little exhausting towards the end. A new day had started, and I was tired but unable to sleep. I didnt sleep much the next night either, but that was okay. I felt tired the second day after, and maybe a little off, but I wouldnt call it a hangover. On day 3, I was as good as new, and in hindsight, neither comeup nor comedown were that bad. I'm absolutely ready and happy to do it again, soonish. Although next time its gonna be DOM ;)


DOB is amazing stuff, little rough around the edges, but very stable and enjoyable tripwise. To me it seems much more forgiving than LSD, and I can easily imagine taking DOB at a party and thoroughly enjoying myself, as myself, with some psychedelic benefits. Will do again :)

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109228
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Jun 3, 2019Views: 3,452
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